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February 08, 2011


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Linda M Acosta

I'm in love with this beautiful scarf! Is there a pattern to follow, or perhaps a tutorial with all the juicy details?!?!?!?

Carol D

I realize this is an old blog post, but I just re-read it and tried to get link to the Motif book you mentioned. It is no longer available at that link. I did find it at Amazon. the link is here:
A little too pricey for me at this time, I'm afraid...I'm hoping I can study your flowers and figure this out for myself...Since it's not an item for sale, I don't think that will violate any laws....I so respect that you are sensitive to this issue....too often I see folks giving away a pattern that they bought - which means the seller loses income! Shame on them!
Much as I'd love to have all those patterns, the work done by these designers deserves them the MONEY. For many of them, this is their only source of income.

Veronica Barry

You have such a happy blog, thanks so much for sharing your beautiful home, crochet projects and all the other beautiful creative things you do... Makes me happy just logging onto your blog.. You certainly are inspirational.. Just reading your blog and seeing the projects I've decided it's off to the wool shop for me tomorrow.

Mary A

I was curious, can you post the name and address for the publisher and the designer of this bookcreations so interested ones can write them to see if they would be willing to either provide a place to purchase it or maybe re-release the flower as a PDF pattern I could purchase? I get the feeling this book is out of print? Is that correct? Thanks for your help!


I Lucy. I have visited and revisited this post so many times to admire your beautiful scarf.
I have thought so many times about buying this book, but being very much a novice with my crocheting at the moment, I am completely bamboozled by charts and fear I'll never get the hang of them!
I will have to be content with admiring yours via blogland! x


Sorry, I've got another question! I have found a pattern for a Japanese flower which looks identical to the one you used, but I have no idea how you 'join as you go'
Can you give that info on your blog????


I've only recently discovered your blog - but I am now ADDICTED! I love the colour combinations you use! And I love this scarf - so I thought I would treat myself to this book so that I could have a go at this beautiful scarf but I can't find a copy of it to buy :(
Have you been able to write instructions for a flower yet? (I'm only a beginner and cannot understand the charts in the book anyway!)

Thank you for a wonderful blog!


I love your site... It is sooo inspirational... I am over the pond in Canada and I have my own website for my pretties, and I have been pondering on creating some shawls and wraps but could not think of any that turned my crank! But you have inspired me with Japanese crochet flowers and I have been obsessed since, they are sooooo addictive! Check out my site sometime, I would love for you to come and have a visit at MyWhimz.com

Jen beynon

Hi Lucy,
I am a new recruit into the world of crochet and found you through the spring garden granny square. Your work is beautiful and I increase my list of future projects every time I visit your blog! I have just purchased my yarn for a Japanese flower scarf. I think I have the flower bit sorted but wondered if you could tell me how you joined them as you went along?
Hope you can help


Es muy dificil comprender para mi, el ingles en las instrucciones. Amo tu trabajo!. I love yours works! Thanks a lot. Marcela from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Vivian Costa Manso

Wow!! i keep looking at your wonderfull and creative ideas here, in Brazil.Above all the incredible things you do, i just love your lifestyle , the way you describe everything. You are such an inspiration Lucy. I Owe to you my come back to crochet and to a more colorfull life. Thanks. a lot!!!
By the way would you mind telling me what camera do you use?You photos are clear and vivid! my e mail is [email protected]
Thanks again

Vivian Costa Manso.Thanks again


I can't help it. I love the scarf. The flower pattern is beautiful but you always make everything look even greater with the colors that you choose.




Hi Lucy
There are lots of the Japanese patterns on Ravelry now and this is a link to some free patterns. I think your flower may be there...



One way to save yarn on this project is to make only 6 DC stitches in each "petal" in the outside row instead of 8. I did this, and it turned out very nicely. : )


Hy Lcy,
I hace made the scarf with the same colors and yarns you have used....But, i have not joined as you go....And my question , is how to join now when they are already made all flowers...I find it very difficult because, i am afraid that it's going to opened the stitches i sew...
Thank you for helping me.


WOW this pattern is beautiful, would love to be able to make one of these!!!!

tempest sharp

how did you join these please

Moran Malron

I Love your flower scarf and can't wait to have the diagram
Would it be possible for you to send me a link to the diagram you worked with?

thanks so much

Helena Örnehed

Lucy, have you found a way to aid us in the translation of the pattern, while still abiding by the copyright laws? I have bought the book Motif Book Vol 4. Bought it from Etsy, received it beautifully packaged from Japan. Still not sure if I will be able to work this out. :-)


I've just discovered your blog through Ravelry and I love it...everything I've seen so far is beautiful...and inspiring...thanks for this site...and sharing your talent


Hello from California! I came across your blog through someone I met on Pinterest who had this on her cite. I love it! You seem like such a lovely person. Thanks for sharing your talents!


Leslie Denvir

If I get the book will I be able to understand the Japanese directions for the flower? Is is only in Japanese? When would you have/or can you get permission to make a flower tutorial? Thanks Leslie


Hi, I have followed your blog so long and you are a true inspiration. I have everything to start working on my Japanese scarf. I have made several test flowers and am finally satisfied with yarn and hook. My problem is the join as you go method - I am at a loss. Can you give any guidance? Thank You Peggy

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These Japanese woolen scarf is really looks amazing you made it with different colors and gives lots of variations. I likes this collection.

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