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November 26, 2010


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Being the only female in my house, I can tell you that you are in store for a whole lot more of this type of thing. It is amusing!

Debbie M.

If I were a gingerbread man, I suppose I would be wanting some pretty solid balls...

Jennifer W

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! C L A S S I C boy baking. Just shows how different men & women really are...from the beginning!!


That is wonderful, made me laugh out loud x thanks for sharing it


HILARIOUS! Your boy and my girl would be friends!


LOL This reminded me of an episode when Alex was in Reception. The teacher had asked them to draw something nice for the cover of their end of year report and Alex drew himself and daddy having a wee. It was a very detailed drawing!


brilliant,just brilliant.wonder of my grandson will do that; lol


Priceless! :)


that is an absolute classic, I just love it!


lmao - gotta love boys!


good god. You should have posted a warning on that one-hysteria and cups of tea do not go with laptops!
Genius. Now pass the kitchen towel....x


Ingenious creativity! Looks like you have either a promising baker or artist =)

Frankie Kins

Oh, my! Reminds me of my grandsons. What a hoot. I laughed myself silly.


Brilliant cookies - had to show my husband what was making me laugh so much. xx

Johanna Rackham

Ooh, aahh, so funny. I am waiting this to happen with my 8 year old soon...I think this was well worth documenting! Have a lovely advent with hopefully more surprises to come.


just wonderful! made me laugh out load when I scrolled down to that photo :D


i wish i hadn't taken that huge glug of tea as i was scrolling down, as it has ended up.. over my top, on the tablecloth and up the wall!
heehee boys...eh :oD i think it's really sweet that he incorporates his sense of humour into his baking.
Lucy! i have missed you. i have visited your blog a couple of times in the past months, but was just so exhausted i didn't comment at the time. my health is much improved now, but i still don't have much internet time as i am on grandmother duty, whilst my son and daughter-in-law work a few extra hours in the lead up to christmas. i doubt i will be blogging again for a few more months, but i will be dropping in on my old friends from time to time.
i'm off to read some more of your lovely posts now (once i've made a fresh mug of tea, lol).

lots and lots of love and hugs
thanks for the smile xoxoxoxox




Ali at Very Berry

Totally fabulous. Brought a smile to my Sunday evening..


Thank you for a good laugh!!!


Oh yes,I have a boy!I know!Great!Ariadne from Greece!

Mariette Stevens

Ha ha ha, excellent biscuits!


Really laughing out loud here - that's brilliant!! Love it xxx




Brightened my day!!!! LOL.

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