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January 18, 2011


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Karen Aidi

I keep coming back to your crochet blog. You have inspired me so much! I'm sad to say that I write for a living (technical writer in Silicon Valley, California) and I've not created my own blog.

I love the trials and tribulations of your blanket making stories. I am going through one of my own with a baby blanket I started around four years ago and never finished. It was a great discovery to find all of these wonderful crochet blogs, step-by-step joining instructions, and videos on-line.

I love the colors of your blankets and the chattiness of your blog ;-). Thanks for sharing and keep it coming! I may need to start a blog of my own, too, very soon :-).


Can you please tell me what kind of yarn you usually use? Is it cotton or acrylic? The acrylic I use tends to "pill" and i'm looking for something else, but not expensive.



Richard Herndon

Lucy, what brand of camera do you use to show us all of your wonderful life's elements? It does just a superb job of it.

Richard in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.


haha!! financial control! glad I am not the only one who sneaks their wool home and hides it in the stash!!
love the new yarn, what you thinking of making with it?


delicious looking wool!

Sandy Brantly

please please please post this when you finish! it is simply beautiful. what a special lady and mom you must be.


I have been under immense pressure off late due to the project given in college for completion. But luckily I came across your article today and realized you came across to me as a savior. Thanks!!!


Oh Lucy! I can't wait to see your new blanket! But I will. You have been so amazing and generous in sharing your beautiful patterns. Thank you so much!

I've just finished the Granny Stripes blanket and it's the most beautiful thing I've ever made except for my two children! :D.


I hope you don't mind that I linked to your blog from mine... I got some yarn off of your sponsor list and wanted to share!

Emma Roberts

I can't wait to see your ta dah! The new yarn looks very Rowan / Rico like. I know they have some nice new yarns.
I just wondered if you had ever tried a crochet yo yo blanket? Little circles all slip stitched together!
I made a pair of your stripey wrist warmers the other day for a prezzie. You are so fab Lucy & I keep drillig it home to my sister about you. You have all those children, bake, crochet, blog - you are literally a wonderwoman! Wish my sister would organise herself better - she only has the one child & does nothing! You are just amazing!


Loved the peek at the new yarn. Glad it got by Financial Control! I'm always cheered by the beautiful colors on your blog. Brightens up a dreary winter day!


Scrumptous colors, I love dropping by. Is the yarn, wool, cottons, or synthetics? Always love your color combos.


Can't wait to see what you do with the new yarn. I does feel good doesn't it?


Ooooh, I have found a website I think you will LOVE! You may have heard of it? http://pinterest.com/ It's kinda like Flickr favourites but better!
There's already some Attic24 inspiration on there (http://pinterest.com/search/?q=attic24) and if anyone pins anything from your blog there's always a link back to here. Hope that makes sense.
Enjoy :-)
Here's a colourful pinboard I've started: http://pinterest.com/katieinnz/rainbows/


By the way I ordered yarn from one of your sponsors... cannot wait to get it!!


Wow, wonderful colours! We are waiting...

Rosy Nancarrow

PURLEASE tell us what the new wool is, it looks wonderfully soft and no doubt will make a gorgeous blanket! I don't have a "Financial Control" as such, but I don't tend to tell him how much things cost, and try to make any expensive purchases on my own... if I buy whilst he is with me I do feel I have to justify my purchase (even though its my money!)


love the pink pointy bits (that sounds a little wrong?!) and looking forward to hearing about that lovely lookinh yarn...

The Garden Bell

My cheeks are getting awfully RED from holding my breathe.... wink-wink... giggle-giggle...


This yarn brightened up my day just looking at it. I keep coming back to get cheered up again.

Ashley Lincoln

Just love your Blog!!! I am left handed and have never been able to crochet but your very easy to follow patterns have me hooked on hooking! Thank you so much. I noticed a beautiful Heart but alas no pattern for it PLEASE could you post the pattern. You are an inspiration


What a lovely blog! I'm glad I found you and will sure be back. Your are in my favourites from now on :o)

Greetings from Norway


Looks good already... Happy to know we'll see your blanket very soon too!


Lucy, I found your website through a parenting forum I visit and I had to say thank you! I really am so inspired to be creative after devouring your blog. I couldn't even crochet until a couple of days ago and thanks to your instructions I now can! I have two bundles of Attic24 yarn on the way, a bird made from scraps hanging above my computer and a bag already underway.

All the best, Carole x


You've inspired a new project. I've blogged about it at ragamuffinmusing.blogspot.com. I didn't think it fair to mention you in my blog without letting you know that I did so. I say in my post that when I am feeling down I peruse your crochet projects....always so bright and cheery!! Thanks for the inspiration and the good cheer.

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