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February 22, 2011


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I had strawberries at the weekend, a little extravagance to lift the tastebuds


Who wouldn't love a facecloth like that??? I would definely♥♥♥ Soooo cute. What strikes me about you, is that althought you live in this grey/misty/cold place(wish I could visit) you are SO colourful. What an inspiration!!! Have a blessed day.


PS to my post above...Lucy, your children are going to remember the colorful house they grew up in that always had beautiful flowers in it.

Keep up the good work, hon. Love your blog.

Cindy Bee


What a delightful post! Your enthusiasm for the little things in life shines through. My husband chuckles when I get excited about these things, so I'm glad to see there are plenty others like me out there!


For me and many others, being frugal means simply purchasing the necessities, not through choice but because we have to - we don't have the option of buying "nice things" just because we want to feel happy with our life, and make it look like we are happy with the simple things in life. Which of your purchases were necessities? Did you actually need any of them? You shouldn't play at being frugal when it's obvious you don't have to as you just come off as being rather smug and a little self centred and that's sad to see.


Dear Lucy, I think I've only ever made a few comments here but I'm now prompted by other comments that have been left here.
I just want to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. A few years ago I was diagnosed with terminal (stage 4 breast cancer.) I'm feeling very well at the moment and I'm extremely grateful for some good, some great responses I've had from chemotherapy.
I appreciate the little things in life, I always did but even more so now. The changing seasons, my lovely family..of course. :-)
I turned to knitting as a way of being creative and expressing myself after my diagnosis. I discovered Jane Brocket's wonderful blog and later I discovered Attic24. I still can't crochet (sorry!) but I'm ever hopeful. :-)
I so enjoy visiting your blog..it's one of my favourites.
Take Care! xx

Another person getting annoyed!

Not everything made by other people is attic 24 you know. The tea cosy referred to on someone else's blog was made by them according to THEIR likes and tastes. It uses a pattern by another blogger. People who like Attic 24 may like it too but it exists because of other people using their very own hard work and enterprise. Some people have their own creative drives and energies and make things themselves. Bright colours belong to no one in particular. They are not Attic24 colours - there is no such thing. Please can other people be given credit where due!? It drives me bonkers when people say something is Attic 24 when it isn't and it is not Lucy doing it!


The Little Pleasures to brighten a rather damp and gloomy day. Thank you.


Oh yes indeedy I do love being thrifty not only for the eco side of things but I think it is in my blood. My parents have always been the same and loved charity shops and auctions, they are all such treasure troves :-) I got a few charity bargains this weekend - i was so excited ! It makes me feel like a child again seeing everything with such excitement and opportunity. In fact you have reminded me that I must blog about them.

Another person getting annoyed!

Yes do ignore the plight of the poor in the world Star. Do encourage others to do the same too. What 'bitter souls-trolls' we must be for caring. Meanwhile so long as you can traipse about as Heart Skippy Happy little sheep then the world is just lovely isn't it? La la la. Wasn't there meant to be a fiddle playing while Rome burned? Nothing like the herd instinct is there. Baaa Baaa. Don't any of you do anything that is actually helpful, useful or kind will you now. I've never read such a lot of baloney from so many silly easily led people before. The name calling started with you Star. While sucking up the virtual sweetness and light people in the REAL world are suffering. £1.6 million people are said to be in poverty in the UK - that is this mornings news. But yes ignore that - keep on blocking that out. Do you not see that it is all a construct? - a blogger is no better or worse at dealing with life and being truly happy than anyone; you have to find your own answers. Life is tough and hard, plonking a few happy pictures in front of us doesn't change that. Bad things happen because good people do nothing. That 'nothing' starts right here doesn't it? Do something for yourselves and do something for others. That might make you all a bit happier for real!

Sandi Lee

In my life so far I have lived almost destitute, (parents buying food for myself, husband and child) to quite well off with the second husband, to having to live frugally. It is at this time of my life that I am the most grateful for all the little pleasures in life. Tonight I sit with Heartbeat on and a glass of wine and a lovely warm night, may even pick up the hook too......yes simple pleasures. I also love reading about these things on others blogs.
Do love your stipe top, reminds me of your crochet :) x Sandi


Lucy, thanks for another post full of colour, joy and warmth. I read every new post you make, since recently discovering your blog. It is the simple little pleasures in life, that are the most satisfying.
Reading your blog has inspired me greatly. My yarn stash has diminished, and been turned into colourful throws and cushion covers. Glimpses you give of your cosy family life, lead to gentle smiles and a warm fuzzy feeling.
Your blog brings pleasure to me and countless others. Some bitter souls-trolls, revel in causing mischief with their comments. Just ignore them, and please continue to delight the rest of us with your attic musings.


Oh, and I just happened to stumble upon this very "atticy" tea cosy (to use BodilE's new adjective):


Just scroll down her post of 6 February. Free pattern on Ravelry!


Lucy, I absolutely love your blog. Although your style of crocheting and decorating is not something I would want to use in my own home, I do love your colourful posts. Fascinated as I am, too, by the plain ordinary details of other people's lives, I'm always curious about the latest happenings with the Little People and your newest finds and Little Pleasures. Reading your blog usually makes me smile. How's that for cheap entertainment?! ;o)


For the moment my life has been difficult but there's always somebody facing more problems. It's not because of this that we can't be happy. I am happy you can share the little pleasures of your life with everybody here. If one day you travel the world on your own plane why not share with us? As for me while I wait for my chance I just blog a £1 daffodil pot! Be happy!

Virtual Lintu

Such an uplifting post, as usual. Don't dwell on the negative comments because it is really so very easy to be critical. It says more about the commenters than it does about your blog. I love visiting you and your heart skippy world and would not like to see the joy - which you share so freely - sucked out of it in anyway. X


Simply delightful post. Thank you.


Yes! I have found similar inspiration through reading blogs, and they have given me a different and more positive outlook on my role as a stay at home mum. Also, where I live, if we found a punnet of strawberries for $2.50, that would be the most incredible bargain that I'd have bought 2! Enjoy.


So very well said. I too am dipping into blogs, to take a break from the news here... so terribly emotional and draining. Feels good to see normality and happy things in lovely places. : )

Pom Pom

I love that about blogs, too. I so appreciate the creativity, the discovery, and the willingness to share. You capture it beautifully.

Linnie Joy

For me being thrifty and frugal is great, because then when I really want something(a bit splurgy) I have the money to buy it and not feel guilty... because I saved elsewhere!


Lucy, I agree with you 100%! It's the small, simple joys that make life so colorful and happy! Your happiness sparks my happiness! Thank you!



Some of you people are unbelievable. This lady invites us into her home, we get to see her family trips, she shares crochet patterns with us, and you can't think of anything nice to say. Do you know the time that goes into a post? Apparently not, you don't even have the nerve to leave an e-mail for a reply back to you. All I have to say is 1) Lucy isn't going to feed the hungry in the world by not buying flowers 2) Lucy, you have motivated me to put flowers on my table more often and 3) we are providing a job for someone in the flower industry! What a great thing we're doing! Keep up the good work Lucy.

Cindy Bee


Very pretty stuff! Speaking of living frugally I have a website you might enjoy. www.simple-and-frugal-living.com :) :) :)


The small happy details of life is exactly what made me love your blog in the first place! I seek out the small homely details of daily life that are written about on so many blogs. Love, family and health are what really matter. A bouquet of daffodils doesn't hurt either!

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