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March 13, 2011


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Marcia from Brazil

Yes, my happy day is when I visit your blog!
Thank you Lucy for a beautiful blog. It's an inspiration to me, always!

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy as regards bedtimes I think I could quite happily retire about 9pm or thereabouts most evenings. I am definitely an early morning person!
T he weather here on Sunday was a clear blue sky day and warm sunshine
so chopping and sorting out seed packets that were missed from last year in the garden and cake baking! Good to see that little man is
keeping up with his baking.
So your wrap /shawl is complete. How exciting! Look forward to seeing it.
Until then....xxx

Christine Laennec

I have that same hot-water-bottle cover and you've made me want to go cuddle up with it in bed this very minute! Thanks for all your appreciative glimpses of life.

Nicole (and the bee)

Very much looking forward to seeing the scarf, I think you started a mini revolution on Ravelry with that one! :-)

liz shinagawa

Eeek! have just read the comment/question by NADINE...will learn to read the comments first!!

liz shinagawa

Lovely stuff as usual...I have (a) question(s) Lucy. When you blocked your hexagon blanket, how did you do it? A friend has suggested I make a template to ensure perfect sizes, although this seems quite difficult. Do you have a blocking board? Do you do it on an ironing board? Do you spray water on the blocks or iron them? I really want to get mine as even as possible after all the work that has gone into them. I know you are a busy lady, so understand if you can't answer individual questions.


...little bit worried about the big reveal of said scarf...serious envy is such an unattractive trait!
Fee x


This has really cheered me up - I think I will have an early bedtime, tonight. Little B is at a lovely stage - I loved my girls at that stage - still love them to bits, even though their on their way to being grown up. Thanks Lucy for a lovely post.


Every morning I open up fb, then Attic24, and then the news. Your blog is read before the news.... :).


The crocuses are beautiful.

Thank you for sharing your tidbits with us.


oh my goodness what a tempting post!!! I look every single day, awaiting the flower shawl reveal :) Mine is coming along, I estimated I needed about 60 flowers to make more of a wrap than a stole, and i've made exactly 30 *sigh* I cant WAIT to see yours, you've no idea how excited i am :D *jumps up and down*


I can't wait to see your scarf!!!!!


What a gorgeous weekend. I love your pictures. Aren't Sunday nights-early nights the best? x

Tic Tac To

Would you PLEASE be so kind to post the recipe of your little man's baking. It looks gorgeous.
And of course lovely little feet of little climbing toddler!


All your pictures tell a story. (What is it about little children and climbing? My 8-year-old still climbs to the top of the countertop to stand up and open the snack cabinet.) Love those yummy pins. I have a pincushion of my mom's; I'll have to find some beautiful pins for it.

Just stumbled upon your blog for the first time, and love it. Think I'll follow.

Suzanne in Florida


And it's all about colour, love it. Beautiful photo's. And that little B of you is so adorable, those feet!!!


Dear Lucy, I love your blog. I read it every day...And I have some questions...How can you do all this?how can you have time for everything?I have a boy. He is 5 months and i also work.My husband helps me a little to clean the house and other things, but I realize that I'm lait with lot's of things....and i never get some time for myself...(i also love to crochet but i am a beginner)...What are your secret's?:)
I send you a big hug:)

Mihaela from Romania

Pen @ Oliver Boliver

Very very lovely indeed! Looking forward to you revealing your finished scarf. X


Lovely snippets of your weekend, Lucy! I love the glimpse of the flower scarf - so exciting! And Little B climbing onto the coffee table - goodness how he's grown! Have a lovely week, and thanks for sharing these gorgeous pictures.
Helen x

Penny Beaumont

Nine o'clock bed time!! how did you manage that? Can't wait to see the flower scarf. I looked for the book that you got the original pattern from, but no luck; so have taken the diagram from your blog. I have an idea to make a gilet/waist coat thingy, just on the future project list at the moment.


Oops my last post is supposed to say cute!! not cut - sorry!


Lovely photos as usual how cut is Little B - with just one sock - gorgeous!!!


Lovely pictures Lucy! I can't wait to see your Japanese flower scarf!


Oh, SO want those flowers outside over here too, but with over one meter of white snow, I guess I'll have to wait a couple of months... :p

Love those small feet of little B. As I often see here at home too... -One sock, the other foot bare :D


You inspired me to start my own blog. I want to thank you for that. We still have a lot of snow in Sweden, especially where I live. Now I must start my workday, to finish today's shirt.
Have a nice day!

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