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November 29, 2010


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im in heaven ,actually i am green with envy as its heading into summer here .Maybe if i click my ruby red slippers together i will end up in england...........

Dreaming Bear

Oh yes, first snow is always magical...we are still awaiting ours.....there's a chance late tonight. Fingers crossed.

Claire Smith

Ooh Lucy, what a drop dead gorgeous view from your attic. I am officially jealous......
We've had snow here, once when I was 6y.o and then 40 years later!
Long time between snowball fights.


This so much reminds me of when we had our farm in the snow country a few yrs back..Very pretty but a bit cold, eh !!!! When we watch old episodes of Heartbeat we thibjk of you Lucy..A pretty spot..
Pam Clarke..Bingara, NSW, OZ..

Caz from Never Knew

This pictures take me back to times I've lived in the UK and Europe. Makes me homesick for those short days, the low sun, the cold, crisp air, the red hands and cheeks and noses, rugging up before walking out the door... we have none of it here in North Queensland (Australia). Yes, we have beautiful, tropical weather all year round, but I still think nothing beats the changing seasons... and I just love a cold winter. Thanks for the beautiful photos.

Sarah west mids uk

Dear Lucy your photos are magical!! We had the thickest frost here on Sunday morning with sunshine and blue skies. This afternoon there was a little flutter of snow flakes and an excited whisper went round the year 1 classroom. We are forecast snow sometime tonight!!!!
Enjoy the week ahead.xxxx


Such beautiful pictures! YES, the first snow is always magical!!! We had our dusting on Thanksgiving here in Vermont! Enjoy the magic❤ with your little ones! Blessings to you all, Robin


Hello! Beautiful pictures today. I've been loving reading about your crochet and your part of the world. I live in Washington State, USA and we've had 26 inches of snow in the past 6 days with 9 more inches predicted tonight and tomorrow. Ick! But dear hubby and I are taking a much needed holiday to Maui next week and will be away from the snow for a short time anyway.

Thank you for letting us have a peek into your beautiful world.


We got stuck in Harrogate last night coming away from the Knitting and Stitching show....grr. I was sent to your lovely blog by my daughter who taught me to crochet and just want to say how much I enjoy it. Thanks a lot.


hi i hoped you would have some snow photos and here they are. They are very beautifull, do you put them in an album, or make calendars from them they are that good


Beautiful beautiful pictures. I wish I'd taken more time to enjoy the snow rather than moan about how difficult it made it to get to work when I was in the UK.
Thanks for sharing :-)


We had snow the other day too, it was the first time my little one had been out in it and i was so excited! He got too cold after 15 mins tho so we had to come back in.
Ive blogged about the snow over at aqeelas-house.blogspot.com - i love this kind of weather!

Aqeela xx


When I saw the images of the UK covered in snow on TV yesterday (actually mentioned Yorkshire), I was hoping you would show us the view from your Attic. So lovely! Having lived all my life in the tropics, I can only imagine what it is like to live in a snowy place. Thanks for sharing it.

Queen of Whatever

Ok...A24...I wanna live in your little village. It reminds me of that little town in the movie The Holiday....
Now, ...I noticed you almost got 200 comments on your gingyman balls post....geeesh!
I blogged about my Assistant's yarn balls and got like 10 comments.


Ah what lovely pictures - here it's mainly frosty. I would love some of that powdery snow!


Beautiful pictures, Lucy! We had a few days of snow here before our Thanksgiving holiday. Certainly gets everyone in the holiday spirit! I really enjoy reading your blog! You have a very blessed life! Thanks for sharing!

Christie, Describe Happy

Looking at all these photos -- I feel like I could be there. Really stunning!! Hope the littles enjoyed sledding on the first snow!!

Christie, Describe Happy

Looking at all these photos -- I feel like I could be there. Really stunning!! Hope the littles enjoyed sledding on the first snow!!


It's not a great character trait, but I'm jealous!!
Enjoy, it looks beautiful. Vicki :)


Gorgeous photos! They really capture the magic of a fresh snowfall.

Can't find your email address on your blog - can you email me at kittens.lost.her.mittens [at] gmail [dot] com? Thank you!!!


The first snow was always a "family holiday" at our house...No school for everyone.

Arja Sarkkinen

Hi! What a lovely blog you have! I just watched tv news and they said that it has been cold weather in UK. It's cold also here in northern Finland, today morning -21 C. Now it's only -15 C.

the chatty housewife

The first snow is always magical for me. There is something so beautiful about it and the house feels so cozy.


Lovely yes, magical yes, pain in the *@&%^ absolutely! xx


Oh ! Beautiful snow photo's !! I just love them :0)
Im in QLD Australia,and we are heading into Summer here.
Our Winter was so very mild..not even one frost !!
Ive been visiting you in the Attic for ages now,but this is my first comment.Im so pleased you find the time in your busy life to blog :0)

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