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February 08, 2011


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Julia burdock

Trying to figure out the flower buy myself Lucy but I'm failing! I love what you have made but I'm unable to get the book! Could you help with the very basic steps of the flower and how you connect them as you go please?
I was introduced to your blog by my beautiful friend Sabine. Your posts are so positive and sublime! You are inspiring and beautiful too. I have gone from a blanket crochet girl to a stunning bags chochet girl and it's all down to you! You are inspirational Lucy. I also read your blogs and remember living in the UK with affection. I now live in Australia xxxx Julia


It's fun, I'm french and I found the explanations in my mother tongue HERE ! lol
This scarf is so gorgeous, I like the colors that you used. I'm impatient to see the final project !

amy in cambridge (my fair city), ma

Hi, there! I am a new devotee and am loving your blog since I started crocheting about a month ago (it's been a long winter here, too). This is an adorable adorable motif and I gave it a go last night. I dare say though that your flowers are slightly different from the original flowers a la Catherine. You see, Catherine's flowers following the Japanese symbols, produces one where the 4 double crochet shells end up becoming split by the looping 8 double crochet petals in the last round. Whereas your flowers have firmly intact shells with ever-so dainty petals. With all due respect to Catherine, I prefer your flowers and I'd love it if you could share how you did the final two rounds. Technically speaking, your design is different from the published Japanese pattern, I think that circumvents the copyright issue, no?


Hi, just love your posts. I am struggling with row 4 of the flower pattern. Would it be breach of copywrite if you just posted a picture of each row without explanation?


Hi it looks amazing ,awesome colors and sweet sweet pattern ,i would love to see maby some pic´s of how you join them tog :) that would be just awesome to see

Gill in Norway

Please could you post a diagram as the french lady has removed hers I think. Thanks!


could someone send me to the pattern for making the flower, when I go to the link Lucy gave I get a page of comments in French. thank you


Yes, I followed the link to find it had disappeared??? Help, I need to find it again!!!


hi, desperately trying to followthe diagram as the flowers look gorgeous. The diagram has disappeared from your link. Where on her blog can i find it? Any chance of a quick pattern??Love your blog have crocheted loads of stuff and am ploughing through an enormous granny blanket. Thanks i love your blog.


Fantastic as usual!


I love it! And I want to make one to, but do you have the pattern in Englisch/Dutch, or little steps in pictures? that would be so nice! Thank you for charing your wonderfull "makings"
Greetszz from Holland


I had to giggle at your previous post Lucy, about smelling the hyacinth through the screen - I've just finished reading Charlie & The Chocolate Factory to my 4 year old, and it made me think about Wonka's TV Chocolate... if only..... BUT I digress... the flowers are just EXQUISITE. And the yarn, and the colours - you did well to wait for the perfect project. I think if I wasn't wearing this, I'd have to be looking at it. Beautiful.

Brenda England

Never mind. I see you are friends already
Brenda in Canada.

Brenda England

Check out this Blog that I discovered by Blog surfing. This lady loves colour as much as you do. http://thegardenbell.blogspot.com
Brenda in Canada

pam green

I too would love the pattern in words, seem to have a mental block when it comes to diagrams
You have such a good colour sense. Scarf will be beautiful.


Lucy - you continue to out-do yourself! Absolutely stunning!
Again thanks for providing us with new inspiration.
And thanks to you and the lovely ladies on ravelry for your discussions - I have figured this one out and am set to go :)


Hey Lucy..yarn looks delicious :) Do you think the flowers would be suitable for a blanket..or too lacy and loose? Wonder how much yarn would be needed for a decent sized crochet throw?..any ideas?

pratima kapoor

As usual very beautiful and very colourful. I love your blog and flow it regularly. I am not a crochet person but your work has inspired me and has taught me to crochet. Love your tutorials they are easy to follow.

helen welch

I agree with everything everybody has said about your latest w.i.p!! gorgeous wool,gorgeous pattern,,gorg,gorg,gorg,,but Im rather stuck on the last round of the flower,,,hope you can help out with a tutorial please,,,p.s keep up the good work and don't let woolly crafts become a thing of the past,,thanking you Helen xxxx


The scarf is oh so lovely. I wish I had access to the wool it looks so luscious. I'm thinking these flowers would also make nice coasters. Thank you for your inspiration, you have brought me back to crochet.


Lucy, Your blog is so inspirating! And flower scarf.. I don´t have words. It´s so Biutiful!


AMAZING! such loveliness, prefer the colour version.

Happy hookey time to you ...


Oooohhhh I am a wee bit late posting this but it has been the only chance I have got to sit down and read your blog properly! Absolutely gorgeous. I really like it. I am going to give it a try and see if I can do it. It would make a nice blankie too methinks. x


Lucy your scarf looks wonderful & the yarn looks so nice. I am heading to the UK (from Ausatralia) in May with my mum, a surprise treat from a generous dad for my special birthday this year. No kids or big boys allowed. My shopping list consists of yarn, Liberty & Dr Martens...so far, oh! & Thornton's Special Toffee. Thanks for the link to your LYS, we will be staying in Keighthly with friends for a week so I will pop in there for sure. My dad was born in Ilkley! Are there any other yarn/fabric/craft stores in the area that you can recommend? Cheers Amanda.


Hi Lucy

What an inpiration you are, yet again? I started my Japanese flower scarf as soon as I saw your post. I had two balls of the Red DB Andes stashed away from last Autumn - bought to make a pair of fingerless gloves. Amazingly, I managed to work out the pattern from the diagram and am really loving this one. Mine is a mixture of DB Cashmerino and some lovely hand dyed Angora/Cashmere that I got from Loop last week. Thank you so much for sharing with us. Now off to photo and blog about my one.

Can't wait to see your finished scarf.

Zoe x

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