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December 15, 2010


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The Garden Bell

Dear Sweet Frodo-
I just can't keep up with all your goodies and goodness here. Pop over when you have a sec, I up to my eyeballs in baubles and beads and linkies to Hobbit. Now, you go and add POMS...gee-louise... my brain just exploded...


Chris S

Okay, I've decided. In my next life, I want to be one of your children - or one of your children's children. You are giving them such a wonderful gift by surrounding them with so much color and creativity!

Eva Zallmann

Hi Lucy, I really like what you made of those male bambulky - pretty vanocni retez (christmas chain). I also like your snehove vlocky (snowflakes) and sure you will like these words like miminko (baby) and kudlibabka (bur). Kudlibabka is all my English speaking friends' favourite :) All the best to you and your family from Czechia (Czechoslovakia ceased to exist almost 18 years ago.


Very pretty...have a lovely Christmas!xxx



i hope my previous comment wasn't too rude :o i apologise if it was and please feel free to remove it.
i wrote it when i was quite tired last night and those face painting crayons came to mind. it was really surprising and quite funny in a way, but not good in that they were intended for children to use.

happy christmas preparations xoxoxoxox


p.s. i am still spending waaay too much time over on your rav group. love the poems you posted, both very moving esp. in that they made me think of my lovely grandmothers and the things they used to say. the second one is definitely relevant to you.


Wow ! You amaze me! You have so much crafting energy,even with all those little people to care for! Beautiful garland and snowflakes!!


That is so pretty, makes me want to run to the store and see if I can find any mini pom-poms to make a garland from.

Petit Filoux

Hello! I'd love to know how you did the paper snowflake garlands - you made them look so flat and neat hanging off the ceiling!


I've been following your blog for a year now and never said hello! Everything started when I was looking for snowflakes to crochet. Thanks for you wonderful ideas!


I just L O V E your pom pom snowflake garland! Fab decorations. That string of pom poms would also look nice on the tree in place of tinsel I reckon!

The crochet snowflakes are gorgeous, I must get round to having a go at your tutorial. Speaking of crochet decorations, have you seen this oh-so-cute crochet nativity set sold by tradecraft? http://www.traidcraftshop.co.uk/zoomify.aspx?src=images/PRODUCT/large/25546&altsrc=images/PRODUCT/large/25546.jpg

Anyway, thanks for putting a big colourful festive smile on my face, you always brighten my day :o)


So lovely and festive!!! Love all the handmade goodness!


Love those pompoms! The mere sight of them eases my holiday stress!

I'm so happy I stumbled upon your blog. Would you believe I have read through every single web page of your blog (yes, every bit of it!) in 3 nights? It's been so addicting and your crochet projects are incredibly inspiring especially to a beginner like me.

Currently, am in the process of gathering enough yarn (and guts) to venture into my own granny stripe blanket, or a cushion cover at least.

Keep doing your good (and colorful) work!



Oh my goodness! I am in complete and total LOVE with your pompom garland strung with crocheted snowflakes! What a cheery, fun project! Thanks so very much for sharing. Have a blessed Christmas.




Cute, cute, cute. Please keep doing what you're doing. I greatly appreciate what you do and your willingness to share. Go check your account:)


So cute! The piles of pom-poms look like piles of tiny, furry critters. (Imagine them with the tiniest googly eyes...oh my God...I just had a vision of a *garland* of them all done up with googly eyes...) For some reason, the translations made me wonder what they'd be in Ikea (if, you know, "Ikea" were a real language), and then it came to me: "Minnen Pom."


i have some of those little pom-poms and never thought of stringing them together, you are so clever!
and the snowflakes and pom-poms together look gorgeous!!
i once bought some face paints for my children (not sure what country they were from) and i don't know why i didn't notice it right away, but on the back of the pack was a picture of a little clown holding a very big crayon on which were written the words extra - stifft ... (no, i can't say the next word on a family blog, but it's a mans name, 4 letters beginning with d). i quickly hid it from my children, even though they were too little to undersand at the time. if they had been older they would probably have had hysterics.

i have been having so much fun over on your ravelry group since joining yesterday. they are such a wonderful bunch of people and talented! wow!! they have blown my socks off.
i am going back to look at some more projects now.
hope you are having a nice evening

lots of love
and hugs xxx



Loving all your cute decorations, especially the snowflakes hanging in the window. Apart from a very speedily decorated tree our decorations are very low key this year. Little babe is taking up all of my time and the sleepless nights are doing nothing for my creativity! But there's always next year and I'm enjoying the creativity of blog land right now instead. x


Your cheerful decorations make me smile!


I love your multi coloured garland - it's so pretty and so you! I also love the effect of the children's snowflakes and the way you've displayed them - beautiful and magical.
Helen x

Veronika M.

Greetings from Slovakia!
It's so nice to see a mention of (Czecho)Slovakia in your blog. :) Our nations split it 1993, now we are the Czech republic and the Slovak republic, but that's not important now. I love Attic24, you inspirated me so many times, but I never wrote you.
When I read about "male bambulky", it really made me laught. :) I would like just to say hello, thank you for all this amazing stuff you share with us, and I wish you and your family beautiful holidays!

Ali at Very Berry

What a lot of gorgeous things... and educational too - I now feel fully equipped for a trip to Hungary!

Your bright colours always cheer me up. :D


Love what you've been up too with your male bambulky's!! haha...


OMG! Teh cutness! I can't stand it! I must make!

Lizzy Ruffles

You are so productive! If you fancy making me one of those pom pom chains to adorn my fireplace then feel free!

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