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December 28, 2010


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اعتیاد به تریاک

توسعه تجارت مواد اعتیاد آور که هرساله زندگی تعداد زیادی از مصرف کنندگان را به ورطه نابودی میکشاند، میتواند بزرگترین و ترسناک ترین تهدید برای تمام جوامع بشری باشد، تریاک قدیمی ترین و مشهورترین مخدری است که بسیار اعتیاد آور بوده و اکثریت از عوارض کشیدن تریاک با سیخ و یا تزریق آن بی اطلاع هستند

Ankita Vj (India)

Awww...soo very cute....throughout the post i felt that i with my mom dping all kinds of crafty things...we dont get kits in india but my mom also taught me to create rag doll n we dressed her as indian bride...also we used to do all sorts of crafty things togather...she is still very awsome at creating things at home...i am recently blessed with a very very sweet baby girl...n really dream to re live my childhood and help her do all sorts of crafty things as me n my mom did or like u n little lady do...god bless u all...


I've started making a ripple and was wondering how you do the boarder? Can you pretty please post a ripple boarder pattern/instructions?


Awww I had a cloth kitty doll too, with a kimono and all other manner of clothes. She was lovely.

I wore their clothes too. I remember my teacher sighing after gym when she had to do up the buttons on the clothkits dress I wore at times; they were REALLY fiddly!

Tana Steward

My daughter-in-law would call that a paycheck when all the love and sweetness you sent comes dancing back to you. Good job Mum. Bless you, Tana


oooh lovely! what stitch did you use for the edge??


How fun! Your children are lucky to have you as they will learn all these neat things, just like you did from your parents!

Love the doll blanket!



Sweet post and it inspired me to make not a dolly blanket but a little blanket for our new dwarf bunny. I've got most of it done but am having a bit of trouble with the edging, never having edged anything before. Did you just do single, double crochets based on the ripple or is there more to it? Thanks so much for all your wonderful posts and cheery crochet! You are so inspiring!

Cups of Me

I've ordered the catalogue too! Mainly to cut out the pretty pictures and make collages and birthday cards. I hope I'll have a daughter one day too. And when I do, I hope I'll remember to buy her a Kiki doll kit...


Es tan bonito lo que ha escrito tu hija sobre ti, que lo recordarás toda la vida.



Hi Lucy! I have been reading your blog for awhile, and recently noticed that a place local to me stole one of your pictures for their own advertising... not sure if you really mind or not, but I thought you should know! I just love your green coat, and couldn't help but recognize your colorful work :)


Tic Tac To

I had never heard of Clothkits before, but when I was a small child I received a Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy for Christmas one year, and those too were fabulous.

What a adorable doll for such a lovely daughter!

Pati from London

What a wonderful post! I hadn't read you for a few days so I'm catching up. Lovely! Happy New Year to you and your family, Pati x


oh how wonderful; the doll, the blanket but especially the note. I owe all my early sewing and knitting skills to my mum. She made all our clothes when we were small.

Long may you and you little ones enjoy making things together

Alice C

MissM and I think that this is the cutest post of 2010. Thank you for all the smiles this year and wishing you lots of sunshine in your Attic next year.


Heart melter Lucy. xxx


What a wonderful post. To have such sweet memories of sewing together and for your daughter to remember it too, it's wonderful. The new blanket is perfect and your daughter certainly chose her colours well. She's obviously 'a chip off the old block'!


Just had to post another comment to say thanks for telling us about clothkits. I've just been to look at their website. Wow!!! Such loveliness I am drooling. I have some Christmas pennies to spend and I may just be tempted to send some of it clothkits way.


Oh so sweet. That must make you feel so wonderful to read that cute note. I know clothkits from years ago but haven't looked at their things for a long time. Must check them out. I think if you're a creative person you do so want to pass that creativity on. Like you I have a Mum who has always sewn and that has been passed on to both myself and my Sister. Mum made us toys and clothes when we were little and I want to be able to do that for little F. I also hope that I can encourage creativity in him in the coming years.


That is so lovely!! My mum was the same and I do love all things crafty and hope the joy passes to my daughter who had felt and books for christmas and plans to make a cat when she is back from a visit to her dads. Wonderful warm new year wishes to you :) x

NW Nature Nut

Lucy, that is precious!


Oh cuuuute!! she's too cute for words, that's right!!!


Oh, I want to get one for my daughter. The shipping to the US may be a bit much, though. Thanks for the info.


What a wonderful note---she is so lucky to have you for a mom!!!!!! As are all of your kids.(Come to think of it, you're all very lucky!) I hope that you and your family have a wonderful happy and healthy New Year!

Pom Pom

Oh, how adorable! Well done! What a high compliment your sweet girl paid you.

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