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January 25, 2011


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oh I love that andes yarn! I found it knitted up very well in a broken rib pattern (for a waistcoat for my daughter), in crochet I would love to try it in soft squishy puffs and clusters. Cant wait to see what you do!


I know just how you feel - I'm so ready for some bright sunshine and warmer weather too.

The new yarn looks lovely

Carole x


I'm also yearning for spring. January just seems to be going on and on for ever, although in saying that we had blue skys here today, in Scotland. I'm loving the colour of the yarn, can't wait to see what you make with it. x


snap! cant wait for the spring when you can actually enjoy doing outdoor activities. that yarn is so gorgeous yum - will have to snap some up. the lady who does the blog crochet with raymond has a lace scarf pattern - have a look. i have been buying those crochet magazines from whsmith to get some inspiration on projects. my next project is the anastasis dress and slippers!

pat sloan

my Amarylis bud is about in that stage! And we are waiting for snow... maybe I'll take it's photo in the snow storm.. for fun!

LOVE your blog it brightens my day!


I think we're all wishing for some nice spring sunshiney days, its been dull and cold way too long this year.

The new yarn does looks soft, you'll be in hooky heaven when you start on that


Is the entire Northern Hemisphere of crafty-blogland particularly sick of winter today? When even Lucy is bittersweet, we badly need a prolonged dose of sunshine!


Gloomy here too...So much snow this year. And while I long for spring as well, it is usually still cold and wet and fairly gloomy-at least in these parts. Your colors are a beautiful escape:)

Pen @ Oliver Boliver

You are so right about looking forward to brighter warmer days! I can't wait to see your finished flower blanket and that DB yarn looks good enough to eat!!



Hello Lucy, the new yarn looks absolutely gorgeous, I want to stroke it! I even love the smell of new yarn, bliss. And I love to see your sweet little bunnies getting in on the act, making me almost believe that Spring and Easter may not be quite so far away after all!

The Coffee Lady

Bah. My amarylis has never even developed a bud.


Your Blog is always a great place to visit on the greyest of days.keep smiling the Spring IS on it's way. Can't wait to see the final TA DA!


Hello Lucy - your woolly colours are so yummy! I know what you mean about the right light to photograph a big piece of work - just have to be patient until it's bright enough though and then it will show your beautiful flowery crochet in all its true beauty! I spied the little white birdhouse on your mantel - yes, it is the same as mine! They do look sweet, don't they especially amongst spring flowers. Hope you have a springlike day soon. Helen x


Hi, the pictures are so lovely inspite of the ugly weather! But what I have seen for the first time is your amazing, overwhelming wallpaper! I love, love, love it. It´s the most beautiful wallpaper I´ve ever seen! Honestly!
Have a wonderful day!

Tina, the quiet homemaker

Lots of lovely woolly projects in the pipeline eh? :) Yummy! Your new yarn looks delumpcious, it must feel gorgeous to work with. xxx


never left a comment before but i've been following your blog now for a few months.
Looking forward to your reveal and thanks to you I've been crocheting for 3 months now


The birds sounded so Springlike earlier this week. Sadly they seem quiet and Winterlike today. Roll on Spring, without wishing the days away! x


I too love amarylis !!!! I am wishing for spring !!! and I love a lot your home and your choice of colors !!!! bisettes from Provence


Bonsoir, Lucy :-)
It's never drab through the Attic window, Lucy; so much love shines through... Thank you for letting us peep ^.^
Sending you gorgeous sunshine for far away New Zealand.


Liz Shinagawa

Hello Lucy,

Last night I sat and looked through your flickr photos and was completely enthralled. Today I want to add you to blogs that I follow on my blog. I want everyong to see the colours.
I am going to add the link to this blog too, if you don't mind.


Jo Munro

Blimey you get a lot of comments - How you find time in the day to read them all, look after your family AND crochet is beyond me!

Winter is hanging around far too long isn't it? I'm in Brighton but our basement flat means that I find it nearly impossible to take good pictures any time of the year - maybe I should drag everything down to the beach... hmmmmm that's actually not a bad idea!

Saskia @ craftyvalley

Oh Lucy, I feel with you!

I am dreading the light in our house too! No way I can make nice pictures of my hexagon blankie, tried it but still not completely happy with them.
I want the time when I can lay my project on the grass in our garden and enjoy the bright colours.

I desperatly want to make a (free) tutorial for my readers of this hexagon and my pillow cushion.
Ofcourse, when I am at work...the sun shines..

Hopefully spring arrives soon! I'm already working on some springtime ideas and tutorials!

Can't wait for your post!
Saskia (Morrewen@ravelry)


Googling for a description of how to crochet granny squares I found your blog - and for the last few days I have been reading bits and pieces of it, wishing I had the time to go through it all from the very start!

However, I just wanted to say that I enjoy it very much! I enjoy being invited to share your life, the beautiful countryside surrounding you and see all your work.

When I stumbled on a post from April 2008? Or maybe 2009? from Dorset I simply had to say "hi!". For the first time of my life I visited gorgeous Dorset last September, and actually stayed with a dear friend in West Bay. You will not be able to read my blog if you come to visit since it's in Swedish (and I don't suppose that you, like the majority of the people in the world read Swedish...), but I do have a post in English from that visit; http://vastgotaspetsochtradgard.blogspot.com/2010/09/greetings-from-gulag-archipelagoe.html .

I will most certainly be back!

Pati from London

Lucy, the pic of your blankie looks great, it's colorful and vibrant!! Looking forward to your ta-da!! Pati x


Am so with you on the 'done with winter now' feeling and am on a mission to fill my little house with colourful prettiness too.

Just love the colours of your new yarn and looking forward to your ta-dahs! :-)


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