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November 26, 2010


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Thank you for highlighting this post. Boy baking indeed! I have had a rough few days and this boosted my mood. My boy did several horrendous things with clothes pegs and other things as well. He is now a chef. I am quite sure his skills have improved immensely.

Ankita Vj (India)

I just cant stop laughing...


On the floor :P

Sue in Marion, Indiana

Did he eat them?

Selma Dobrick

Ha!Ha!Ha! You made my day, Lucy!!!!!
With sincerest greetings from Selma
Orono, Ontario Canada


Just followed the link thru from your earlier post and nearly fell off my chair laughing!!! Thought they'd be the usual lovely homey pics and blog....but oh no!!!....BALLS!!!

Fantastic! Keeping the boys end up (so to speak!)



he he ... I have just been catching up on your blogs ... this was the last one, made me chuckle lots :-)
We spotted a snowman on our travels today with 2 carrots! and a couple of extra snowballs!

Happy Christmas to you and yours
Emma x


Showed this post to my daughter... we both had a good laugh! Thanks for sharing!


Those might just be the best manly gingerbread men I've ever seen! Had to link this to my Mom who will giggle as well! Aren't kids wonderful?

Marian M-S

Oh I loooove this!! This is too funny! Being the mamma of a almost 4-year old boy and having grown up with two sisters and no brothers I find this boy-brain insight quite entertaining...seems like exactly the thing our son would do in a few years :-p


That is fabulous! Just fabulous.


But then again as a mother of one pretty inventive daughter....
(she uses her daddy's watch as a cyclops glasses, my sanitary napkin for makeshift mask, our new step ladder as her own personal gym.... you got the gist)
The step ladder, we bought for the house, yet it has now a place in the living room as the little one's personal gym. well.. at least she now can say 'up' and 'down'.


that is so funny, I really needed a chuckle, thanks to you and your boy!

Patti Johnson

what a precious memory for you in years to come!!!


So typical of boys! (I have three...!) Very cool that he's baking independently. I always enjoy your posts, and the comments for this one were especially fun to read.


Brilliant! I enjoy your colourful blog but this - if you'll excuse the pun - takes the biscuit!




I've just ****ed up my PhD and believe it or not--I felt like checking your blog and this put a smile on my face :) thanks


boys will be boys :)

Donna Smith

Oh, so funny!


Fantastic, made my day. When your kids are grown up you forget the delightful things kids do.


The Garden Bell

See what happens when I have to go away.

I just pee'ed my bloomers.

Just too funny...Love it.....


Omg that is to funny


Lucy, you and your family are priceless! Thanks for your ever enjoyable posts. You always make my day.

Michigan, USA

Pat Potter

Oh thank you for the chuckle of the day! I read your blog all the time and have never commented, but this one brought me out of cyber-hiding. I am an art teacher and have experienced first graders who feel it necessary to be very 'gender specific; Lil' B is a very alert guy! I love your use of color and art work. You inspire me. A gifted gal, you are.
Blessings from 'P' from arcoss the sea.

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