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March 18, 2011


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The moon tonight is called a super moon, it is closer to the earth than it's been for 18 years,and so it looks much bigger that usual.


Delightful! :)
I look forward to checking out your heart pattern (I've tried two others already).
Love your grape hyacinth. The little peeps at my house helped me plant some last week, and they are now 2" high :D Can't wait for them to flower!!!

Karie Ford

Hi. I just wanted to say how much I love your blog. The things you make are so beautiful - I love your use of colour and I think you are amazingly talented. I find it hard to believe you have only been hooking for a few years - your stuff is inspiring. Thanks so much!


Lovely ♥ lovely post.... ☺


Love your simple delightful days! I do the same thing (notice the simple things), but the way you blog about them is so special. For some reason I feel it would be 'boring' if I did the same ..hmm, that shouldn't be because these are the things that are NOT boring at all!


Simple pleasures are truly the best ones.

Puppet Lady

Yes, it's all delightful! Most of us have a lot to be thankful for, don't we?


I have just discovered your blog and find it so enchanting . Thank you I have just found the fiberphile website and have just bought some beautiful sakura yarn cherry blossom which is donating money to save the children in Japan

Pom Pom

The hooky hearts are very cheerful!
Little B is a smart boy, loving those books!


I've been delighting in your delights, Lucy! Your post made me smile - especially Little B doing 'round and round the garden' - so sweet. It's lovely to stop and appreciate just how lucky we are sometimes and you are very good at being mindful - thank you for sharing these lovely moments with us. Have a happy week.
Helen x


What lovely everything ........... it has made me smile just like the blue sky has. x


Sounds and looks like a perfect day :-)


Hi Lucy. I can't believe how big Little B is looking. I can remember when mine were that little. They grow so quickly! My youngest will be starting kindergarden this fall. As always SO happy to see YOU at Tangled Happy. I noticed the other day that you had added me to your blog list! That is such a huge compliment. I had commented to my husband that "Lucy added me to her blog list". He replied "I guess you have finally arrived". Thank you! Looking forward to seeing your teeny springtime heart project. :)


Some lovely delights! Looking forward to seeing the product of the hearts.


Special sweet moments in the day...


Awww Lucy, I so love your blog, never fails to brighten up even the dullest days!


I've been feeling so blue lately.
But this post really cheered me up.
Your little fella trying to pick up rainbows,
disco glitter on cakes, socks in front of the fire, picture books and round and round the garden.
Makes me smile.
I think I'm starting to find my mojo again.
What a lovely gift you have given to the cyber-world - just loveliness and happiness.


A question please. In your post of 15 March there is a picture of the Big Chair with a cushion made of rectangles. Could you tell me how this is made? Is it bargello? I enlarged (embiggen says Yarn Harlot) but the enlarged picture is the blanket - which was the subject of the post). It looks lovely and I would like to think about replicating it.

My uncle was the rector at Bolton Abbey in the 1960's-70's-ish, it is a delight to see that from New Zealand, how much you enjoy walking around the area.

Alice and Raymond!!!

How lovely is that, he goes and reads his books on his stool, that just makes my heart melt!
Do you know what? This might sound veeeeeery stupid to admit, but I thought that when it was the full moon here it would be the opposite on your side of the world, just like the seasons, so what do you know! Full moon here, full moon there, full moon everywhere!!!

It's past breakfast, I'm staving and i want one of your buns with a coffee!!!!!
Have a lovely rest of your weekend Lovely Lucy!


It is important to be able to feel happiness of small events of everyday life. I can feel it in our house, our garden and in my study.

Faith Ryder

The party rings are smiley simplicity in themselves aren't they? I can highly recommend battenburg for the same cheerfulness, I made one for the first time last week, and was so taken by it, I should really have taken a photo before I put it on the table! It didn't last long with all my boys (three small, one big)

I feel so blessed too, I have so much to be thankful for.........


What a lovely, beautiful take on the world and your day, it has really made me smile, thanks <3


Looks like a really lovely day. :) Can't wait to see what the hearts are going to turn into..! Such a lovely post to read.. xxx


Love it. It really is the simple things in life that make your heart go zing!

Love and stuff xx
PS Curiouser and curiouser about the teeny hooky bits tho....hmmmm. G


Loved the post! My Children are grown but still do round and round to their Children.
Thank you Lucy!

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