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December 20, 2010


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Paula - Baby Reins

Great pictures. You've captured a real beauty and stillness. What a treat to have such crisp cold weather and fresh snowfall in the run up to Christmas. Here we are in January now, with the grey drizzly weather that England knows so well! Bring back the snow!!


ps...sorry got your name mixed up... Lucy...don't know where i got the Nancy from?!!! how daft!!

forgot to mention I'm in Brazil... and here we don't have the crispy ice air in the morning, actually it is rather muggy and stuffy..humid and damp... it has been raining a lot..it's our rainy season...summer...the rain takes away all the fun of summer, it floods and makes roads a chaos to live in...and since I live in São Paulo, a huge city with millions of people...it can be rather hard; fortunately I chose to live at the edge of the city where I would say things are not as bad...it is as if I lived in the country!! you can come and see some of the photos!!


Hello Nancy,

I've just found your blog and just loved visitint your attic!! brilliant! in so many ways, vibrant colors, ideas, simple life and enjoyment of your buoyant way!
Vibrant colors and just happy blog!
Thanks for sharing all the many things you've done!!
Come pay me a visit... would love to have you by!!


Hi Lucy, I have been in the same two minds for the last couple of week as well: 'I am sooooooo cold', and 'Isn't it stunning?' Northern Ireland has been hit by the cold and snow as well and we have been snapping (well, I, and my husband photographs ;-)) away like mad!

Jenni at Baa-me Kniits

It looks so crisp and clean and pure.....nature at her finest I think :-) Pity your toes have to freeze off while you admire it....I know, more chocolate ;-)


The iced trees and cold weather are nothing new to those of us in Minnesota so it's fun to have a new perspective! Your pictures are wonderful!


Lucy, your enthusiasm for life makes me laugh and helps me get some of my zest back!!! Thank you so much for being you!!! BeBe in very sunny but chilly Florida. Happy Christmas!


How beautiful can winter be! Thanks about great pictures. Here in Finland we have -20 degrees at the moment.


Narnia!! Awesome - I love it!


yep it's cooold but you've taken great photos :D


very cold and nicely outside...and inside it is so warm and colourfull...
A great walk in Attic...
thanks to share so lovely photos...
Besitos andaluces


Those are AMAZING ice crystals! I have not seen anything like it! BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for sharing!


How beautiful!! I do miss how pretty snow looks!!

Silvia , Italia

Hallo Lucy, wonderful photos. Here this day there are + 16.We haven't snow in Sardinia and I miss the cold weather.Silvia


It's just beautiful, your corner of the world.
The ice crystals are amazing- they make me think of the winter in the Narnia books- beautiful and magical.


beautiful pictures, as always in your blog, I just love to read it. Enjoy your winter wonderland while it lasts. And luckily you don´t have as freezing as we do here in Finland!


Yes, bautiful and enjoyable! Just need to have proper warm clothes on and it's fine!


Hoarfrost used to only happen closer to spring for us out here in the Canadian prairies, because only then would it "warm up" enough for fog. And I have no idea why something so pretty would be called something so strange as "hoar"!


It's been similar weather in my part of Lancashire. I've not ventured out as it's been so very cold, and I have earache.

Lovely photographs to me to look at though.


Those are some of the most beautiful winter photos I've seen - the blue of the sky and the white of the trees is so exquisite

Nicole (and the bee)

Hope you didn't freeze your bottom sitting on a blanket in the snow!! Surprised at the lack of people in that photo given the great sledging hill it is - what a wonderful day eh?


Another lovely post! Your enthusiasm is infectious!

My car windscreen has been freezing up on the inside aswell as the outside, and the patterns that the ice makes are beautiful. I even stopped to take a photo yesterday morning of an 'icy' spiders web - the silk threads were several times thicker than usual with all the ice on them, it looked more like cotton!


I love your beautiful pictures!


Here in Northern California, the best winter can muster is days of pouring rain and lows in the 30s (at night--daytime temps are more like high 40s, low 50s). And as much as I love, love the rain (for real), these pictures of real winter make me so jealous. Gorgeous--especially the tree pics! Like blossoms. (Sometimes I think I read blogs mainly to live vicariously in other countries and climates.)


Brrrrrrr no I stayed in. I might have been tempted by the chocolate though ;) xx

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