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February 25, 2011


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what a delight - again!!! i just love your pictures and i enjoy reading your comments on the small things of life!!!

please carry on like this, it's a pleasure and lights up my days!!!


Lydia van Benthem-Gravemaker

Lucy in the sky is how I think about you but with her legs firmly on the ground.Lots of pleasure out of your writing and pictures is what I get. I am a mother of three boys and granny of three boys and three girls,same age group as your little ones and I enjoy every moment with them.It is raining cats and dogs here but your pictures gave me a spring feeling! Thank you!Lydia

Dominique from France

Hello Lucy.
My little pleasure of the day is to read your post and to have put window box of primroses in my terrace.
Have a good day.

Pam Capstick

Lovely to hear from you Lucy, and such a strong, powerful, wonderful message. It is what attracted me tyour blog. Well, that and your most lovely crochet!
Wishing you a wonderful week as well!


Flowers, sunsets and family; all things to enjoy and treasure. I too delight in sunsets and flowers that I see when out on my local walks.
Sadly my two boys are all grown up, and would now be too embarrassed to hold my hand in public! But, I do well remember what a pleasure it was when they were little too.
Precious times, enjoy them to the full.


Great post! Thanks for making me reflect on what is important in life. Love that last picture :)


Hi Lucy!
I just found your blog, and I love it! I read through some of your older ones - you sound so English! Alot like some of my "pommy" friends here in Australia!! I do love the way you guys talk:)

Keep up the beautiful work, and great blogs!


The polyanthus look like a big patchwork quilt - glorious!

Everyone seems to be realising that the little things in life are what matter...you have captured that beautifully, and as an enthusiastic photographer of skyscapes, I thank you so much for your first image. It made me smile.

Lovely, Lucy! :)


Queen of Whatever

Dear A24,
I dont know why I think you would care,but here goes.....
FYI...I know your attic drones will hate me for this....but oh well.
The other day
I was totally talking about that Bitter Bethany Character (from your comments) in my blog post. I thought she was very rude, not only to you, but to others, as well.
However, Corn Poppy assumed that i was writing about her (even though she said she doesnt comment on your blog..??).
Anyway, she did a whole campaign against me, and wrote a blog entry all about me....
She had everyone on her blog, and some on yours, believing that i was talking about her.
She even put up a link to my blog from her blog,so her minions could come and attack my character.
I tried to tell her that it wasn't about her and she continued to make it the Corn Pop Show
Admittedly, I was a little sarcastic in the post,but not threatening like her group was.
I was surprised to see a few of my blog friends go slivering over in her direction....for her yucky tea and crumpets.
When I have talked of you on my blog, it has always been in good fun.
I would have hoped to have seen a little support from you ...just as your emails to me, have been in the past.
I thought you knew the style of my blog...
You, as well as Corn Girl, have been coming there for awhile, so I would think neither one of you would be that shocked.
I have had my blog for 2 years and have been the same from day one.
It is funny...that even after C.Poop knew that it wasnt about her, she left up her nasty blog about me. It is still up on her blog...Surly...you must have seen it.
I wrote my blog entry with NO links to anyone elses blog AND...I didnt even mention names, but she sure did try to rake me over the coals.
One of her blogger friends even called me psychotic....I got kinda weirded out by the turn the comments took and removed the post. I am sure if you saw some of the comments, it would make even your yarn come unraveled
It is funny, because that post i wrote was not even that bad.
But ...it got made into a big ordeal.
As of now ....I am on high alert in regards to her, and i will be steering clear of the U.K crowd. I am sorry for all the hish hash it caused, but i wanted to have my say.
All this over an assumption.....tsk tsk
P.S....I think she liked all the attention...wink wink


I saw those same colors in the sunset yesterday afternoon waaayyy over here on the other side of the globe in the U.S. It was equally as beautiful here as it was there! So glad that you captured it to share; I only captured it in my memory for a time. I LOVE the flower photo...the contrast of the mixed colors are so amazing together...and the hand holding is soooooo sweet. I share in that as well with a few little people in my life, but they are grans...very, very special they are.

Now, may I make a ' faithful fan' request? would you, could you, post a simple step by step 'how to' for making a basic granny square of five rounds, changing colors, and that won't look 'tilted'? In other words, how does one make a granny square that comes out perfectly every time?

Mine just are not looking as perfectly as I think they should and it's troubling me. I immediately thought I should turn to a professional such as yourself for help. I did not find these instructions in your sidebar for patterns, but thought you might oblige my request.


what beautiful pleasures!


A lovely post Lucy and so true, thanks from me too x


What a lovely post, Lucy! I don't know if anyone else has mentioned this yet but your last two blog postings remind me of the "Priceless" TV commercials put out by Mastercard. I just love them! :) The focus at the end of each one is always on something wonderful that you simply cannot put a price tag on. They are very heartwarming, as are your posts! Thank you and have a great weekend! Bernadette in Alabama, USA


Point made with gentleness, love, generosity of spirit, and may I say a touch of class xxxx


True Little Pleasures. Real ones. What an inspiration you are ♥ Have a lovely weekend you too!


Dear Lucy (my favorite name BTW),
Jean here, 60 years old, retired and living in Northern Michigan, USA. I read your blog first thing each morning, making sure the day starts with bright colors. Thank you so very much for cleverly providing this marvelous anti-depressant. I am a history buff specializing in medieval England and Scotland. The photos of Lakeland you posted are lovely. I am an artist (as a hobby) and I am putting together a series of drawings re medieval England. Would it be possible to get copies of your Lakeland photos (digitally) so I may incorporate certain aspects of the scenery? The drawings are for personal use. I would be so grateful. I hope I am not imposing.


Thanks for the lovely post. I just love the flowers on the street--so colorful. I've linked to your blog on my blog www.atchworkpay.wordpress.com if you'd like to take a look.


Love this post! So sweet! Thank you~

Nora in CT

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy--when will we see the pattern for the primrose riot blanket?? That display of flowers was so vibrant and mad and seductive and wild, it made me think of a crocheted mass of little buds and blooms for my very own flower bed!! Only a mind as creative and lovely as yours could translate said riot into a pattern. Pretty please?? '-)


You are blessed. Thanks for continuing to share.


You´ve got the reason with heart.

Siobhan Giacobino


Wow! Your enthusiasm for every bit of life is an inspiriation. I love your blog because it shows your spirit, and your spirit is a beautiful thing, honey. Thankyou SOOOOO much for sharing your life, your home and your heart with ANY and ALL who care to be a part of it. I read every post, and will continue to do so, with gladness, for as long as you keep posting.

Love and prayers,


Hehe!! Post #36 (i think) and all positive! The negativity is all in their heads! You go girl :)


It's the simple things in life that are often the best.
Two flights of stairs - wow - would LOVE that!


Holding hands with one's child is bliss.My 22 year old still does it,even in the street.It is the bee's knees.

Tina, the quiet homemaker

Yep, the best things in life are free. xx

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