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January 05, 2011


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Tina, the quiet homemaker

Happy Birthday Little B! Where has the time gone??

You know what would be lovely one day? A photo collage of your attic view over a year, so we can see the changing seasons/colours of the landscape, etc! Woo hoo!

Looking forward to a ta-da of your new blankie soon! :)


Happy 1st Birthday Little B! I always seem to have so many great ideas for things to make but never seem to get round to actually doing them!! I have decided that this is the year when I make time for me to get creative and make the ideas happen (first item on list is to finish my granny stripe blanket, halfway there) Thank you for being so inspirational. xx


Happy Birthday Little B!


My past year has been very similar to yours. I've commented on that before, that your posts have picked me up and carried me along some days when life with a new baby was requiring way too much of me at the moment. Your year in review was so beautiful and familiar, both to my year and because I never miss a post! lol. I look forward to keeping up with the Attic goings-on in 2011 and making beautiful memories of my own along with you. And hopefully to have time to use my Lucy Pack of yarn I purchased and is still in my basket... Thanks Lucy!

 Joyce Stewart

Belated Happy 1st Birthday to your little man.....I know you won't and shouldn't show his face....we can only imagine that big beaming smile....it doesn't seem like a year at all...thanks for all the inspiration and keep it coming!

Anne Holland

Happy birthday to your little one for yesterday! Mine is today - having a birthday around Twelfth Night just finishes off the Christmas celebrations and makes up for the disappearance of the festive decorations.... Although I know you probably always have some lovely hooky decs around! Am sure you will have a wonderful year!

Rosy Nancarrow

Happy Birthday Little B, I love the photo of him having a nap after an exciting morning! I really love reading your blog posts Lucy, they always cheer me and turn me slightly green that I can't be at home with my wool, hooks and needles! Obviously, when I win the Lottery I will be retiring so I can do just that!!

Happy New Year to you and yours xxx

Claire Brown

Hello there and a big BIG Happy Brithday to your little chappy.

Just a quick but huge thank you for all your crochet yumminess!!! You have not only fed me with lovely inspiration but taught me how to do this fabby craft. Big thank yous are sent with this comment. xxx


Wonderful things for your second year Little B!


Happy Birthday to your little B!!!! Thanks for the inspiration - you ahve made my day - as always.


Belated Happy 1st Birthday to Little B - what a lucky boy he is with so many pressies and sooo much cake - Hurray!! I'm so glad you're Craftiness is up and running so early in the year and I can't wait for you to impart some creative wisdom!

Love and stuff xx
PS I'm loving my Laura Ashley calendar too!


Sounds like a lovely day, especially with a sleeping baby! Happy new year to you all. Enjoy your crochet time and I look forward to admiring all your makes!


Happy Birthday Little B! My sons is 3 on saturday - oh way too close to Christmas for my liking but hey ho. Lovely delightful littel post. Can't wait to see your finished blanket. It looks lovely. x

mama elf

Ohh, Many cyber kisses and belatedly happy Birthdays to Little B! It looks so lovely and colourful as always here and I am so excited about you being able to grab hookie time, because that equals some ta-dah postings and lots of squeels of delight in this end. Happy hooky New Year, Lucy!


I really like your photos! They are bright, vibrant and positive! However, as your knitting!


Awwww happy birthday Little B. And Lucy your outlook for this year and the way you adore your children and still manage a wee bit of time for yourself is marvelous. You always make me smile :))


Happy Birthday Little B!!!! Me and my smallest littlie have our Birthday's this month too.
How exciting it is to be working on the edge!!! Can't wait for your Ta-dah. xxx


Happy Birthday to your Little Man! Isn't it a crazy time when you have all these new ideas popping up in the old brain and you are on the edge of finishing something and you can't go fast enough! Happy New Year to you! Gailxx


Hi, Lucy, I'm presenting you with 'The Versatile Blogger' award! I really like reading your blog and I'm curious to learn some new facts about you!

You can find the details about the award here:


Wishing you the loveliest of days,

Mojca XXXX.


Hi, Lucy, it's me once again, I'm presenting you with 'The Versatile Blogger' award! I really like reading your blog and I'm curious to learn some new facts about you!

You can find the details here:


Wishing you the loveliest of days,



thank you Lucy for your post which puts a lot of colour to my grey days


Happy Birthday Little B!It is amazing how short time ago it seemed when u were still having little B in your belly :)
I loove following you guys and am always glad when new posts are coming up!


Best wishes for a Happy New Year ...and thanks for another peep at your view ...it is such a lovely view. I agree with Amy (above), you are very lucky. The snowy one last month was my favourite.

Fiona Duthie

Beautiful blanket and pictures...The colours are absolutely gorgeous....


Happy New Year. Your posts are filled with such joy, so cheery. And I would do anything to have a view that you have from The Attic, lucky lucky you xx

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