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November 30, 2010


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Soooo glad that you're feeling all giddy and excited - always a good sign. Can't wait to see the finished projects!

Love and stuff

Maria Julia

As always, beautiful!

Patti Johnson

I always love your color combinations. They are so bright & cheerful!


Lovely! I'll post mine (pin cushions) up on my blog in a day or two if you want to have a look. It's about time I made another post.



Lovely! I made something similar but they are pin cushions!

Anna-Karin, Sweden

Love love love those Christmas decorations of yours. Must try it out!

Snowy hugs from Anna xxx


gosh, I love all the colors, so pretty and fresh looking. Makes me want to crochet!


Hello Lucy! I think we all appreciate that you try to write to us even it isn't surely easy with the smll boy full of energy! Your new crochet decorations looks so beautiful that I'm really waiting to see more of them!!! Hope to see you soon and sending you sunny wishes!!! Teje


I wholeheartedly agree! I have been working up some of your snowflakes since yesterday, but I too have a cheeky crawly little bundle hell bent on destruction of any kind of creativity, so I hook when I can. Just started a new blog inspired by Attic24 so please check us out here www.inverleith.blogspot.com. Next week I will be crocheting robins as per your birdie decoration tutorial.


Super duper, they looks fabulous, can you imagine a tree with just hookey ornaments on... that would be amazing!

Love the nsowy frosty pics of your walk to school, what a lovely place you live in


Oh, yes please, I would be so excited to have the pattern, my Christmas decorations box needs cheering up with some crochet love! I have a baby 'assistant' too, although luckily he's not crawling (yet!). Loving your colourful pincushion, tin, etc. We're having a giveaway today with some crafty crochet goodies, do pop over to see.
Laura x


I love those hooky stars, but then everything you show us is pretty. I'll wait patiently...

Dawn Sparks

those are absolutely adorable!!!


Glad to see your mojo is back Lucy. Your Christmas hooky is beautiful.


Lucy, I can go along with all you write here! My 15 month old sounds oddly similar. It has taken me a full month to knit a hat. And I use here nap time for reading all about what you and others are up to, or knitting a bit. But it is soooo much fun to watch her toddle along, finding out all about how BIG the living room is once one has decided to try walking.
Sooooooo excited about your Christmas deco, we are getting ourselves in the mood over here in Germany by listening to BBC Radio 2 over the interweb!!



Oooohhhhhhh Lurrrvvvve the decorations. A burst of cheery christmas colour! It's great to really WANT to do something and you know that you just HAVE to do it and get the itch out of your system! I had that last week. I got a bee in my bonnet about making something felty, so for days a whole room was a complete crafty mess, until I had satisfied my need and could tidy up. The trouble was I was multi-tasking some crochet in amongst all the felty gluey stuff, but I was totally and utterly excited. I know that you like working with felt and it might be something you might want to have a go at Lucy. I will post in a couple of days the pics and the tutorial link. It's so much fun.....although, little B might have something to say about that! he he!

Have a super snowy day!

Love Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxx


OH MY WORDY!!!! They have me very excited too! LOVE them LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE.

I too have crazy snow and haven't been able to take photo's of my GRANNY (still squealing) blanket, my very first big blanket ever, my totally Attic 24 inspired blanket. The biggest thing I have crocheted to completion in my life. It feels good. Hurrah! xxxx


They look gorgeous and can't wait to see them properly. Truly inspiring!


ooh.. so pretty!
love love love ♥


Oh so exciting! Just as I was thinking I needed a little christmassy hooky time, up Lucy pops with another gorgeous project - look forward to your pattern, babylicious time allowing of course xx


What a great colourful truly Lucy post on this very snowy morning.
Glad to see you have your hooky spirit in tact!
Looking forward to your pattern, I'm just making some of your snowflakes, the way you write your instructions is perfect for me. Thank you.
Just completed a Lucy coloured stripey scarf and popped photo on "We Love Lucy" over on Ravelry.
Thank you Lucy, even when you aren't able to post you remain my inspiration.


They seem gorgeous, Lucy!! Can´t wait to see them all together and ready for December!! :)


I've been making lots of little crochet circles and just wondering how I can turn them into Christmas decorations.... and now I know! Wait for Lucy to tell me how to turn them into colourful fabulousness. Hurrah! Perfect timing. I can't wait to see more as the above photos have got me very excited.


nice to see you doing some hooky stuff, would love to see them all ready..
As usual I am happy to see a post from you so please keep writing and taking so nice photos for inspiration...

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