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March 30, 2011


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Ankita Vj (India)

God bless the lil gal...i know she is much grown.up now...but i can understand how fabulous that moment would have been...

Cameron Scott

Wow. Congratulations to the both of you! I love to knit, and this is definitely a good way to bond with my daughter. Knitting is an ideal home business, especially for the full-time moms out there. :D


How old is your daughter? My eldest duaghter is 6/7 year old and this summer she wanted to start and she got a bit done. I'm worried its a bit too soon, so not pushing her, but she seemed to enjoy it.

United Gold Direct

Liked your site. Looks like simple but awesome. Please keep this to update!


Very nice.


Thats brilliant such tidy knitting bless!

Jilly x


I absolutely LOVE this website!!!!!!


oops! sorry for duplicating my comment, i thought the first one hadn't worked (i'm such a technodweeb, doh!).
but then again, this post certainly deserves double praise (triple now :o)

lots of love xxx

millie muddleboots


hello Lucy and your lovely young lady. this is a super project and very sound advice too ;o) i am soooo looking forward to the next knitting adventure.

i hope you Attic peeps are all having a lovely holiday!

warmest hugs xxx



hello Lucy and your lovely young lady. this is a super project, so very well made and very sound advice too ;o) i am soooooo looking forward to seeing the next one.

i hope you are all having a fun holiday!

lots of love and hugs xxx


Oooh I love that book, it's wonderful! And kudos for your little lady (and yourself) to have the patience to start knitting (my aunty onces taught me, and I wanted to use the sticks on her, oh boy, I hated it!)

I can knit tough... scarfs... and euh. Hats. With a nifty knitter. So erm, I cheat. Yes. I also appreciate hooks, not sticks or needles ;)

Lovely results thought, I bet she is SO proud!


Hi and Congrats to LL for learning to knit and doing a good job!

I was going to suggest that she start with a knitting block or mushroom but it looks like she is way beyond needing those.

I still have yet to learn knit or crochet, but if I do decide to learn knitting, it will be with a knitting block for me!

Elizabeth Moore

In a minute I read your blog, I borrowed a copy from our local library for my daughter. She has been having a lot of fun reading and using the book since. This is what my daughter has to say...I am a very crafty girl,so I am enjoying "Made By Me". Thank you very much for recommending this book! oxoxox


I am so pleased for her Lucy! It made you feel like crying...? I sat and blubbed as I thought how wonderful it is when our children are amazed and delighted by things that they can do. The extreme welling up of happiness and love I feel for my daughters at those points just can't be contained! It's such a shame that we become so used to things around us that that amazement and delight seem to dry up as we age.

Well done to the Little Lady for such a wonderful achievement - I can't wait for my DD to start knitting :)


Oh I'm sat here reading this post with tears in my eyes!!

What a little sweetie you have! my own DD learnt to knit from her Granny and likes to get the sticks out now and again...
Im just learning to crochet *Gulp* and have made a yarn bag as i was so inspired by you!!

Best wishes


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you idea is very good,but pls see our moncler men jacket


we have that book, love it. Its also a book we give as gifts to all my daughters friends :)


This is so sweet and lovely. You've brightened my day right up! I remember my grandmother trying to teach me crochet at a young age - I broke one of her hooks clean off somehow. I like to think she sees me knitting and crocheting now and smiles down on me from above.


Love.. Love ... Love it! How precious!


Hi Lucy, I just found this and HAD to show it to you http://www.cottontailsbaby.co.uk/product/moulin-roty-sewing-suitcase a bit expensive but SO LOVELY don't you agree?


Wow Lucy
A chip off the old block, you must be so proud. Tell little lady well done from me and I look forward to seeing her at the shop.


Lucy , I remember how my lovely grandma helped knit when I was five and how my mistakes were magically fixed overnight. Hand made and home made are the best presents of love.
LL's blue owl will say a I love you as do ALL of the fabulous,sparkly, rainbow filled treasures you make your family- woollen hugs and kisses that last for generations. Love your work....


Well done LL & Lucy, my bookclub at work is selling this book for a very reasonable price...so I may get it on both your recommendations, and squirrel it away for Christmas - little lady is only 6 and a quarter, I think the half a year or so will make all the difference in her concentration :). Look forward to seeing LL's next creation.


After reading your blog I ordered the Made By Me book and when it came was so pleased. How I wished that this book was around when I was a young girl. My grand daughter keeps asking me to teach her to knit but since she's only just 5 I'm trying to hold her off till she's a bit older so she doesn't get discouraged. We are going to go over the book together when I first give it to her and maybe she will find another project that she likes better for now. Your little girl did a great job with her first knitting project. I too love your blog!

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