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February 08, 2011


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Jeannette Imsiecke



Hi Lucy - I would love the pattern in english - i can't seem to find it anywhere. xx


Hi Lucy love the scarf ,beautifull colours. The Diagrams that they use are really easy for me to understand as i have been crocheting japanese doilies for years and all patterns come in these diagrams.I prefer them to written ones. If you need any help e-mail me.Looking forward to the next project.

Disco M

Amazing scarf... Makes me want to start one tonight! Flower pattern was not giving me anything. Do you have another site I could go to? Many thanks!


Hi Lucy,
I feel that I know you:) I have been following your blog for nearly a year and this is the first time I've posted a comment. I would like to say THANK YOU because you've inspired me. I've had a go at christmas decorations, little hearts, flowers and stripey blanket oh, and granny square of course! My family complain we're being over taken with wool. I've also taken to blogland.
Happy hooking Ann

Jenny Butler

Morning Lucy,
Deramores have put a link to your blog and I am 'gob smacked' by your fantanstic crochet Japanese flower scarf. I want the pattern, but at the moment I have to watch my pennies!! But boy what a beauty. My little squares of crochet look posivtively boring now!! LOL


Somehow when I click on the link it does not open diagram for me . Help!!!!!


This is really amazing woolen flowers.You made such a great flowers.I likes the color and designs.


esta precioso!!! podrias ayudarme con el diagrama?
muchas gracias


WOW, I have just discovered you blog, and I'm hooked! Looooove those beautiful flowers, I have to learn to make them myself!
Hugs from your new fan in Norway :)

Irene Porter

I crochet row 3 as follows: instead of 4 dc (US terms) groups, I crochet
2dc then 5 chain, slipstitch into back of previous dc, then 2 dc to finish group
of 4. You are then ready for the last petal row.


Dear Lucy,
I am thrilled to pieces every time I log on to find a new and amazing crochet project underway! This is so beauuuuuutiful! You have provided so much inspiration for me and others. I hope everyone who has made one of your projects finds it in them to donate even the smallest amount! Now I have to go find some yarn and start making these flowers!

The Garden Bell

You poor thing. Not to fret, at least the G.B. has it down. We will just move on as always. Eye-roll, Eye-roll. But I guess I do understand. What's next? You know you are the trend-setter and that's what's important.


Dear Lucy
Amazing Japanese flower scarf luv the colours
When can we see your finished version?
Inspired to make one
Thank you for sharing with us.


Oh Lucy, I am blaming you for a sleepless night and a totally unproductive day. Since finding your blog yesterday all I can think of are your Japanese flowers. They look divine and I am afraid I will not settle until I am making one just the same as yours! So far my search for the book has been to no avail, and I have not yet started looking for the yarn, I hope I can find both before I go insane. Love your blog and have marked it as a fav.


The book has sold out!!!!
I love your project, and for the third time I have another Attic24 inspired project on my list :-)


I love this flower...but I cannot find how to make this ?

Greetings from Belgium

Marjo's Cosy Corner

Cherish@ My Cup of Tea

Love the flowers!!!!!!!!


The pattern for the Japanese motif can still be found here.
Having said that, why not choose your own pretty flower from the hundreds there are available, in English - many of them free. I have several that would look equally as beautiful joined together to make a scarf or stole. Its the yarn and colour choices that make Lucy's so special. Yes the pattern is lovely but many others would be lovely too. Otherwise, why not buy the book and give the chart ago? Practice charts first, using books that have words and charts. I thought I couldn't do it but I turned out I can. There are several options open to anyone who wants a scarf as nice as the Japanese one. Why does every one want exact copies of everything - show some imagination people!


so beautiful, so inspiring !


bingo--the motif pattern is in this book--so it's not original...(bottom right, on the cover)



Maybe I have the 4th row issue that was discussed just above figured out? Instead of two doubles (uk trebles), five chains, two doubles, repeat; try two doubles, five chains, then slipstitch into the base of the chain, making a picot, then continue on with the last two doubles before going on to the next (2d,5ch, ss into 1st ch,2d)

Does that work? We'll see!


I agree that the copywright issue would petain to the diagram image that Catherine lifted straight out of the Japansese book.

This motif itself has probably been hooked for 100's of years by people all over the world, with many variations. The thought that someone could copyright a motif is ridiculous to me. To copyright a garment design, yes. An individual motif, no. I wonder what old crochet book it will turn up in...?

I too think that Lucy's motif looks like it differs from the published version, and that it's very unfortunate that Lucy has been pressured to remove discussion of the motif.

Lucy, can we please see YOUR version? Please??


I think we have to say a big big THANKS to the Japanese Ladies ! ! ! to the Japanese books ! ! ! so much beautiful projects come from them;o);o)


I love your sense of color!

My crochet buddy and I are having lots of fun making these. I can't wait to buy some great yarn and make a gorgeous wrap or afghan with them. Thanks for your beautiful blog!

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