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March 08, 2011


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I LOVE your Tiffany Blue chest of drawers. How special to make that find. It drew you from across the street. It was meant to be . . .


Or . . . you could replace those metallic purple knobs. We have some great ones over here in the Anthropology shops and I am seeing look alikes just about everywhere. You could really go a lot of different ways with the knobs, such fun accessories!


Love that color too, Lucy. Tiffany Blue!! I love your "spot of your own" for writing and not having to pick up. That's great....all mom deserve a place like that. The furniture is quite lovely. Have a wonderful day. xoRobin❤


It's lovely how these pieces just fit right in. Your home looks so welcoming.


It looks perfect in your little nook! I love the colour as well and would have been just as drawn to it. I also love the white piece in the corner of the shop photo. I'd love to get my hands on that one, but I fear the postage to Canada would be too expensive!!! Have a great day Lucy - I love your blog!


Lovely furniture - its so lovely to have your "own" desk - I love my own desk, except sadly its in rather a dark converted garage, which I have made my "own" space but do long for a view to the garden ... or even just daylight!!!!! x


Just a small comment from Holland, I lover your blog and I have been following it for quite some time now. You inspire me to enjoy all the many small things there are to love in life. Most certainly my addiction for crochet is now getting worse, with so many new projects I put on my to-hook list every day. I just moved in with my boyfriend and the more reason to make the house cozy and snuggles with lots of fiber ;-).

Lots of love


ooh that is a lovely coloured chest of drawers... and i can imagine some crocheted goodness on the handle...
maybe adapting pip's crocheted bauble pattern to be a bit flatter and more handle shaped? and with a zillion colours? yup i can picture it now!


I love your new desk!! And that's making me realise that I too haven't had a desk of my own for years now!! I'm quite fed up of having the laptop on the coffee table in the sitting room!! Hope your new desk inspires you to even greater creativity!! Boo x


great job!! that chest does it!!! yes definitely different drawer knobs with little hooky thingies hanging from it!!!

Question: how do you go about making the stool covering? I know how to make the flat circle and have done so - thank you by the way, your tute is great - but how do you go about doing the part that goes down the sides? I can't seem to make mine work!!

Keep on posting your hooky creations, they are quite inspiring!!! (especially your use of color)


Oh that old desk and it's set up makes the most delightful place to sit and blog!

Karen Greenfield

Can Little B walk yet?? Totally understand using the push-chair becaue mostly one just has to get somewhere and you can't wait for them to wander all over the way you want. Karen


Thanks for the inspiration...I've had a white dresser in my kitchen for just on 10 years now that I've wanted to paint...every so often I've bought a tiny pot of paint to test a colour out. No colour has ever jumped out at me...so when you mentioned Tiffany Blue I just laughed. I've had a gift bag from Tiffany sitting on the dresser since my 40th...a lovely 'Bean Necklace' came inside it...so why didn't I think of that colour...so I'm taking the Tiffany bag to the paint shop this weekend to match up the paint. Thanks Lucy, sometimes things are right in front of your nose and you just need someone to point you in the right direction!!

gina c in al

At first I thought "duck's egg blue" but now I see it, its definitely Tiffany, not enough greeny-grey for duck's egg. Its lovely! I am looking forward to the changing of the pulls. Perhaps some vintage glass ones with different colors in?


I am Tiffany green - er, blue with envy! lol Can I come and live at your place? It all looks so lovely! I really love your "new" desk and the chair beside it (and I'm not into dark wood either!). Pretty, pretty, pretty!

Sandi Lee

I do love your 'new old acquisitions (ohh big word) your home is so warm and homey and inviting. Makes my heart feel warm and fuzzy.
x Sandi

Teresa Kasner

Lucy, I love your dresser and it's a perfect use for it for the media center! Thanks for stopping by my blog to see my rainbow granny stripe and leaving a sweet message! :-) You have been a great inspiration to me and I have gotten so much enjoyment out of crocheting your designs and also from being a blogger myself! ((HUGS)) from Oregon USA.. Teresa


It is so lovely to bring new friends home to live with you. Looking forward to seeing the handle revamp.


Yes l do like yr drawers..l love old furniture..My better half always has a blue hissy fit when l paint furniture ((you should have heard him when my house painters painted my sons tall wardrobe white.. )) l hate dark dreary things..'
Cant wait to see what you come up with re the knobs..
Best Wishes..
Pam Clarke.
New England,
NSW, Australia..

Jan Quigley

As soon as I saw that first pic I'm thinking oooh I like that chest of drawers, lol. I'm so glad you bought them & yes the feet really are gorgeous. I do agree on the need to change the knobs.
I tend to buy things on impulse, ask dh, & it is so nice when you find such a great use for them.


Jani and I are on the same wavelength - I was thinking about crocheted drawer knob covers too! Is that very dorky of us??

Beinda from Melbourne

I think your new desk is grand! Now I will think of you sitting there when I read a post!

Have a delightfully bright day!


Beautiful! It immediately caught my eye in the first photo and I'm so pleased that it's gone home with you to be part of such a colourful, cheerful house.

Jess Stephens

Love the drawers! Would love to stumble upon similar shop! Also, I just wanted to say that I totally LOVE the photos of your town and the moors, I now live in NZ and miss the lanes, stone houses and rolling moors and your photos are perfect. (Funnily enough I know someone you know, found out at our daughters ballet lessons - George with Beatrice, Jemima and Angus?).

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy first of all THANK YOU for your kind comments and your suggestion about the blog.
The chest of drawers looks great! A couple of years ago I got a desk for
free and had ideas for painting it. Methinks a little spring project coming on!
Also enjoyed your castle tour. Have always enjoyed looking round castles
and viewing the stunning landscapes. xx

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