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December 02, 2010


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Good Heavens but they are beautifull. Its the first time that I am doing this kind of chat thing on the web. I love crocheting and would love to know where you get all the patterns from!

Anne Sweeney

My goodness!!! I am familar with your site but these "hooky decs" REALLY caught my eye. I am going to make these up starting as soon as I can find some of that Rico Creative Cotton locally or save up my pennies for an order. These are so adorable and bright(my kind of bling)I am going to make at least 6 for every family member for their tree this year. THANKS for a wonderful site and I am always thrilled when I read your blog.

Melissa Langer

hi lucy!
happy happy new year!
i love all that you do, create, express and share!
what a wonderful journey you share with us!
:) melissa

Heather O

Absolutely beautiful, and so inspiring! Thank you for sharing!


These are so cute ! :-)


Totally in LOVE!!!!
any change you tell me how to make one??!! PLEASE...
Lots of love,


Another fabulous idea l see popping up every where.....love them so simple but oh! soooooo effective...love them


The decorations are cute, and I surely will make some, but the best part of the post is when you write about your messy house and lack of clean clothes! That makes me feel better, as I've got the same "problem"!! I use all the time on my "yarn addiction", no time for boring housekeeping ;-)
Thank you for a very very nice blog


OH!!That's so lovely & peps!!!Funny work,I love it!Couson

Juliana Noronha Dutra

So beautfull, so happy! wonderfull!
thanks for sharing.
um grande abraço


These are ace....so bright, so colourful, I love love love!!

Bunches of Yarns

Thank you! I must say how much I appreciate your detailed work. Your pictures are great, I will have to make a couple of those. Thanx again. ^__^


All the ornaments are so beautiful!! Looks really great!


WOW! I'm inspired! I'm a new crocheter, and I can't wait to try these! love, Beth

Belinda from Melbourne

Lovely Lucy! So scrummy delicious and wonderful!!! And I love your donate button, will definately be using it soon!

Big hug, Belinda


Yay! I've been pondering what to make as christmas gifts for my staff this year, and now you've provided the answer! Can't wait to get home and give these little beauties a whirl around the hook :-)

Karen Wollenberg

Lucy, These ornaments are brilliant! Thanks so much for posting the instructions.


These are so cute. I think I'm going to crochet some up and hang them from the mirror in our living room. I was trying to figure something different to do in there this year and I think you've given it to me.




Wow! I love your Blog, love your work and think your colour choices are scrummy. I'm in awe of how you juggle your time to find space to crotchet and invent patterns whilst running a young family. Feel very connected to you as I have a granddaughter the same age as your Baby B. Go girl!

Kim Fluck

My dream someday is to have a Christmas tree decorated only with home-made goodies. I have just the right yarn for this project. Thank you for all the work it took for you to post these tutorials. I've been addicted to knitting for the past two years, but I ready to dive head first back into crochet to make these lovely decorations. My tree will be AMAZING next year!


I was just here earlier and there was a post from Dec 4- and now it's gone. I guess you are working on that labor intensive task of getting photos/tut up an running

so appreciate all the hard work you put in!!!!

xxoxoxoxoxo Joanne


Gorgeous little hooky creations! Thanks so much for the inspiration that you give us all.



Carol McCraw Yarbro

Lucy, you're just the best! THANK YOU for introducing me to the fabulous hooky side of life. I just finished my first granny blanket as a Christmas present for a friend stationed at Bagram in Afghanistan. I'm going to make some of these super cool ornaments for her to decorate her CHU (containerized housing unit!).

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