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February 01, 2011


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Marvene Smead

These two blankets, or afghans are beautiful! My daughter-19, Yrs old, not #19, sent the blog to me at work and said, commanded, etc. "Make this for me!"
I sent back "Make it yourself".
She is grown afterall. She knows how to crochet, too. And she has much 'free time', as no job yet.


Oh my goodness this is PHENOMENAL! I am so inspired to pick up my crochet needles again!

monique smith

thought Id let you know that you have re enthuised me to start crocheting again and am producing lovely items for the school craft stall. Its a pity we dont have as readily available the lovely crochet cottons you have to choose from in Australia but the internet is always a useful tool.. hate waiting though.Im amazed at how much you manage to produce both craft and visual postings. Many thanks and much inspiration to come your way.


WOW WOW WOW All those ends were worth the cussing and effort! The final project looks wonderful!!!


I just found you..this is so beautiful!! Wow!
Do you crochet the squares together? xx


Lucy, I've replied to this before I think, but I thought I would do so again to say that I've just finished a blanket inspired by this one. You can see it over at my blog :)

Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful work, and for inspiring so many of us. You're absolutely fab!!

Much love,

appointment setting

These all are looking very great which is absolutely gorgeous and also one of the good to know about it.

Dawn van Zyl

Lucy i just love your beautiful creations! I have tried several of your patterns and loved them but would love the pattern for sweet flower granny...please post it..please! Thank you! Dawn South Africa


Did I skim through this too quickly or is there no pattern for your sweet little flower squares? I am making a granny square blanket atm and want to include a whole lot of different types of squares :)
The pattern would be appreciated :D :D


I love this craft. You have given me a good idea to start my blanket. I have been really nice. Thanks. Uno becho desde España¡¡

Michelle Epstein

Thank you for all your beautiful work Lucy!
I've been hoping for a tutorial on the sweet flower granny, having a tough time figuring out how to do the flowers and little petals! I'd be so thrilled to learn!


It´s so beautiful. Sorry, but my english es poor.
I follew you. When you can do it, visit me, please.


I feel very honored that you checked out my progress!! :) :) Thank you!!


I am halfway done with my copy of this blanket! (I'm a beginner). I have learned SO MUCH from your blog, thank you SO much!!! http://aprilmayrd.blogspot.com/ (pic of it so far)


Wow! Another one of your amazing creations. I really enjoy reading your blog so much. it's just so full of colour and always makes me feel cheerful. I went to my first crochet class last week, in the little village hall. I was the youngest by at least 30 years, but I had the best nights fun. I'm looking forward to being inspired by your creations!

Angela Green

Ooooohhhh! I like it! Looking at it makes you happy.



This is so beautiful. I love your work. I stare at it every day now.


I have just found your Post regarding your wonderful blanket. I'm away in New Zealand for a while and somehow managed to miss this until this morning. Such colours and I love the larger/smaller block mix. Great! Hope you are feeling better - no doubt snuggling under this super blanket helps with the TLC.

Regula Bartholdi

It is just beautiful. I love the colours.


Such a lovely blanket. I really like the different size of the colorful squares.


Hi Lucy!

Congratulations for this new lovely blanket : )
I've been looking if there is the tutorial how to do the central little flower, but I didn't found it, it's there any tutorial?
Thanks a lot and regards from Montgat (Barcelona)

Sandy Brantly

I have looked all over your site (how delightful that is) and can't find the sweet flower granny square pattern. Have you posted it? And, if not, will you. Thank you so very much.


Lucy, will you pleeeease give us a tutorial?? Pretty Pleeeease? :-)

Dog beds

These all are looking really very amazing it can be great and cool to know about it. These all things are really very inspiring it can be great to know about it.


Lovely!!Could you tell me how to make the flower to begin the square? Please mu e mail is [email protected]
Thanks so much.

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