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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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January 01, 2011


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So colorfull and creative, great!!
enjoy your blog. best wishes for you for 2011!
greetings petra


Dear Lucy,

wow, what a colourful pictures yet again! I have been following your blog since a couple of months and I enjoy it very much with a cup of coffee! We have moved from Amsterdam, Holland to remote Western Australia. I was looking for some clear instructions for granny squares that I have found on your blog. This whole new environment and way of life in Australia encouraged me to finally sit down and crochet. Thank you very much for sharing!

Have a great 2011! Melanie


Thankyou so much for all that you so generously give. You remain a guiding force in the world of contemporary crochet. You are encouraging a rejuvination of the art and are very talented. I look forward to what you come up with in the future. Cheers Louise


Oh I love to see one year in pictures!!
Your blog filled my heart with smiles and joy, each time I read it...

This is my first comment on your blog, but I really want to wish you a very Happy New Year, to you and your lovely family!
I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I'm in love with it :)
Thank you for sharing so much beauty with us!
I wish you the best Lucy, really :)

Astrid xx


The colours just make me feel so happy.

Blessings Gail


You are truely a beautifully creative spirited person I love your very colourful blog x


Such eye candy looking at your photos. Love the bits of Little B you've got in some of those. So precious and angelic. Happy New Year and I wish you even more domestic comfort and bliss with your family :-)


I wish that I could purchase a calendar with your beautiful pictures on each page. So blissfully happy! Thank you, and happy 2011!

claudia  w

It is so much fun to look back at the year passing in your pictures. I can remember almost every post those pictures came from originally. Fabulous!


Such a bright year! All the best for 2011 x

janie !

thank you, i hope 2011 is as beautiful as 2010.


Hi Lucy
I've been reading for a while and love your blog - especially the colours. I was inspired to take up crochet by it. My first (slightly over-ambitious) project is a blanket in blues and purple. Unfortunately I broke my right wrist half-way through it and following an operation will be in plaster for eight weeks. It's very frustrating but your pictures are providing lots of inspiration for when I can start again!
Happy New Year to you and your family.


wishing you a colorfull(you already are)and sparkling 2011!!!!

Susanne Tyree

Happy New Year to you dear girl, and let me thank you for inspiring me to start my own blog! I am so excited!! I am taking the leap, getting my feet wet, and have a lot to learn. Maybe I will have something to offer as time goes by. I hope people find a few minutes to come visit me. I have one friend who follows me and hope that in time I will have more. I have added both of you to my favorite blogs. It will take me awhile to add all the others I am enjoying. Health and happiness to you and your family for the year 2011......xoxo :)


Gorgeous mosaics! Happy new year everyone xxxx


When I think of Attic 24, the first word that comes to mind is.....color!. Thank you for helping me see and appreciate the little things in my life. To see the superb in the mundane. To live each moment to the fullest. To fill up my days with things I love. Thank You, Lucy. Looking forward to a wonderful 2011 and wishing you and your lovely family the very best life has to offer.

Renee, spear401

Happy New Year to you and yours!



Amazing!!!!!!!! those mosaics have really made my heart race..... soooooo beautiful!

A Happy New Year to You dear Lucy xXxXxXx

i posted my first post on my new blog today, seemed such a perfect day for it :o)




You had a very productive and creative year!May 2011 be the same and much more!Ariadne from Greece!


Oh, and Lucy, Happy New Year. The best to you and yours in 2011!!
I also would like to know how you tile the photos together like that.
Coming to your blog is like taking a vacation from the stresses of daily life, slowing down to enjoy the simple, creative, natural, colorful little things that make life joyous, not to mention your generosity in sharing tutorials
Thank you so much!!!


Beautiful! I always enjoy the colors of your life. Thanks for sharing.


I really love your blog. It lifts the spirit

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy, a beautiful years picture post, those tiny hands, the oh so rude gingerbread man,scenery and colour!!
Look forward to you posts in the coming year!!!xxx

The Garden Bell


I knew just where to make my first stop upon getting back home. You must know the joy, splendor, fun, laughs, bounty of color, bundles of love you have brought into my life in 2010.

My dear friend, I so am looking forward to much more in 2011. It may take me a day or so to get back in the swing. But, this little posting is sending me off to naptime full of things to dream about.

Wishes for a happy, healthy and blogfully fun NEW YEAR,

Toodles to you and all-

Alice and Raymond!!!

Gorgeous Lucy!
As I was looking through them, I remembered that I have only been reading since ummm... May!!!??? I think all of us who blog or crochet have our special Lucy moments and reasons why we hold you so close to our hearts... I'll tell you mine....
I only got the internet in April for the first time ever, and thats when I learned to crochet too... I had made my first project, a giant granny square the size of a lap blanket and I wanted to do a bobble edge but I didn't know how, so I googled Bobble edging and the first thing to come up was your site with your gloves! I had never heard of blogs back then, so had noooooo idea who you were and what your site was, and even though I didn't use your bobble edge pattern in the end, I kept sneaking back on and googling bobble edge because thats the only way I knew how to get back to your blog! And after that, like everyone, I was a bit hooked!
So thank you! I love when I have a moment,(not so often!!) slipping back into time and reading your old posts and I know I'm up to where you announced your pregnancy with Little B, but then I've picked up again in May 2010, so there are a lot of blankets I've missed!
Have a very blessed 2011 and thank you for spreading so much joy, lovely Lucy!

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