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January 25, 2011


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I LOVE LOVE LOVE your yarn basket. What are the dimensions of that? It would make an incredible tutorial!

The Garden Bell

Come on... if I can take my pictures under a gray sky... I think you can too my friend. Otherwise, we may be waiting a long long time for that sun. Snow here the next 4 days.....
I'm over it, are you?

Red in the Cheeks, Kate


Hello Lucy,I am certain that you along with all the other people visiting this site are horrified at the government's plans to sell off our glorious forests.Please,if you have not done so already would you sign the online petition at 38degrees.I see that there is already a reference to this on your site.Time is getting short and if we are to protect these glorious places for the little peeps of this country we must make our MPs aware of our feelings.Letters to your MPs would be even bettter.Perhaps we should tie them all up with Yarn until they listen!!!


Thank you for sharing such beautiful colors and items in your home! It has been quite gloomy where I live in the U.S. with barely a glimpse of sunshine all week. Spring won't get here fast enough! Looking forward to seeing your secret project.


Sending you warm thoughts from 40 degree celcius Australia. Arghhhh. You are welcome to come over here and scoop up a big bucket of HOT to take home and warm your day - we've got far too much of it here!

Looking forward to seeing your hooky project!


I have some questions about the google adsense ads...I am considering this for my blog...how did you decide to do this?


och, I know what you mean, I am so sick of the gloomy cold dampness of january :( I am currently dreaming of milder days and weekend escapes in the caravan - What are your caravanning plans for this year? Elaine x


I hope things are looking brighter for you... had a wee bit of sunshine this morning here!

patchwork linda

just seen a book I think you'd like - always assuming you haven't already got it! It's called "Cute and Easy Crochet" by Nicki Trench. I saw it on Jolie's blog.


hi luci i can not wait for this month to end...january is always so long and depressing...im working on my new project another blanket! so i send you my first colourful pics(in flickr)www.flickr.com/uju1960 hopefully they will bright up our days:)have a lovely weekend


Hi Lucy,
I've stumbled across your lovely blog - thanks!
I'm avidly 'crocheting' having learnt a few years ago, and not got very far. I've just picked it up again. I've also found your 'Lucy pack' of wool on 'first4yarns'. Just wondering how many squares 17 balls make?? How many packs would you order for a reasonable sized blanket? - roughly!


OMG!!! Your blog is amazing!!! So colourful and beautiful!!! I've just learnt to crochet (last week) and I'm totally hooked (pun intended). I'm a knitter but now a crochet convert I think lol. I can see myself popping by your blog often!

And that yarn... What can I say.... YUMMY!!!

Jocelyn House

Where I live in Australia, while the locals think of the winter here as being cold, after years and years living in Canberra (which for Australia, has a cold winter) it is blissfully temperate. Usually there is only about one or two days when I will need to don a coat, the rest of the time only needing one of my long cardigans.

From August into early October it tends to rain alot and seems to spend most of the time overcast. Having lived for seven years in a severely drought affected location, usually I am appreciative of this, but there comes a time in late Sept/early Oct when suddenly I feel like I will go crazy if I don't get to experience some sunny, warm days. So I completely understand where you are coming from.

I also must say that all those wonderful pictures of the colourful Debbie Bliss is causing me to be in desperate need of a bib. I love your colour sense and look forward to seeing what your project looks like - the glimpse you have shown us here is tantalising.


Hello Lucy! I just stumbled on your blog the other day, and it's fantastic!! I love the blanket, and all of your colors. I feel very inspired by your pictures.

As for winter, it seems to be everywhere. Although lacking the amount NY seems to be getting, we've gotten quite a bit more snow than normal here too.
Looking forward to more yarn stuff!


I am so over winter too! Your photos are always so lovely, such fab colours, but I know what you mean about the light - I can't wait for lighter evenings and spring to arrive!

Looking forward to your ta-dahhh!!!


Carolina Artesanías

is from CHILE!!

Carolina Artesanías

I love your Photos
and crochet!!
from Chule


hi Lucy, once again, I LOVE YOUR PICTURES !!!!! They are so fun to look at in this cold winter in Indiana... You have inspired me to try the hexagon blanket. the hexes are going ok, but I am not sure about the joining part yet, but im sure i will figure it out. They look like little spring flowers sitting on my table. Thanks for the detailed instructions. Looking foreward to your next post.


I'm so with you on wishing for the Spring. I know we should live in the moment and especially with us at the moment I don't want to wish away little F's early baby days, but really I can't wait for some sunshine and warmth so I can go pram pushing more and just get out in the garden on a blanket with my little one. So sick of the cold and the greyness now and I hate not being able to take good photos because the light is so gloomy. But looking at all your lovely yarn has brought some sunshine into our day today. F x


I must be the one and only exception to loving this time of year, LOL. I've always loved winter and hate to see it wished away in a flash since it only lasts for about 3 (or somtimes 4) out of 9 months so all you winter haters out there wind up the overall weather winners what with spring, fall, and summer taking over the remaining 9 months.

The season I don't like at all is summer, which seems to last forever.....I don't feel energized and everything seems to be in a perpetual 'wilted' stage from the oppressive heat and humidity.

Okay, I am officially stepping down off of my weather soap box, but as always it's a sheer pleasure to read your blog, Lucy, and look at whatever cheerful pictures you share with us there and by the way, I love your little bunnies!


I'm wishing for spring to arrived too! I so love the blues in your new stash - looking forward to seeing the finished project. Best wishes, Pj x


just to see your bright & sunny blog has cheered me up this grey & bitterly cold morning :)) I do so loathe January & I cant wait for my favourite season to start......I keep checking for early buds on trees already!! At least the catkins have braved the cold xx

Shelley in SC

Despite the grayness of winter outside, your home is a true delight of warmth and color!! Spring never leaves the four walls of Attic 24!!

Pam Emerson Clarke

You are wishing yt winter away..We are WiSHING WISHING WISHING this HOT HOT summer away ..So dreadfully hot here in New England, New South Wales, Australia..Cannot wait until autumn comes & winter. l couldnt imagine yr cold weather day in, day out but a little COOL weather would be so nice. Also cannot wait until we see yr latest project.. Best Wishes, Stay warm & safe..
Hahnsmum, New England, Australia..


You are not alone. I try really hard not to wish days away (or whole seasons to be more accurate) but I am so over winter. We are having our fourth or fifth blizzard in a row here in New York - such a blur of snow that I'm losing count.

At least you have lots of color in your home - I'm far too monotone which doesn't help when the world has been covered in white for weeks now.

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