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January 30, 2011


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Lovely shoes, Lucy! Portable colour therapy :)

Lydia Segovia

Regards from Mexico. I am a grand mother of 12, well almost 13 beautiful grandchildren...I really enjoy your blog and all your stuff !! and your red shoes of course!!!


I was wearing my red shoes yesterday, not Mary Janes but very, very similar, I love mine too and am still wearing them after 2 years!!

Mary Faso

Hi...I just had to write and tell you how much I enjoy your blog, I've made several of your patterns, and wanted to tell you what I did with the Flower Cushion. Instead of stuffing it, I put a piece of cardboard in between the two pieces, and have it hanging on my bedroom wall, along with a Happy Flower Decoration on either side of it. I also made the Springtime Wreath, and the Birdie Decoration and am working on the Ripple Afghan.
Can you see that I just LOVE your patterns?
By the way, I live in America and am a 66 yr old grandma.


I love your red shoes!!!! But even more I LOVE the polka dot socks - a perfect combination. I love the bright fun colors - it made me happpier and happier as I read on.


Loving the red shoes. I have a pair of red BioSteps that I have been trying to replace for ages and so I love the Oxygen website, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Debbie Stollerl

Miss Lucy, I am in love with this crochet blanket and would like it very much if you could contact me so I can propose something to you....please email me [email protected]. Thanks!


Love the shoes!!


How lucky!! wow I love the shoes and I want them too what size are they..just curious?


This past friday was an awareness day for heart health for women. It being up there on the list of things that have been huge killers for women. It went around facebook like crazy as an event to wear red on that day.

Becky J

It brought back memories of a lovely little pair of white kicker's shoes I had many moons ago. I have posted the photo of your shoes on my blog. Hope this is OK.


My 86 year old Daddy always says "every woman NEEDS a pair of red shoes"!!!! Enjoy!
BeBe in Florida

Amy Caroline

Oh goodness, those shoes are to die for! Red is my ultimate favorite color! Sigh.


These shoes are possibly the coolest I've ever seen!! I've been on the website and I just have to buy some shoes from here... the question is... which ones?? Thanks for the link!

Linzi - Vintage Jelly

Oh, these shoes really make my heart flutter. Unfortunatly, I need to find some supportive shoes with arch support as I have 'policeman's heel'. These look a little too flat for my poor feet :(


OOh let me know the pattern for the alpaca/silk scarf. I have some left over from a cardigan (Mr Greenjeans on Ravelry) and I am looking for a scarf pattern. LOVE the blanket!


very happy stuff indeed. I wasn't imagining shoes at all. For some reason I thought it was going to be yay, I got my period back excitement, but really, what was I thinking? who would get excited about that? (unless of course you wanted to add another little duckling to your brood...)

lydia @ Twelve

Oh Lucy! Lead me astray!!!

I thought at first they were Doc Marten Mary Janes - I have 4 pairs, red, cream, brown & black.... & now you have led me to a new source of chunky M-J's... My poor husband has fled the room with my purse....

Enjoy, they look delightful!



I went straight to the Oxygen website after reading your blog and have just ordered two pairs of shoes as they were reduced, have arranged delivery to work, so I can hide them from husband! I hope they are comfy, cant wait for them to come.


That is one color you cannot go wrong with. These are some lovely pictures...!


Good morning! I'm new to your blog - found it while searching for a granny square pattern I could actually understand and follow all the way through. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your summer granny square pattern! I was so excited to actually finish one, that I continued on and finished three! :) Would love to post a pic for you to see, (but not sure how to do so). Is it possible? (Could not find email address for you.) Nevertheless, thank you again. I will definitely be visiting again, especially to see your absolutely lovely COLOR! (Ask anyone who I work with - they know I LOOOOVE color!)


Perfect red for February and Valentine's Day. Very jealous of your Mary Jane's. x


Ah Lucy your blog is like colour therapy; when my world is dull and grey I love dropping by into your world which is fabulously bright and cheery! Thank-you I now feel I can take the dog out into the dreary winters day and feel happy. The shoes by the way are GORGEOUS!

Planet Penny

Lovely shoes, obviously made to match a red amaryllis worn in the hair!
Penny and Higgins xx


Fab shoes! I have red patent ones that I nabbed from Ebay for £2. Clarks ones. I wear them out with stripey socks and the locals think I'm barmy. Who cares? Red shoes make your soul soar. Fact.

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