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October 21, 2010


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Lisa Mason

Hi Lucy.
I have been following your blog for a while now. I just love al your stories and you beautiful crochet work. Your colors are to die for! I have recently started my own blog and have linked your blog into my reader. Lisa
The Red Headed Mermaid.

villa in calpe

Good post !!!!
Thanks for sharing such a nice traveling experience.Hope you had a good enjoy at your trip.


I usually come to check your blog. It is very cheering to see your writing.
Sometimes I wonder, how you dry your crocheted blankets. When I put them in the washer and dryer, it all tuned out not so looking good.
I am so amazed by the quality of your pictures too.
Hope, one day you will write about how you manage the quality pictures.


what a lovely place..
love the narrow streets..


those chillies look amazing! great colours :D

Darlene Garner

Thanks for taking us along on your little get-a-way. Loved the pictures and your so descriptive words about them.

Lisa (WrightStuff)

Ooh I've been to that Sunday market. It was wonderful - and climbed all those steps too! Thank you for the wonderful trip down memory lane. By the way, I think we went to the same cafe - I seem to remember some very slow service too :)


Looks fab...love the peppers. Glad you had a such a good time x

The Garden Bell

Just popping around on Saturday night. Hope you have recovered from your fun weekend away. It's nice to be back home and settled for a little while. Fall is here that's for sure. The summer just went too fast. I hope THE FLOYD hasn't scared you away....te-he....Did you know that I really enjoy most of my day in silence except when writing my posts. But, I do like to shake it up every now and then and make sure we are all not turn into old hooking bitties. Let's keep ourselves young in spirit.

What a drag...I'm being called to the lower level {basement} as we call it... to watch some silly movie. Boy, do they need attention or what.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend,


great that youve had a much needed break with an old friend! Cant beat it can you eh!

Susan Blencowe

Beautiful photos


So glad you share photos over there of such interesting places. Beautiful colors. Our markets here are all indoors with everything in shelves or bins. Your shopping there looks much more exciting than here. Wish I were there. The countryside is just beautiful.


What a lovely holiday! Wish I could have one. Sounds absolutely delightful. Good for you!


Happy for you Lucy that you enjoyed your time away. Love the pics as always!(oh and -- can I ask how many chain u used for the baby ripple?) Sorry don't know where else to ask) - Robyn Qld AU


Ooooh how I miss the Mallorcan markets and the fresh local produce. Nothing beats fresh and ripe (in Switzerland nothing is ripe when you buy it...) seasonal fruits and veggies. Your photos bring back good old memories of the 4 years we used to live in Mallorca. It sure is a beautiful place. Lucky you to have such a great getaway. I am sure you are all boosted up with new energy now.

Lori Daly


You are just the cutest...most....you make me smile and cry at the same time. The last part about J going away and his halo..sent me over the edge. Thank you!!!!

And! You have such an eye...your pictures are beautiful.

I am so happy you had time away to recharge. It's such a good feeling to get away...and coming back is so nice too.

Hugs - Lori



humm ¡¡¡¡¡ these vegetables are very rich, I'd like to try our coffee?, Costa Rica is famous for its rich coffee. send me your address and I can send coffee to try it. my email [email protected].

Pura Vida¡¡¡¡



WELL DONE----thats what it is all about DONT FORGET IT ! J Australia x


Can I come with you on your next trip? This sounds exactly like what I like to do on vacation!


Sounds like you had a wonderful time. :-) Although, by my count, you should still get two days away since your husband will be taking 4 nights away later. Maybe it's time to start planning another getaway. ;)

Eileen @ Star's Fault

Sounds absolutely divine. The coffee, a tiny work of art, hence the wait perhaps? How lucky you are to have markets like you do. Rather that than the soulless mega stores we shop at here. I can see myself with a basket over my arm, walking along, selecting the freshest vegetables. I bet we would all eat heathier too.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault


Lovely pictures, Lucy! You are very clever at capturing the feel of a place. I loved the peppers in the market, and the bright flowers.I hope you feel totally refreshed after your lovely little trip and glad to be back.
Have a lovely weekend.
Helen x

Amanda C

It looks like your trip was wonderful and I hear that Mallorca is fabulous- though the person that always raved about it to me was from Spain :) I love reading your cheerful posts, I'm so happy I found your blog!


Hi, Lucy. I'm just catching up in your posts. What a wonderful opportunity to rest and recuperate! I live vicariously through you - I feel like I've been somewhere after spending a few minutes reading about your weekend. Thanks! xo


What a lovely way to recharge your batteries. Mine could use a little recharge too but I would wish for cool and damp. Florida this time of year is totally warm sunny and dry. Anytime you wish for time in north central rural Florida..just let me know I am happy to trade for a week of cool and damp..especially in the fall. Glad you are back as you enliven my world. Take care. BeBe in very warm very sunny very dry Florida

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