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March 15, 2011


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I've been exhausted the past 10 months myself, so I understand. A couple of months ago I closed my eyes for a few minutes only to wake up half an hour later with my then seven-month-old fast asleep flat on his back clutching the Wii remote he had been chewing on when I decided to just close my eyes for a wee bit. The ta-dah will be even more exciting for the delay. Can't wait to see it.

Diane Kerr

Dear Lucy,
I can't wait for the moment......I ordered my Debbie Bliss yarn today. Can't wait for it to arrive. Maybe, it will come before the weekend!!!!

Linnie Joy

those babes do tire out their mummas so well, maybe you have descovered a cure for insomnia, "oh you cant sleep!? how about babysitting for me"... come to think of it my mum who usually roams the house at 4 am sleeps 8 hours when we visit!
under 4 year olds help cure sleep deprivation!!!

I hope you get the relaxation you need!


Lucy, even without the company of a lovely little one like B, I totally understand how one can fall asleep sitting up.

One minute you are awake, or just about awake, and then...lights out.

I don't often get an opportunity to sit down, except for meals. It's either on my feet for hours at the shop, or deep, deep rem sleep overnight. When I get that rare chance for an afternoon nap, I think that my system just grabs it.

Sweet dreams to you at any hour.



I love the chair by the window! Hey, it makes the hexagon blanket look fabulous! :) I'm looking forward to seeing the scarf. Oh, wait a bit! Weren't you working on a mystery project too? Is that ready as well? Hint, hint! :)


The suspense is killing me, but well worth the wait. I must check in three times a day for this post (hope you don't think I am a stalker). hehehe!!! I also love to just browse through all your pictures and read everything, so in the last month I have spent quite a bit of time here. Never been to England and don't know if I will ever get there, still in all, I get a taste of it through your mind and enjoy the moment. Thanks Lucy for the beautiful blog.


I love your new "profile" pic! Can't wait to see the scarf pictures! Hope you sleep well tonight!


Lucy, hope you had a lovely sleep. Busy Mom's are always tired, they just don't realize it. Can't wait to see your finished shawl.

Taking Heart

I was late ta-dah-ing my felted Easter eggs.... Days late but ever so sweet! You new mug shot is beauteous!


Oh my! You really must be exhausted with all those children! I really can't wait till' the Flower scarf "ta-da moment"! I been really wanting to see it!!:)

Sarah @ FairyFace Designs

Oh,its so refreshing to hear that falling asleep out of nowhere happens to other people too. Motherhood is exhausting! So is loading up photos for blog posts, I've just spent the whole evening trying to write one (not very long) blog post and am ready for my bed now! Can't wait to see your Ta-Dah :-)


Hi Lucy , hope you managed a good nights sleep and are feeling a bright as a button today :0)
Really looking forward to your ta-dah and the idea to put a ta-dah list in your side bar is brilliant.
Jacquie x


I do SO love your blog!!

I was trying to have half an hour sleep before the school run today, but couldn't stop thinking about the pink sparkly tub that I'd bought to store my granny stripe blanket wool balls in... so I got up and sorted that out... still tired.



Can't wait!!!

Rosy Nancarrow

Ooh ooh, just noticed the sneaky peek mini Ta-Dah in you new 'profile' pic! X


I miss the naps I used to take with my girls when they were small. Once they ditched the afternoon snooze I had to as well. Speaking as someone who has barely had an uninterrupted night in 3 and a half years I'd say......embrace every nap that comes to you!
And we still have a scarf ta-dah to look forward to. yay!

Rosy Nancarrow

You must be psychic Lucy, I was only today considering suggesting a 'Ta-Dah' link to you after going through your archives for your Hexagon blanket Ta-Dah (although i did enjoy looking back over your old posts!) X


Don't worry about falling asleep...that's why Nana Naps were invented. Enjoy Vicki x

Belinda from Melbourne

Lovely Lucy, I fall asleep on the train almost every morning! So I think having a little 'nana nap' in that big gorgeous chair with Little B sounds wonderful. Enjoy!!! The ta-da of the scarf is much anticipated!

Have a glorious day!

Becky J

One of my favourite pastimes is 'people watching' from a coffee shop window (we live in the countryside so, apart from the odd horse and rider or dog walker, I don't get to indulge this habit at home!). I don't regard it as nosey (they might) but it is interesting watching others going about their daily lives while you press the pause button on your own just for a minute.
Anyway, my Grandmother would fully support your '40 winks' after lunch, it was part of her daily routine. This is not one habit that I can't indulge - I think my class might find it a little amusing!
Becky x


I know how you feel! I have a 5 year old who has the age/abiltiy of a 3 year old, a 3 and a 1/4 year old and a 3 week old. It is tiring isn't it? Even when I was getting good and proper sleep before the bladder/bump/baby started waking me all night long I was still pooped from trying to keep up with my youngsters.

Did you feel groggy after your nana nap or was it just what you needed to recharge? Looking forward to seeing your ta-dah tomorrow xxx


It does 'one' the world of good to have a little nap during the day, especially after a rendition of Nellie the Elephant!!!. I sometimes wish I lived less rural so I could nosy on the people going by as I love 'people watching' but I get more horses, sheep and cows than people. However I do like it when the farmer goes by my window with all of the sheep when he moves them from one field to another. Its amazing how he and the dogs control them X


Yay! Can't wait! Sleep well tonight though! :)


Hope you are feel better soon, spring is almost here and the promise of more sunshine might do the trick. Looking forward to seeing your finished scarf.


sleepy peepy Lucy :)

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