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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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March 03, 2011


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Julie Hayward

Lucy I have just finished reading your blogs from way way back...a friend told me to go here I've really enjoyed going through your journey.. I admire your work, photos are great I think I need some color in my life at the moment.My husband has cancer and his little grandaughter diagnosed with degenerative brain disease not yet 2 years old.1 have 12 grandchildren, live in Australia and even though I never wanted to travel to England, your photos have shed a new light on that Julie

Racel Webb

Hi Lucy
I was given your blog site 26/03/11 around dinner time by a lovely lady called Pat who runs a fab knitting shop in Broadway,Cotswolds. Your blog has added to my newly awakened knitting/crocheting passion again. Unfortunately poor old Dave(boyfriend) is now suffering the consequences,as my knitting bag now goes everywhere with me. But as I quite rightly reminded him. I go football and cricket and have I ever moaned? I have just printed off the Teeny Tiny Hearts and crochet bag xxxxxxx

Kids Pool

I was totally jealous with this. We haven't tackled lessons about this in high school but some did. I've tried cross stitch and created some projects but not so contented with it.


Oh, your photos make me long for the days when I lived across the pond. I am curious where in Yorkshire you are, since I was a temporary resident of Wakefield (Notton)!


I really love your blog. I spotted the flower afghan on the sew lovely blog from Katy from her March 3rd post and thought you should see it. It's something you would love.


Oh I love seeing your photos of where you live. I think I've left comments before along the same lines. I lived in Mytholmroyd (nr. Hebden Bridge) a few years ago. I can't say enough how much I loved living there. Would love to be there again. And love the little story about your broken jug found in your back garden. How quaint. I love anything like that. That jug has character. x


Hi Lucy !!!I am so happy i found you !!!Congratutalions for your posts. They are all fantastic!!!
I want to thank you very much for your crochet bag tutorial!!!!I followed your instructions ,and even I am doing my first attempts to crochet, I did it!!!See my post
I only change it to the end ,because i prefer this shape!!!!
Thank you , and best regards from Heraklion/Crete/Greece!!!!!

Julie (Johnson) Powell

Spring in Yorkshire! Thank you, thank you for sharing it. Food for the soul!!!


Lucy, I was wondering if you may be able to give me a little advice. I am working on an octagon throw and each of the octagons have a slightly wavy look to them. I need to crochet up about 60 of them, some are flat, but the mojority have the wave. I was wondering if I should block them individually before I sew them together or should I wait until I have finshed the throw and block the whole thing at the end? Thanking you in advance. Suzanne

Ali at Very Berry

Gorgeous pictures...
Like you I am waiting for the weather to get a little bit warmer so we can head off on a jaunt... But because our jaunting walls are made of canvas, it might be a little while yet..!

Looking forward to hearing about your secret project!


hello lucy the view from your window is amazing, so beautiful, thanks for sharing it :)


Hi Lucy

What a jolly post - thanks! Looking forward to Spring here very much too. Crocuses are opening up and he daffs won't be far behind. We're gearing up for a bav break away too, but at the end of May because our next few weeks are busy with birthdays and things. We're off to your old stomping ground, down to Charmouth/Bridport/Lyme Regis etc for a bit of fossil hunting are to relive a few childhood holiday memories in Weymouth for me. Can't wait!

Have a super weekend.
P.s. If you don't have any luck at the shops for blue and gingham fabric, ebay might be worth a try. I bought some very good red gingham (new) recently, only £1.50 a metre. Sx

Judy Wilmot

How about this place for gingham

Love the blog.



What a lovely post - - Springtime is upon us I do hope - just to let you know I have linked up to you in my recent post because I made one of your Springtime Wreaths - which I love - so THANK YOU!



Lucy, you didn't mention that whilst we've been getting some lovely sunshine in Yorkshire its still soooo cold!!!
But I agree its lovely to see some flowers braving the cold.
Em xxxxx


Oh Lucy I thought I was getting over my bout of Homesickness for England but I guess i'm not.
I miss the sights ,sounds, and smells of UK.
I guess I will have to live thru your blogs.
Keep up the great work. Ahhhhh snowdrops!!XOXO


Hi Lucy,
I hope this post finds it's way to you in the attic. I have tried to reach you before, with no luck. I have a crochet pattern to send your way, and I believe you have probably never seen anything like it before. Send me an e-mail to bellabay2000{at}gmail{dot}com. Hope to hear from you.


I bought myself some hyacinths too. Blue ones to place outside next to the front door.

Pat Ferrari

Greetings from Buenos Aires, Lucy. Just wanted to tell you that I´ve been following your blog for a long time now, love the things you do and enjoy reading about you and your lovely family.
I discovered crochet two years ago and found out it´s the best therapy ever! I not only enjoy crocheting but love wearing the results of it.
Right now I´ve got 3 projects in process that plan to finish by the end of the extra long weekend we are having in Argentina.
Enjoy your Spring!!! . . . while we begin to see the first signs of Autumn.


I think that feeling you get when spring is on it's way is getting stronger everyday. It's in the air when I walk backwards and forwards to school.

Taking Heart

Hope your "project" is coming along. Spring is tempting us... its so nasty out. Sloppy and muddy... and slushy... cold and brisk... but that is Indiana weather for ya. Nice to see a bit of Spring in your parts on the A24 blog.

The Queen & I have enjoyed our new blog facelifts... new beginnings... March is always a great time to start something new. I can't wait for the tulips to push up.

Take care, can't wait to hear how things are coming along in your neck of the woods! I foresee some cutie Easter crochetables to come!

Becky J

I agree, blue hyacinths are definitely the best. Pink ones just don't have the same vibrancy. Mine have just finished flowering but yours look so beautiful in full bloom I shall have to get more this weekend. Becky x

Michelle Lindau

Such a pretty post - we are just starting to head into Autumn here in Australia and are enjoying the slightly cooler weather! My husband and I have "Myrtle the Turtle" (our connievan). She loves to head off to places unseen and stay a while. Like you, I pick up or make special things for her interior and she is just so charming......
(I wanted to send you a couple of photos, but couldn't work out how!)
Xx Michelle in Mittagong


Love to visit your blog when not working my crazy hours... have a wonderful weekend!!


How beautiful to see the first signs of spring appearing for you, we are just finishing our summer and the days have got noticably cooler. I look forward to seeing Yorkshire come to life through your eyes

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