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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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November 25, 2010


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home automation

Lovely photos..really cute:):)hope u post more amazing and beautiful pix http://www.edgonline.com/
Get well soon and be back with all cheerfulness..


Lovely photos!


hope you are all better soon xx

T. Crockett

In the 1st photo, is the lovely striped blanket straight stripes and how it's placed they look curvy, or are the stripes actually curvy? Does that make sense?

If they're curvy I'm really curious how you did it and would love to make one myself. The colors are gorgeous (but then your color combos always are).


Hi, Your cheerfulness was missed! Sorry to hear the reason why, but hope all will soon be back to cheerful normal again.


Hello Lucy
What a lovely blog - so much going on. Love the snowflakes and hope to have some happy snipping time with my great neice when she comes over in the Christmas holidays. Angels, too. I've just been salivating over your advent stars - maybe if I start now I may have a set of my own for Christmas 2011! Thanks once again for inspiring us all so much.

Marilyn Warner

Hello from Alabama again:

Lovely to have you in for a chat. Glad you are all feeling better. Marilyn


Hello Lucy
I am so glad to hear you back at Attic 24. I was worrying.
I visit your Attic regularly to get my little dose of sunshine which buoys me up on grey days.
I have spent a very hard 4 years doing some very intensive study which I find increasingly stressful at my mature age, and I have been kept going, during darker days when I thought of chucking it all in, by your cheery colourful blog. Now I have finally graduated at 50 yrs old and I want to thank you for all the support I have received at Attic24.
We all have our grey and greyer days and I am glad that you have managed to pull your head into the sunshine again, if a rather nose biting frosty sunshine.


I love your photos... and that view from the Attic! Hope everyone is feeling better soon. Happy snowflake making. :)


Hi Lucy, So sorry to hear that your children have been sick. I hope they get well soon and no more nasties make their way into your home. I know how hard it can be with a sick baby, even though mine is now 21. Tell Lil'man and Lady how much I admire their snowflakes. They will be lovely hanging from the ceiling all over their room. Tell Lady that her angel is simply fantastic and I will have to try to make some of my own. Hope all are well soon. Take care and stay warm.
Love from Texas,
Patricia (pwitherspoon on Ravelry)


beautiful paper snowflakes!!! can you tesch me how to do them? Grazie! :-)


It´s so good to hear from you, Lucy!!
Hope things get better and Little People recover totally! :)


Hiya - what magazine was the flying angel make from? think my neices would love to make all things christmassy like that :) x


Lovely post Lucy, we've missed you. Hope your little possums are on the mend now. Oh snow!!! I would love to have a white Christmas. Not much chance where we live.

Blessings Gail


Hi Lucy,
That's life, with ups and downs....hope you all will be well very soon.
Love the paper snowflakes and the little angel.
Have a very nice day!
~X~ Karin


Hi Lucy,
I'm Elisa and I'm writing from Italy. I really love youe blog: it's stunning and you're really clever.

Belinda from Melbourne

Lovely Lucy! How glorious to find a post from your today, a day which had not started well for me. As usual, you make me smile, so big hugs of thanks. So sorry to hear of the unwell little peeps, it must be a global event as everyone in Melbourne is sick too! Hope December brings a season of clear noses and happy smiles to you.

LOVE the garland from last year, I'm SOOOO copying! Just finished off a 'Lucy bag' for a girlfriend, thanks so much for sharing the pattern on your blog. She's going to love it!

Big hugs, and happy snow angel season, Belinda


Shooting some rays of warm Aussie sunshine your way!


Lucy, is lovely to hear from you...
I particularly loved your last comment after your eddition!!!
Good luck with the snow!

Barbara Moore

So glad to hear from you Lucy! Sorry though that your little ones are catching the bugs going 'round. the snowflakes and angel all look lovely. We're celebrating Thanksgiving Day here in the states today and I want to say that I'm thankful for you and your blog. You do inspire others with your blog.

Hugs XX


Sorry to hear you all had the dreaded cold bug thing..Hope Baby is well again..l have ''been there'', with my lot when they were small..l have missed you Lady & wondered where you were.. l come in every day or so to have a sticky...THANK you so much for your easy to follow patterns.. l am still learning, even after after 25 yrs Plain crochetting, l am trying to now make flowers.. Lovely to see you back on board..Luv to your little family.. Kind REgards, Pam Clarke..
Bingara, NSW, OZ..


Oh those awful bugs. Look, it's summer down here and we're still getting our fair share of snot.

I do enjoy your posts Lucy, remind me so much of what we go through with our small folks, but you have such a positive view on things, which help me to regain perspective sometimes! Seeing your post amongst other things has inspired me to whip out a pile of crochet flowers I made from one of your patterns and get to finishing that project up. Crochet is much more 'me' in summer, than knitting!


Happy House Anniversary :-)
And hope you are all feeling tip top very soon.
Love the snowflakes, might have to make me some to hang in the window I think!


Lots of nasty bugs about. Lovely snowflakes. Hope you are all back to normal very soon. Keep warm. X


So glad to hear from you Luce...
And do hope that the little ones are on the mend very soon...
I adore the view from your attic window...We don't get snow here so it will be lovely to see your snowy view soon...
So lovely to hear your advent stars are still hanging brightly...and looking forward to seeing them again...
Regards my dear...Michelle...

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