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April 16, 2011


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Happy holiday in Dorset. It looks like a place we have to go this summer. Thank you for your pictures.

Andrea at Apples and Pears

Dorset look lovely...it is a place I would love to visit. Have fun! xx


Lovely images! Have a wonderful holiday.. can't wait to see what you get up to this year =)

Linnie Joy

I have to admit having the good memories to look back on is one of my top reasons for blogging too, its nice to keep an in the moment record of life... however you dont realize how fast those babes grow until you look back!!!


Hi Lucy - it all looks so gorgeous (& different - from western australia)... of course, I always have a little giggle at the mention of Dorset, after the Comedy Strips Presents "Five go mad in Dorset" ... but I'd really love to visit there, hopefully on our next trip to UK. Have a lovely time on these hols.


Hi Lucy,

We're on holiday too this week - a whole week off with the Little People and nothing planned, bliss! You've inspired me to pack everyone into the car one day this week and head for the coast, may see you there! Hope you have a great time. a-m x


I love Lyme Regis! Have a lovely holiday.


"Dorset is Beautiful where ever you go" (line from the song of the same name by the Yetties) my parents live there and we love to visit. i would love to live there too, but our working lives are tied to London and Sussex. It does make our visits very special though. i hope you have a wonderful week- we will be down there too next weekend. Jane x

Anna-Karin, Sweden

It looks gorgeous! Hope you will have a wonderful vacation!
Happy Easter!
Love from Anna xxx


What a pretty place with amazing cliffs, thanks for a peek at last years holiday and enjoy this years!


I am envious! Have a lovely time, can't wait to see more of your lovely photos!!


Your pictures of dorset always make me smile as I spend so much time down there and have similar shots. Family house in Charmouth. Annoyingly Dad has just started rebuilding it, so no visits this summer sadly :(


Hi Lucy.........I really enjoyed the pictures you showed of Dorset where you grew up. Enjoy your vacation...may you have wonderful weather and safe travels.

Hugs, Karen

Karen Greenfield

I never understood Constable until I went to England...his paintings are almost like photo-reality. Is the town in your photos where you grew up? Karen in Oregon


The pics are beautiful! I hope you have a lovely stay there this time around. :)

Kate- The Garden Bell

Seriously, isn't being seaside just the best. I so refreshs my spirit. I adore you little shells too. Isn't it fun that we can spend so many silly hours just hunting and picking up little treasures. You are a true kids at heart and that my friend is just what I adore about you. Off to catch the last ocean sunset, then I got to get back home and start that gardening. OH, and find a new project...

The G.B.


Wishing you all a fabulous time in lovely lovely Dorset.I have been trying to get back down there for 2 years, maybe I will make it this year. Have fun x

Ingrid Jansen

they are postcards! :) enjoy

darby logan

HI Lucy,
Is Dorset where some of the Jane Austen books have been filmed?? It looks very familiar. :) Enjoy the trip. I am a tad jealous! Darby


wow - some super "springy" pictures. Hope you have a lovely time. I really like your picture of the litte shells, some really nice pastel colours there. :)


You'll be shocked when you see the pink that they have repainted to cottage on the pier at West Bay. You only have to look back at one of your postcards to see how mellow it was. Not any more!!!

Have a lovely time xx

India Black

Dorset looks awesome! As a senior, I have time to travel now (not necessarily the money) and a trip to the UK is right up there on my to-do list. I would love to see "your" part of the world someday.

Your blog is on my favorites bar and I check-in on a daily basis. Love,love,love all your crochetty things and your wonderful eye for color.

Enjoy your Dorset holiday again this year Lucy!

Love from Canada...


I hope you and your family have a great holiday with lots of nice weather. Greetings, Marian


Oooo, Dorset :) Getting very ready for our week in Charmouth next month and these lovely snapshots make me want to go even more! Thanks for sharing xxx


I love the photos of your vistas whether they are posted a year late or the very day you snapped the picture. Such a beautiful country. You have no idea how much I appreciate your blog. AND, because of you and your lovely photos and completed projects I have finally decided to tackle crocheting. I spend most of my free time knitting or quilting. Before seeing the pictures of your "granny stripe blanket" I really had no desire to tackle crochet. I've made one potholder in "SC" as a learning experience and now am making a dolly size "granny square blanket." Thanks for an enjoyable experience.
Wishing you and your family a lovely holiday making many happy memories.

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