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November 26, 2010


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Okay so now I'm going to be humming "Silver Balls" for the rest of my week. LOL!!! Very, very nice. :D Thank you so much for sharing this. I think I'll go shovel snow and hum about them.... hehehe


Gold! I loved this post and the boy biscuits! Yes they are brilliant! Made my day, thank you xx


Fell off my chair laughing... Now that's funny!!! funny!!!

Goodness, gracious, great balls a fire!!!
(Jerry Lee Lewis)


That is too funny. Thank you!!!! I needed that laugh today! I have 2 boys of my own (and 2 girls) I know how they are about that area.

Karen (Australia)

This is a CLASSIC post which just must be pulled out when he's 18, 21 or get's married!!! Fantastic - I've laughed and laughed and laughed. Thanks so much for sharing!


BWAHAHA! This totally made my day. Freaking hilarious. Love it.

melissa klein

too funny! actually, my family and i have been looking for the sivler balls to bake with, but alas, they no long carry them in the states. they were great eyes for chocolate camels to be eaten during the 12 holy nights. lucky you!


I love it, just my kind of humour.


Really funny :o)

Ps Vanessa I have a 15 year old, and he is still obsessed with those things ;o)


That made me giggle!!!! Brilliant :)


CLASSIC!!!!!!!!!!! SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!


deck the halls with balls of holly!
it came upon a midnight balls!

Becci Sundberg

Bahahahaha that's hilarious!


Very funny! I bake with my little one (19mths old) and i wonder if in the future he might concoct something like this!

aqeela xx



Lucy...thats a scream!! I wanted to ask you, after making several crochet stars and finally admitting to myself that mine really look like flowers, i stumbled here only to find yours' have nice points on them and in fact DO look like stars...any tips you can share? would be ever so much appreciated. I originally got my pattern from Yvonne's blog
Oh...and i hope your little treasure are well soon:)


Just brilliant. You always make me laugh - keep up the good work.


lmao!!! Boys crack me up!


Love it... but cant help the next question: will he also bite into them? Sorry... :-)
How old is your young man?


Absolutely brilliant!! Really made me laugh - thank you for sharing x

Susanne Tyree

So funny, your little decorator...years ago my youngest daughter decided to decorate a Christmas star by plastering those silver balls all over it and then proceeded to present it to her grandpa. He said he knew who decorated that cookie, and my husband said, "Be careful dad, that one will break your dentures!" Children, God bless them.


In Europe or America....boys will be boys!!! JAJA!!! Classic!!

Lisa Mason

That is a riot! Love it!


Oh! That is fantastic, i'm still laughing.



LOL! You're too much! Y'all crack me up. Laughing so hard the cats took off. What a way to shed a few post-holiday pounds with vigorous belly laughs.

Thanks! :D


This is the funniest post! Laughing so hard . . . Practically ROFL here! I immediately heard "Silver balls, silver balls. It's Christmas time in the city. I love the kid's imagination. Please don't show him any of these comments until he's 18. :D Save them.

You and yours have honestly made my day.

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