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February 21, 2011


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איפור מקצועי

Amazing winter pictures. I never see such wonderful pictures regarding winter. I think the temperature is in minus.


With the heartbreaking misery going on in the world your blog has become a happy place for me to go to for respite.
I have to confess to pinching a pic of your tangled pile of blankets to have on my desktop - I hope thats ok? It makes me smile every time I look at it and lends strength to my hooky hand to keep going and make my own first blanket.
Brightest Blessings to you and your family, and such thanks for the joy you spread.

The Curious Cat

What stunning photos!!! Breath taking! xxx


Fabuolus pics. I'm astonished!!
how I wish to be there...


Stunning photos.

mel solomon

These photos are delicious!! I am soo over our hot weather and cannot wait for "snuggly" weather to arrive, although we still won't get the snow Down-under.


hi lucy, i love your blog......those photos are just gorgeous......i love the little robin....down here in Australia it is hot. I sometimes forget that my boring everyday things would be interesting to other people (:) Or not:)....i must get dh to get my computer fixed so i can get back into my blog.....i so miss it....thanks for sharing a little part of your days, you make it sound like so much fun...i love the way to *talk* too it always makes me smile:)

Alicia P.


Have been meaning to write you -- thank you for your kind words and for the links to those crocheted confections -- again, JEEEEEEEZ!!!! -- but seeing these gorgeous, gorgeous landscape images has knocked all words out of my brain. Lucy. They are awesome.


Thanks for sharing the pictures. They were great. I love seeing your pictures. Its so different to where I live.


jaw dropping...just a wee bit jeolous. I love love love big winter landscapes. I love rugging up. In this here sub-tropical neck of the woods when "winter" comes I have to pretend it's cold and rug up anyway.

What beautiful photos. hope you had a wonderful time!


Wow! Love the photos ... I can only dream :-)

 Joyce Stewart

Oh I do love these kind of facecloth/mitts....I first bought some in Scandanavia many years ago and still use this kind of facecloth all the time. Yours is such a beautiful one...very elegant. Have bookmarked the site for browsing later. When I scrolled down to your phot of the daffs the first thing I noticed was your top....I thought to myself, gosh she wears these bright colours too...and isn't it great to get a bargain!!! Give one a good feeling!!! Thanks for the colourful blog!!

Diana Troldahl

What absolutely beautiful photographs. Thank you so much for sharing them :-}


Your pictures are take your breath away beautiful.
Cheers from Indiana USA


Stunning scenery, thank you for sharing it. Best wishes, Pj x


Lucy you are lucky woman in the world!<3
hy, i komming from Slovenia(metropolis ljubljana) from "half little" city maribor:)
i love handmade product <3<3
so, "enjoyet"


Gorgeous winter pictures.


Stunning photographs Lucy, and you sound very content all tucked up inside your home, with your family! enjoy your lovely warm days!


Oh my, such a beauty! Fantastic photos, thank you so much for sharing!

Best wishes,


You take such beautiful pictures!

Lisa, U.S.A.


Beautiful photos! I'm a newbie to your blog and just love it. I seriously do not think there is any place in the British Isles that doesn't look like a postcard, and you capture those scenes beautifully (that may be a bit of an overstatement, but not much). It is a pleasure to just come and have a little peek into your life. Thanks!

Billie Beth

Wonderful pictures and I love your narrative.


It's so beautiful !
Thank you for sharing the pictures and comment the week-end with us.
See you.


Lovely lovely photos. I visited The Lake Districted in May 1985. It was beautiful then and it is still beautiful even in winter. I would say that winter ads some mystique and mystery to the landscape.


What beautiful pics. I have never been out of the states but my Father was stationed in England during the 50s and took many home movies which we have enjoyed through the years..Girl getaways are so fun and relaxing. Your hubby was a wonderful guy to help you have a much needed little break. Hope you could squeeze in some hooking time also.. Love from Indiana Nancy

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