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March 13, 2011


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I didn't see anywhere else to post this question so I hope that it is alright to do it here. . .
Did you ever end up posting the actual pattern or tutorial on how you crocheted the circles scarf? At the time you posted pictures, you said that a pattern would be forthcoming. I still love this scaarf and would love learning how to make one for my daughter-in-law for Christas 2011. Thanks!!!


Lovely little feet... I can't wait to have the same here (probably beginning of July) once again :)

It's been a while I didn't come have a peek at your attic and (gee!) I missed it!

I loved the flower wrap, your color combo is always so cheerful!


oh my, is that a bedpost lavender sachet? What a marvellous idea!

*runs off to copy...*


Lovely pictures Lucy, especially of Little B, Ooohh, and the cakes look delish too. I couldn't help notice the pillowcases on your bed as I bought the very same set last weekend. Mine’s still in their wrapping but I can’t wait to put them on my bed as they're so bright and beautiful. I'm hoping they'll bring a taste of 'summer into my bedroom x


How can a bunch of pins be so beautiful?!!! I've been looking for them online since yesterday. I would love just looking at them...So colorful! :D


Oooo just noticed the new profile pic in a very fetching new scarf I see! Now you're just teasing us!!

Love and stuff xx


Yes, I just spotted your new profile pic too, with the new scarf!! It looks lovely!

I don't often post responses, but like many of the other commenters here, your blog posts are a lovely bright ray of sunshine and always manage to cheer me up. I love your flair for photography too - your piccies are a big part of what makes this blog great, that and your energy & enthusiasm.

My only problem is reading your posts makes me so jealous of your home & lifestyle!

Emma    Dotty Mays

and did I notice a new 'you' pic on your profile?

I saw Attic24 mentioned on Donna Flower's blog last week. A blog a stumbled across just in time to go to a vntage textile sale in Ilminster the next day ... kept thinking Lucy would love this :-)

Taking Heart

I have to say that blanket post was my fave post of yours ever... did I tell you that already?

Barefoot Mahala

Just wanted to say Congratulations on your nomination in the Crochet Awards! I love your blog, so of course have votewd for you!


what darling chubby baby feet on little B. your beautiful colors make my day. Thanks for taking the time to make us all smile all over the world Lucy.

Rosy Nancarrow

Dear Lucy, I think you are to blame for my ever increasing joy (possibly even delirium!) for colour and enthusiasm to get hooking! Your posts always fill me with happiness and the urge to just leave work and go home and knit and crochet all day! I have ALWAYS worked in muted pastel colours, but today.... I have been out and bought SEVEN balls of beautifully bright Stylecraft Special DK!!! The resulting blanket (although in ball form only at present, with more balls to buy!) has been banned from anywhere in the house, other than my crafty room, by my other half already. How do I work on him??? Thank you for giving us (all) so much joy and enthusiasm Lucy, keep up the excellent work xxx


You share awesome pictures with us.It look so amazing.I just love this.You done a fabulous job.

store display

The first one photograph is such a very beautiful and looks very attractive. I can 't thank you enough, such a different photographs.


Can't wait to see the scarf. Loving the colours. x


Love the colourful photos. Beautiful.

Maria João

Lovely pictures! We need to see the scarf!! PLEASE!! :D **

Irene Heseltine

OK. I'm sorry but I'm blaming you! I was a perfectly happy stitcher til I happened upon your blog and thought I would resurrect my old crochet skills. So I made a wavy blanket and now I can't stop. I want to go back to my old love of stitching but I can't. I'm HOOKED. And its your fault! Irene xxx


Lovely post Lucy!

Hope the sun is shining for you today!

Much love

Vanessa xxxxxxx


Lovely photos, those are fab pins!


I can't wait to see all of your crocheted flowers! Plus, early bedtime sounds nice, I might try to arrange that for myself tonight:)


How lovely! I saw something today that made my heart do a flip flop and I have to share! I was on the first4yarns site and saw the "Lucy's Creative Colour Pack" You are so inspiring to so many people, including myself. Thank you for giving us all a glimpse into your lovely attic from time to time!


So many lovely things to be happy! thanks!


Lovely Sunday snaps Lucy!


Ahh such wonderful piccies especially of Little B's toots. I'm impressed you only sampled one of LM's buns - I would not have stopped at that! Pleeease tell me which mag you've got, I am seriously loving the pics in it.

Love and stuff xx

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