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November 30, 2010


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What a nice ornaments!
I also like your button box very very much!

Suzie Dyball

Just wanted to point you towards my blog (or rather the Christmas Elf's blog)... thought it was the sort of thing you'd appreciate!



Hm, I should be grading student papers this afternoon, but I'm so inspired I think I will venture into the rain and make a little expedition to the yarn store!


I can understand why you were do excited about these. They are lovely. I am hoping to make some ornaments this year - I'm not sure they will be as gorgeous as this though. I have number 1,number 2 and number 3 child who all manage to scupper many attempts at creativity.

Naomi Newton

Think your crochet decorations are just beautiful!!

Naomi xx


They are looking beautiful. Fantastic colours. x


They are just so colorful! Certain to brighten up those dark december nights...


Lucy, these are beautiful. You are so creative!


You are so consistent about decorating your nest. You are a mom/wife who works hard to make your house a home. I have great admiration for that. God bless you.


Hi there, your blog is so warm and cosy! It's a feast for the eyes.

Well done.



I think this is great, and I also think you need to start charging for your patterns. £2-3 for a PDF download, why not? Sell 10 and you make £30 sell more and you make more. I would like to give you money for the tutorials you design. I have used them, and you do so many, why not start selling them? Or write a book! I think you could do that brilliantly well.


oh.oh.oh, so pretty! And how nice to see little B keeping himself (and mum) busy!


So nice :) Looking forward getting the pattern, I think my tree deserves it :-) Thank you for sharing.

Pen @ Oliver Boliver

Loving your festive hooky decorations! I can't wait to get my current project (more like projects) finished so that I can start filling the house properly with lots of creative knit and crochet decorations! Mr C thinks I'm bonkers about Christmas anyway but with baby no2 only a few weeks away and my creative nesting urges settling in proper the sky's the limit this year!!

Pen x

Susanne Tyree

I don't think you need to worry about whether the sun is shining outside or not....there seems to be a lot of sunshine right there at the end of your finger tips with every new creation. Simply lovely!

Johanna Rackham

The decorations are adorable! They look so cheerful and colourful, real injection of happiness. Well done grabbing a bit of hooky time when you could and VERY generous of you wanting to share.
I hope that the crawling adorableness (Is that a word?)lets you continue with your creativity. I know! When he naps, you hook. Forget about the dishes, house cleaning, blah, blah, blah. Hooky comes first, not least becauese it clearly lifts your spirits.

Kathy C.

Can't wait for the pattern - that's just what my tree needs!


I love all your wonderful hookiness!


your ornaments are too cute. can't wait to make some for our tree. thanks! love your blog!


Love these! My list of things to crochet is growing longer and longer thanks to all your fantastic ideas! So much snow in my area that my workplace has shut so more time to crochet-hooray!


Gorgeous decorations! I've been busy making crochet stars to hang up about the place - some on a long garland-like string, some for the tree, so addictive once you get started! It was only after I'd started I saw your advent stars from last year - I hope you are reusing this year, such lovely way to countdown to the big day.

Hope you're surviving with all the snow (I enjoyed all your pics), we've had hardly any here where I am, it is so strange to see on the news the chaos it is causing everywhere else!

Anyway, I shall look forward to the hooky pattern when you have time,

Keep warm! xx

Emma Roberts

Just what I need a new hooky project a la Lucy! :)
These will set tongues wagging at my stitch & !!!!! club.
Always super duper impressed with all you make, can't wait for instructions to make some beautiful decorations.

Danielle Espenshade

I was just looking for my snowflakes!!! These would be a great addition to my collection!!!!! I've been working on a blanket as well... it would be good to do something small I could actually finish:-)


Gorgeous colours - "sigh" my number 3 has just turned 4 today and I manage even less creativity! I think I need to rejig my time....
Glad you are finding some scraps of time for making - and am loving reading about them.


What a fantastic idea - can't wait to see them up on your tree Lucy. They'll be family decorations you're children to treasure forever - even those who try to throw a spanner in the works!

My two have been driving me daft today on Snow Day 2. Honestly I think they were easier as babeis - at least they didn't answer back!

Hope you get more hooky time soon.

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