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December 05, 2010


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I love visiting your blog


Love the idea of the paypal button, perfect solution. And thanks so much for your work!!! Time for a cuppa and a snuggle with Little B now, I hope :)

Nana GoGo

It`s about time you started capitalising on your talent. You put so much time and effort into each and every project. You really are an accomplished crafter and it will give you such a sense of achievement when the donations start to come in. In the end it will benefit all those who love and admire that talent through your continuing projects, which I can`t wait to see. Good Luck Lucy. x


Ahhh thanks Lucy - you are amazing!


Thank you!
Your tutes are so amazingly detailed, that even I, being very new to crochet, can "get it".
Cannot wait to try these. :D


Really lovely baubles. Sadly I will not be able to fit enough hooky time in to make 1 this side of Christmas but they are certainly on my to do this for next year

super super hugs to you x


your decs are so fab, I can't wait to have a go! exciting :D xxxxxx

Eva Zallmann

OOOh, I cannot wait for the tutorial! I will finally use my stylecraft yarn and I plan to copycat your lovely stars to decorate our front door! Thank you for your time!!!
Eva and little guys from Czechia

Linda Welcome

Please, Please, Please know how APPRECITED you are...because of YOU I will be able to fulfill my Christmas list to people I had NO IDEA what to make this year. I ♥ You Crazy Busy, Thoughtful, Pub Crocheting Person!!!


You are truly wonderful!
I do know how hard you have worked and really appreciate it.
Thank you so much.


Look forward to making these for next year. I figure if I start now I should have enough to decorate a tree by 2011. Warmest wishes, Vicki x


I'm soooo excited -I've chosen my wool and beads-can't wait!!- thank you so much -my heart is waiting to go skippy mad!! Ana X


What a sweetheart you are. Now get some good rest! You have some Christmas angels in your house that will be up early =-) Thanks for all your dedication to your readers!


I'm looking forward to these! I just bought myself a selection of bright colours (what I now think of as Attic24 style colours) and have been crocheting little stars to make a garland.

It's surprising how much time tutorials can take ... I wrote one about making lacy paper snowflakes recently and it ended up taking me all day to do the photos/diagrams. I so appreciate you spending the time to share the how-to with us.


Thank you for your time! Good night!

Sandi Lee

Oh goodie, I do so want to make these, so thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have sent an email to the lovely people who have the yarn to see if they have enough in so they can send it to me. Such a big job doing what you have, much appreciated.
xx Sandi I hope you had a really good sleep.


sleep tight!


You are an absolute star, and that is why we love you.
Thank you so much,


I have made four of them already!I managed to work it out from your photos as they are so clear....it took me a while to work out how you did the star points but I got there in the end! They look gorgeous and it is all credit to you, Lucy. Thank you so much for the creativity and for sharing with us all xx

Gerda Hartman

How very nice of you. It is much appreciated. Will check soon.


I'm sure whatever you wrote is just fine. The decorations are beautiful and I am looking forward to the instructions.


Very pretty and colourful!

Susan Reaney

I am going through a terribly difficult time in my life. My husband was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Honestly, look at your colors and the beauty of your ornaments and I find I can still smile. Such joyful creations!


Mama Bee


I hope you don't mind me asking a general question here, but I was hoping you could post something about switching out colors and carrying the one you're not using. I am just trying to make some afghan squares with patterns and I can't figure out a way to carry the colors without it being ugly and obvious.

Thank you,

Mama Bee


Thanks for the tutorial!! Your creations are so beautiful!

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