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December 28, 2010


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Oh that's just adorable! I remember writing something similar about my mum! It's so easy to forget how much they look up to us. What a lovely reminder. Happy new year to you x

penelope dubois

I love hearing about the relationships between Mums and daughters. Crafts like that, you can't beat and sharing it together is so special!

Mrs C

I received the original Clothkits doll for my first birthday - lovingly made by my mum. The day after I found out I was pregnant I was at the Knitting and Stitching Show in London and bought a kit to make one myself - the original sadly missing. At the time I had no idea if I was having a boy or a girl. Now Little Miss C is here I'm hoping that when her first birthday comes in June she too may receive a Clothkits doll.

I love the note you received - so so sweet!


I remember cloth kits, but I never had one myself. Though as a child I did several times try to make a doll myself (never turned out as imagined.) This doll is much cuter than I remember!


Lovely post and what a priceless letter from a daughter - so so special. Enjoy the special time with her. And well done for giving the gift of crafting and creating to your kids! Carina x


Oh I loved Clothkits. My kids had lots of clothes from them & my daughters both had a Kitty.


That is the cutest, sweetest little note I ever did see.

I love the childish spelling of masheen. So delightful.

You are a wonderful mum!

Carole 68

OOOOOHHHHH, this is just SO SWEET ! This is the kind of thing that makes me cry...

Sue Hayton

My Mum always said that she had loads of 'stuff' so that anything we wanted to make, she had supplies for. When my daughter fancied making a rag rug last year she was able to provide two sorts of hook! Sadly as she died just before Christmas, I have now inherited her vast store of yarn and material. Looking forward to all the projects I can now undertake with my grown-up daughters!
Happy New Year!


Lovely post. I can imagine your daughter will continue her love of sewing into the future as she says in her note to you, this is such a good thing to teach in today's throwaway world, good for you! x The dolls are delightful

Amy SP

Clothkits! YAY! my mother dressed me and my sister in clothkits until we were 13, matching handmade outfits in slightly different colour schemes. They were beautiful (at the time I remember wishing for ski pants, pixie boots and a minnie mouse sweatshirt though). I also had one of those dolls as a child too and I loved her so much, she was called Kitty then I think? Think I need to visit Mum's attic!
Thanks for sharing the beautiful note from your daughter. Totally wonderful!
Happy New Year xx

Jessie Fincham

what a little sweetie, what a lovely reminder to have in years to come. x


When my daughter was small she was always keen to join me in any craft project. Sometimes too keen and I know you know that feeling!Over the years this sadly waned.
She is now 21 and the happiest two hours of my Christmas were sat stitching together. That small tapestry kit was money better spent than any expensive gift.
The creative spark was not lost, just resting.


Ohh it is so sweet. You are sweet as well. I love your blog. And love the crochet. I am still very new to it. Have a wonderful New Year. xxx Love from South Africa.

Lianne G

Out of the mouths of babes! Wonderful.

Lost a whole day yesterday reading your blog from the beginning...i haven't oooooh'd arrrrr'd and wow'd like that for quite some time!
Thank you
Wishing you and your family a wonderful new year! x


Awwwww :) How lovely!


Aw! That's so sweet!


Oh, I forgot to mention I remember clothkits! My Mum use to by skirts that came in unusual fabrics and you finished sewing them by yourself, do you remember those? The shop she went to was in Oxford, I always liked going in there. Gail xx


Hi Lucy, oooh kids can make your heart just melt. Me and my youngest little lady are making a doll at the moment, she loves to sew. The blanket colors are great.


Dear Lucy,
Like always your little stories about your everyday life bring me a warm confident in...people. And like always you give me at least one great idea to add to the project that wander about my mind on that time...
I'm very happy that after about one year (I think next week Little B is going to be 1!!!)it seems that YOU came back.You know what a mean...

Susanne Tyree

My mother taught me to knit and crochet when I was about 12 or 13 years old. She bought us each a ripple crochet afghan kit and we use to race to see who could get across the row first. I think what meant more than anything was that it was a "bonding" time and she passed on her passion for yarn to me. My mother use to knit hats, mittens, scarves and socks without a pattern. She was from Germany. Your daughter will always remember dolly making with her mum

Krista - Poppyprint

Melt my heart little lady. I hope you get your very own sowing masheen when you are a teenaga, too.♥


Lucy, how lucky you are to have a daughter who likes to do all the things you do! But it does not come as a huge surprise! She has a great mom. I love the dolls, wish we had that store in the US. They are so cute and look like alot of fun for the little ones. Wishing you a Happy New Year Luy!!!! xo Robin


That note is one of the things I would keep forever! So sweet!


That was just too nice :-)
Thanks for sharing!

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