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February 06, 2011


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I absolutely LOVE Hyacinths!!! I can't wait for mine tpo sprout. You have such a lovely home.


Good Morning Lucy,I got online today and with my cup of coffee (being from the states)I got the pleasure of reading your post,and looking at all of your wonderful pics.Your posts are soooo refreashing, your love of the simple things in life are so soothing with the wonderful flowers, books and best of all the darling LITTLE PEOPLE. I have little Grand People that I truely adore!!! I am going to hook some hexagons today thanks to your easy to read pattern. Cant wait.


LOL Before I even started to read, I took a deep breath in through my nose and wished I could smell your hyacinth.


The scent of hyacinths is truly lovely, but I can unfortunately not have them at home, since they make me sneeze my nose off... That new yarn looks sooo soft, exciting to see what you're making.

Kelli Woodall

Beautiful post as always! I can't wait to see what project you're on to now. Oh and I love the little attic house on the mantle, it's so cute!


Oh just the post to make me feel better.
They are all so wonderful and I can see the hope of Spring in them!!
Your the best!


That yarn is SCRUMPTIOUS. Can't wait to see what you're working on! Sweet flower granny is amazing too, I'm a big fan of the Stylecraft Special too, the colours are quite something.

Linda Kwong

Hyacinths have such a wonderful smell and you know that spring is on it way when they show their little heads.
You have such an eye for colour and have inspried me to getting my crochet hook out. Many thanks for your blog - love reading it.


Hello Lucy - thank you for this lovely bright post - the hyacinths are so beautiful they make up for mine being over now! And the yarn - such yummy colours...And thank you for the linky over to my blog too!! Have a lovely week enjoy your family and hooky time, and I hope it's not as windy with you as it is here! Helen x

The Curious Cat

Hello! Popped in as I have been away for a while...so hard to keep up with everyone! Was attempting to sniff the screen and you know what? A floral smell infact did hit my nose...and I looked around and there were hyacinths just like yours just sat a few metres away behind a peace lily pot plant in the office! Funny that... Glad to see you are as colourful and cosy as ever! xxx


I have a lovely pot of white hyacinths in my living room. It smells like spring might be just around the corner even though we have have about 6 inches of new snow in the yard! That's on top of the two feet that were already there. I love your new yarn and can't wait to see the magical creation you make with it. Your posts always make me feel cheery.


Oh dear, that peeking flower in those amazing colours! Can't wait to see the progress!


Hyacinths are lovely, aren't they? Your photos always cheer me up, they're so beautiful. That alpaca silk looks gorgeous, so soft and shiny. Is it more difficult to crochet with then ordinary wool? It looks deliciously fuzzy in your picture.

Allyson (Hooked on Yarn)

Your new yarn is just scrummy! Love the silky sheen. I just want to touch. Thanks for the sneaky peek...you know how to keep us coming back every day!!

Sandi Lee

I can smell them from here (Australia) it is only from memory, but I do remember how they smell.
I watch 'Escape to the Country' and find that a lot of homes over there don't have a laundry, as we call it, utility room for you, nor do many have ensuites and very little built in robes. Since watching this show I realise how much we take for granted. BUT we don't have the quaint villages and lovely atmosphere that you have, or the crochet/knit pub nights as we don't have the little corner pubs like you. OOOOOOh I can't wait till I come for a holiday. Love your yarn and love the sound of your home life with your beautiful family (and crafty times)
x Sandi

Susan Blencowe

Wrapped in a map - very delightful!

Marja from Holland

Hi there Lucy,
I have hyacinths all over the place. The smell makes me happy too! As does your blogg. I take a look every day and every day when I read your little story's they put a big smile on my face. I'd like to know what you got by the post. The crane is beautiful, as is your new yarn and the flower you made. Like to see more! But thank's for putting a smile on my face: I sometimes really need that. Thank you sooooooooooo much!!!!!


Hi Lucy. I only stumbled upon your blog at the weekend. It has taken my hours upon hours to read and absorb your photography. I emailed you on the 'lucyshouse' email I found near the beginning of your blog. I just had to write to you to explain how much your blog has effected me but more than that given me the inspiration to carry on with making this house our home.

I must adorn my living space with some flowers. I do love the ribbon on the hyacinths :) x


Love the smell of Hyacinths - until they go over - then the smell isn't so pleasant! Interesting new project - Kimbles


I have to tell you, you have inspired med to take up crocheting again. I learned how to crochet when I was a little girl, and used to make my own barbie clothes all the time. As an adult I started knitting, and sort of forgot about crocheting. Now, since I've discovered your blogg, you have inspired me to take up crocheting again! Two of my blankets you can see on my blogg (I have just started blogging, so it is a new way of communicating for me) and I plan to make posts on the other ones I've made as well. Have a nice day :)


Hullo from the other side of the world. lol. It's actually snuggly weather here just for a weird very southerly change 'moment' which has been very well received. I am about to get my hook out here again too and continue on with edging a very special granny rug that I started last winter. My little ones are not the avid readers I would have loved either, however, with school back for a new year, I am being very positive in week 2 of school that I just may produce two little bookworms yet. I love the colours of your new project. Happy hooking and snuggling at your place.


Ooh that shop looks good and so does your soft-looking new project.

I just had to share something - an exhibition I went to with my little one on Saturday in Bury St Edmunds called Sweet Sweet Galaxy. It's an entire landscape made of sweets, glitter, tiny rainbow origami, glitter, beads and goodness knows what else. It might be a looong way for you to go to visit it but let me tell you, it was truly amazing.


Oooh, aaah, new project looks very exciting - can't wait to see more! Your weather sounds very like ours here in Australia, except ours is supposed to be summer!! We're having hot, humid, stormy days, then cool, breezy, sunny days. Have to say, have just brought in the washing, and it was a yummy, nice smell treat folding and putting away. Cheers, Meredithe.


wow! I love that last picture so much, it looks like the yarn is glowing. silk, so exquisite. Maybe it's glowing with thoughts of what it may soon become. smile!


I love your posts, they really do make my day. I am so looking forward to my "Little Bun" arriving in July. I hope to have a wonderful family life (like you) and play hooky eventually. Thank you for the inspiration Lucy.

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