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November 03, 2010


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Dear Lucy, your colorful,happy, beautiful little world is just what I needed right now. I will visit often and thanks from the bottom of my heart!

ferienhaus pineda de mar

Good post.Thanks for sharing the experience.The capture is so beautiful.

The Garden Bell

I just had to pop back over to another peaceful moment along your canal.


I lived 43 years in NE of the US and I really appreciated a sunny day, so rare they were even in the summer. Now, in the desert SW a rainy day is rare, the nice sunny days are nearly as nice as they used to be.


Hello !
Your blog is very very nice
and gratulations, yours colors are lovely, so much.
@ bientôt


Hi, My name is Carilyn and I live in Minnesota-USA. I had happened upon your blog quite some time ago and bookmarked it and just had to let you know that I come along and take a peek whenever I need a little bit of cheer. I have so enjoyed your blog I hope you do not mind. I too love to crochet! I so love to see all of your projects! So inspiring! Your pictures are beautiful! Wherever it is that you live...is amazingly beautiful!!!! A place I would love to hop on a plane and escape to for a bit of rest and recoup time! :o) Thank you for your cheer!!


Fabulous autumnal photos, those woods look spectacular. Looks like you had a super day! xx


lovely colors, wish i had a bacon roll now...

Palace Scribe

Sweet A24... it seems as though the Queen has you under surveillance for less than stellar hooking performance. I believe the minnions are anticipating a new granny... something exciting to be the topic at tea... We NEED more A24!!!

Though the Queen has much love for your delightful craftings... she really was hoping you'd pull through for us more. Our yarn is piling up and our creative juices have run dry. Don't fizzle out on the kingdom now!


Dearest A24,
Jack O Lanterns are so 5 days ago...hehe
We here at the Palace have reviewed your files and feel that you need to be crocheting more
Its was your ticket into Bloggywood.
Yours Truly,
The Queen


We too love our changeable weather in *New* England. I've never been to England (but it's at the top of my Places to Visit list), but I think of all the different places in the U.S. that New England must have the most similarities. But what do I know.....
Anyway, looove your pictures, as always.

Ali at Very Berry

Ahh, I thought I recognised that path! Such a lovely walk... Although I have slightly bad memories of walking along it on a cold January day with 2 tottering toddlers... we learnt our lesson.

Totally agree about our lovely weather. :D


My Dear Amiga Lucy, What a lovely palette of colours! I was born in Spring and I enjoy bright warm and clear colours like coral/peach, the noise from the birds, and the freshness of the season. However, Fall/Autumn is my favourite one. I love that everything looks abundant and all the trees offer the brilliance of their autumnal foliage instead of the flowers. The bright colours are replaced by golds, reds, purples, oranges, terracotas, browns/neutrals and greens, that we have now in Canada, and you capture in your pretty pictures.Take care! Hasta Pronto,
Gloria xx


Good heavens! You must have exploded from joyfulness being out there. Those trees are just impossibly gorgeous! Gorgeous!


What a contrast....over in New Zealand we are in the last of spring. Beautiful photos. Loving watching your granny square rug with those super sweet blooms grow.


Hello from the Central Coast of California. Your photos are so beautiful and you've captured the colors of the forest perfectly. In this part of California we don't have many trees that change colors and I do miss them.


I live in California, but my husband is from England (Bardsey) and we have spent loads of time at Bolton Abbey. It is one of my favorite places to go when we are in England. We know the Strid walk well and I so enjoyed your photos! Thanks for sharing! So many lovely memories for us there. My Little People have run, run, run on those beautiful trails many times!


Wow I miss the North of England.Here in New England is great but oh so different in taste and smells.
Beautiful colors. Raining here today and the little amount of leaves that we had are on the Ground.
Maybe you could make something good out of the LP'S Sweetie Goodies.


Lucy, I love looking at all your photographs! Autumn there looks beautiful. Most of the leaves are off the trees here in Michigan, and our weather pattern is playing a similar "trick" on us! I agree, I appreciate a nice day so much more and feel the need to take advantage of it since they are quite infrequent. Thanks for sharing a little snippit of your life! <3 Brittni


I always love it when you post about Bolton Abbey, because that was one of my favorite places in all of England when I was there on vacation almost 13 years ago. I had a long list of places I HAD to see, but Bolton Abbey was not one of them. Bolton Abbey was one of those "we're near it, we may as well check it out" things. I loved it! Quintessential English experience.


Nice photos Lucy! They seemed somehow really familiar to me and then I realized that I have wisited that same place about 15 years ago when I worked as a summer trainee near Huddersfield. Bolton Abbey is in West-Yorkshire or at least quite near, is it?


p.s. I love your colourful things that you make!


Great pics... I'll be doing my own autumn walk with my man this weekend... and I can't wait!


I love the weather this time of year - always keeps you guessing! But theres nothing better than bracing the elements and then coming home to cosy slippers and a nice hot chocolate.


The same weather here in The Netherlands.
I love the colours in nature these days. Brown, yellow, orange, golden leaves.... wonderful!
Like your pumpkin :-)
~X~ Karin

Puppet Lady

Lovely autumnal pictures from what must have been a great walk. Looks pretty steep on that path, though! I'm with you on the Sunday morning bacon roll and coffee - you just can't beat it!

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