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March 16, 2011


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It is so beautiful. If I were to buy the book, how do I decipher the pattern since it is written in Japanese? You did an amazing job.

tia mia

Absolutely beautiful! Would also make a beautiful rug....have a question re: rugs that I am hoping you can help me with. If this pattern was used to create a rug, what is the best "backing" for crocheted rugs {to give it some weight and stability.} Thanks again, Lucy for all of your inspiring work!


Your Flower Scarf is beautiful, I am fair at crocheting , Still practicing. Seeing your Scarf makes me want to be adventuress , and try new things. Thank You so much . Enjoy your Blog.


do you have a pattern for these crocheted flowers to make this beautiful scarf. thanks

Andrea Fredrickson

So beautiful! I haven't crocheted in years, but a friend of mine wanted to learn and sent me a link to your blog and begged me to teach her how to make lovely things like you. I've been crocheting all month. Thanks for the inspiration - in Austin, Texas! (btw - any idea how to get Elizabeth Cat's pattern? That blog is now private.)


OMG! I just find your site. This scarf is just beauiful! Please teach me I will pay you! :) I am not good in followng the Japanese pattern.





I just love that scarf. Where can I get the pattern? The colors are beautiful.


un bonjour du sud de la france pour dire tout simplement MANIFIQUE ton site mais aurait-tu la fiche thecnique de la fleur de l'écharpe japonaise merci beaucoup


Beautiful! Was looking at your other stuff! You must have such a solourful home! You inspire me to make beautiful things for mine! Well done you! xxx


oh oh oh dear, i want one, that is so beautiful. £50 you say?!?.... bargin... where's my hooks :0)

Julie Poppleton

Oh, I'm begging for a tutorial for the Japanese flower scarf. Please!


Help! I have crocheted 45 beautiful flowers, and I want to join them together in a throw, following your pattern. However, I don't know how to join them! Can you help me?


its so beautiful!!!...


Where can I find a tutorial or a pattern for this Japanese flower scarf? I have fi ished your bag and want to start another of you projects now!! Thanks Ptero


projects dont get more gorgeous than this. I have searched the net for a pattern to no avail. whilst i have worked out the cnetres from your fabulous photography, can you help me with the stitches in the last round. I dont want to breach copyright, but figure it is only one round, that cant be a breach, can it?

roohafza durrani

Lucy, you are a genius, i have learnt so many awesome patterns from your blog. love the vibrant colors you choose.. however, i cant get over this beautiful pattern and wish somehow i can make this, was thinking of making a table runner.
Thank you for sharing your gorgeous work with us.


Help, can any explain how to join these motifs. Let's assume I've figured out how to make these beautiful blossoms but would like to join the motifs as I go. Can anyone explain?


It´s beautiful! Great work!


Really great!

Vanessa Evans

This is so beautiful. You have a great talent.


My dear friend in England made this for me for Christmas and I absolutely LOVE it. I sent her the link to your blog one day when we were talking on skype !
Happy New Year Lucy to you and yours and thank you for such a beautiful blog :)


OMG I love your blog.......Such beautiful things you have made and I love that you call us over the pond I'm from California and I have never heard that so cute! Beautiful motif I would love to make this thanks for sharing!

Diane Knott

It's absolutely STUNNING! I wanted to do something similar for a throw, but don't know how to do the join-as-you-go system so hand sewing all of the flowers together was too daunting. I'm doing granny squares instead. I know...I'm a wimp. ;-)

Thank you for sharing this beautiful creation.


That is fantastic! I have to make something like that... what an inspiration! I have been looking at your other work, your use of colors is great!


This is gorgeous, and I'm dying to make it. But I am a crocheting newbie and I'm confused. The book this comes from is in Japanese - how do you read the pattern?

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