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March 16, 2011


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Catherine Loret

Congratulations.... very very pretty!
I like very much your colors... I look for in France but i don't find... I like the colors "fanées ou passées in french" ...
What kind of yarn did you use for this scarf?
I follow you on Facebook since a long time...
Congratulations again

Sorry for my english!

Melinda Daniel

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!!! What an accomplishment! Thanks for sharing, you inspire me!


Beautiful! Where did you get the pattern for your flowers? Janet

Grace Tanega

I love it .

Lyndel Darling

So gloriously gorgeous !

Angella Fernando

Hi your such an inspiration. I've done a completely different Japanese Crochet scarf with buttons which can be draped different ways. ☺ Please have a look at crochetwondersbyAngella.blogspot.com.au. I hope you like it. Thanks.


This is amazingly beautiful! I bought the book and am anxiously awaiting the gorgeous yarn. Hoping I can figure out the teeny tiny chart, but I assume the Japaneses symbols are the same! Wish me luck, and thanks for your ongoing inspiration!




This is INCREDIBLY gorgeous! I MUST do this! Thanks for the inspiration


Inspired by your scarf, I am working to make a bed runner with Japanese flowers. I have made enough flowers and decided on a layout. But I don't know how to join them!!! Would you mind sharing how-to? This was my first crochet project and I really would like to display the runner. Thank you very much in advance.





Kathie brownlee

I've loved this pattern forever..now in 2014 I am making one! Do you have it on Ravelry?


I wish you would post a pattern or a graph of this flower. I would love to make some.

Ginny Judson

Oh how I ache to buy this beautiful yarn! I have calculated that 10 skeins would cost about $130, American! I don't think I will be making this out of this lovely, soft, gorgeous, silky wool! I can look at your lovely pictures though and imagine how wonderful it must feel! It's a gorgeous thing!

Karen Cain

This is beautiful, however I am trying to find a pattern to make a scarf out of hearts?

Maria de Lourdes Ramírez Barba

Hermoso, gracias por compartir tanta belleza hecha por manos maravillosas.


Hi, where can I get the pattern for the flowers? I would live to make the same flowers they look gorgeous in your wrap!

Maya Hanley

Absolutely gorgeous! You inspired me so much I bought lots of the yarn you recommend and am making it now myself but in more muted colours.


Wow! It's just beautiful!

Ria Vink

Hallo kan het vertaald worden in het Nederlands zou erg fijn zijn groeten Ria


The scarf is beautiful and I love the hat too. I am currently making the birdie ornaments, (so adorable!). You are a fabulous artist and your blog is so colorful and pretty! Your home is cozy. I am a mom too. My children are now in college. I remember days of art projects and cooking projects and tea parties with them as toddlers and children. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely home, photographs, and crochet ideas!


Gush all you want. When it's good and you know it, enjoy it. The rest of us do, too. Thank you for sharing.

Catherine Deslandes

Magnifique ! Cette écharpe est une vraie merveille ! .............j'ai découvert votre blog aujourd'hui et je me suis repassé en boucle le diaporama de vos photos ..............
J'aimerais tellement avoir le tutoriel pour réaliser ces superbes fleurs ........je ne crois pas qu'il soit sur votre blog ........
Merci d'être aussi créative et douée ! J'essaie de l'être aussi ! :)


I can imagine it is wonderful really gave desire to make mine own:) Beautiful scarf!

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