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December 09, 2010


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Rosemary Rowlands

My 14 year old son has a habit of reading over my shoulder (supervising Mum I expect), he was curious as to why you should comment that the buns were fit to offer to visiting family... so I showed him boy baking! And he understood (and laughed too).


Ooh I missed following the lovely colourful blog!!! Finally got internet / access sorted here in the southern hemisphere!!! Have a lovely festive season and all the best with all the preparation!!!!

Love from sunny South Africa
Carina xxx


Wow, your hyacinth is stunning- wouldn't yarn in those exact amazing pinks be just stunning.
I love coffee and yarn together - your photo of the two made me grin!

Pom Pom

The cushion is so cute! I love the bunting trim!


My heart's in my mouth now only 15 sleeps and I'm still making presents - whose silly idea was that?! I absolutely adore your cushion, it's gorgeous and thank you so much for your link to Tangled Happy, I think I'll be over there often!
Take care,

a-m x


Just popped in to say a warm hello and have a catch on your lovely stuff - my! you have been busy! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! those Christmas decorations. Thank you for sharing - they are VERY inspiring. Stay cozy, creative and happy.K


Lovely photos Lucy. We have thawed a bit here in the south, although still cold. I can't imagine what it's like up north at the moment!

It's lovely having the warmth of the house to come home to and snuggle down in. We are doing lots of baking, making and sorting in our house and it is starting to feel all lovely and festive.

It's the best feeling to love doing something so much that you just can't get enough....one more...oh go on then, just another...and another.

Have a lovely warm and cosy weekend

Much love

Vanessa xxxxxxx

Susanne Tyree

Same thing here Lucy, winter snow and more on the way. Burrrr, it is cold, but cozy inside. I have been making winter scarves and started about 4 of those darling baubles....one side came up missing, now where did it go?? The guilty party is my one little Yorkshire Terrier Chewy. He has hidden it, or maybe taken it outside in the snow? The other day it was a ball of yarn he nabbed up and was playing with. Such fun, my little mischievous babies. Keep warn dear girl. Always a delight to see what you have been up to. Thank you for bringing warmth to us from your blog


I can't believe you are getting so much snow back in Blighty. We had a few desultory snowflakes here in the US then nothing. It looks like you are keeping warm and cosy though.

You've made me a tad nervous with your 16 sleeps - I had better get a move on. Thanks for the count down warning - it's focused the mind.


Very colorful, as always!

I remember in the last bauble tutorial post you had mentioned that you will blog about how to make color combinations...........Waiting for that post......curious to know how you choose colors and combine them so deliciously!!



You usually have SO many comments, that I feel intimidated to add yet another one BUT I absolitely positively had to say something about that fantastic star garland. I absolutely adore it.


Lucy, Thank-you for coming over and visiting my site, it is in its v-e-r-y early stages as you could see. Yours and others look so bright and inspiring. Keeps us all on our toes. Gailxx


HI LUCY!!!! Such a colorful world you are living in. Love all your decorations up and your Christmas baubles are sooooo great. I plan on making some after I am finished the Sweaters, 1½ done and 1½ left to make. Time going by fast but I think I will make the deadline. Fingers crossed! Enjoy your cozy warm lovely home. xo Robin❤


Hi Lucy, your patch looks like mine all cold and icy, walk to school was a most slippy one. I am starting my own blog how do people find you when you are new? Like looking on yours, lovely and colorful! Gail


Very cold outside and you make the inside warm and colourful!
Love it!


Hello Lucy. Just wanted to send over a GIANT THANK YOU for featuring Tangled Happy in your post today! You have know idea how flattered I am. I have been following your blog for about a year and a half now and yours is one that I never miss a post. Not to sound stalkerish but you are kind of by blogger idol. LOL! I had so many visitors today and that was mostly thanks to you! :)


Thanks for colouring my world Lucy. My little knitting business takes such great inspiration from Attic 24. Warmest wishes for the holiday season.


Sending a little warmth from sunny Southern California. Thank you for sharing so much beauty.

penelope dubois

Loved the Blog tonight! I always enjoy hearing about what you are up to and seeing all the great colours, gives me alot of inspiration! Penny

claudia Lisboa

Oi! Adoro visitar seu blog. Seu trabalho e suas fotos são lindos. Parabéns!
Um abraço - Claudia

Dennis Marquez

Brrr! I just got back to the Netherlands today, and I'm staying with my parents for a week, and it is 'fuh-reezing' here as well! But I do love how it looks, your pictures look beautiful! Yes... you're chrismas dec's are really addictive! I've made about 10 by now! The most time actually goes into the joining and adding little things to it! But that's what transforms from a little piece of crochet, into a proper decoration! A nice read, and what a surprise to find that cushion cover you've made such a while ago!


It's super cold here as well...at -7 degrees it is very wintery indeed!
Cold makes me want to stay home and bake also.
LOVING your crocheted garland!!!


Love all the pictures. The cushion is gorgeous and the hycainths are beautiful. Will have to work out when they are in season in NZ and get me some...I am imagining around June/July time if yours are flowering now.

Belinda from Melbourne

Lovely Lucy, what a beautiful post of what's happening in the life of Attic 24. Glad to hear the stripy blanket is being put to such excellent use. Lots a love to you and yours this season.

Now off to hooky decorations...



Pleased you're having fun!

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