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April 16, 2011


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You only have to look back at one of your postcards to see how mellow it was. I have started recently playing with crochet. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday in Dorset.


Lovely West Bay I see - we are due to go there in 3 weeks to stay in some lovely farm cottages - it is a fab place and I can now see why people go back again and again to a place - Dorset is certainly one of those for me :)

Lou x

Jan Marchant

Hello Lucy,
Thanks for flying the flag for Dorset. Going to Lyme soon and will go to the Town Mill for lunch. Lyme was always my sanctuary when I was younger.

Mrs. Micawber

Oh, this brings back memories! My husband and I travelled to England last year to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. We spent a few days in Lyme Regis and I fell in love with the area. So beautiful! Thank you for posting this.


Hi Lucy ! I followed your blog for some time now and it's so full of fun and light ! Thank you for your crochet tutorials, thank you for making me a hero (I crocheted your wrist warmers for my 15 years old daughter - well, in gothic black, I confess : she's 15, did I mention it ?- and for the first time since she was 8, she wears something "made by Mom" !!!) thank you for the baffled 'Why, Mom, you're a hippie ?' from my sons (That was for the gorgeous multicoloured blanket). I can't sum up how much I owe you, so, thanks again and best wishes for you and your little "tribe" !
Louise (from France)
PS : Congratulations to the Little Lady for her knitting !


Beautiful! Enjoy! :)


Hi Lucy!
I have been a Attic24 fan for quite awhile now and I just can say i ADORE your work. I hope you are having a great holiday. I took some inspiration from you and just finish myself a granny star garland for my mantelpiece/fireplace that my little 2 years old just named rainbow stars. :)
So, I want to thank you so much for you amazing crochet inspiration!
Isobel. xx


Oh, hilarious! Oh how you made me giggle today, I'll let you in one the fun. This is that I read:

"Right-o, off to make number-two before pegging a laundry load out to dry."

I am so childish but that actually set my laughing reflex off, thank you for that. ;-)


Ooooopsss! I went back and looked again; my comment was there!
I just didn't look at ALL the comment pages [smack to the forehead!!!], as the "next" hadn't uploaded for some weird reason!
Sooorry! An extra dose of well-wishes for you and your lovely family to make up for the blunder!


Hello Lucy!
Wishing you and family a great holiday!
I thought I had posted a comment on your last post... as I don't see it, maybe a mishap on my part in uploading? : (
So, here it goes again:

"I used one of your self portrait photos in a post of mine. I hope it's all right?
The post is "April Ladies" - http://digitalpongaio.blogspot.com/2011/04/april-ladies.html
As said in the post, I greatly enjoy your blog! Thank you for all the lovely moments!"
A big hug!

India Black

Miss your blog updates but I will try to wait patiently for your return and then enjoy your holiday posts :-) I wish you a truly wonderful holiday in Dorset!


Oh!!! Those pictures are wonderful! Than you so much for this incredibles post :) Love visit you and enjoy a lot read your posts.
Happy Easter!

The Garden Bell

How's that sun on the Dorset coast treating you. I can hardly wait for your pics from '11. I know you will be sprinkling us with your holiday joy very soon. I can hardly wait. But, soak up all the rays of sun your can. Take in as much ocean air and seabreeze as your heart desires.

Off to google just where Dorset is? I do love to travel with you, but need to see where we are going on a map. Then and only then do I really feel like we are taking another trip together.

Happy Easter/Passover Holiday Wishes,
Your friend on the other side of the pond,

Janet Hawley Issa

I just wanted to tell you how inspiring your blog has been to me. I found you through my interest in crocheting (spelled right?) and your pattern for the granny stripe is amazing! I've started a blanket for my sister who is really excited...and I would have never tried it if it weren't for your amazing example. I'm not close to being done, but it's going to be so pretty! In the ocean of blogs, yours is definitely a treasure to me! Thank you for posting your pictures, crafts, and your joy for life!
God Bless you!! And Happy Easter!


Frankie Poxon

Hi Lucy,
You know, I was going to check yesterday to see if you'd posted a new blog entry and then I thought, no, I think they're going to be away for the whole week so she's probably not back yet! It's like we're good friends, and I only know you through reading your blog.
I really enjoy your posts, being in Canada, it's lovely to see the English countryside. Your pics are beautiful and you've inspired me make a granny stripe blanket. It's very like the ones my own grandmother used to make!!
Take care, hope you had a great week away!


I hope you are having a lovely holiday in this glorious weather!!

Can I take this opportunity to let you know how you and the other ladies on my blog roll have inspired me to create my own and invite you to take a look: http://shabbychicsarah.blogspot.com/

It was late last year that I discovered blogs. I knew they were out there but I didn't really "get" it. Then someone gave me the link a blog as they thought I would appreciate her style. Soon after I joined Blogger and learned how to follow all my favourite blogs.

My list grows by the day and I love to sit with cup of tea to hand to see what my favourite online ladies have been up to. Of course after becoming an avid blog reader it was inevitable that I would want a blog of my own and so "Shabby Chic Sarah" was born.

After feeling a bit ambivalent about the whole blogging thing to begin with I am becoming increasingly obsessed!!

One of the things I enjoy about it is it it makes you stop and think a moment about things in your day that mught otherwise go unnoticed as you are constantly looking out for things to share.

Hope you have a lovely Easter....

Kind regards,

Sarah :0)


Have a lovely time :-) I am sure I have a jigsaw of the buidings and some boats from photo #3!!! I love your blog and you are such an inspiration with all your crotchet fabulousness!!!


Happy Easter to you and your family.


Ah, West Bay :-) Hope it was lovely!


lovely pic's ,so good to have good weather it makes peoble feel so much better when the sun shines

hope it was ok to put a link to youre blogg from mine



Dorset looks so relaxing. I too have thought I posted something or emailed something because I got started but was at one point derailed before the task was completed. Have a wonderful time! Love your photography!
Karen L

r4 dsi

What a lovely scenes these are! Wonderfully captured too. I like your work.


looking forward to seeing this years photos ,Lucy, hope you are having a wonderful time.xxjuliexx


Hello Lucy
Happy holidays, enjoy a lot, and have a good return!
I loved the pictures!


Awww - the postcards just made me remember the lovely spring days we had in the UK the 10 years we've been there!!! I so so miss it, although we are back in a beautiful South Africa, I still miss the UK alot! These photo's just had me in tears! Enjoy the rest of your Easter holiday. Cx

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