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October 14, 2010


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Valerie Slater

Happy Belated Birthday Lucy! Love the view, love the hair and all that you do :)



Claire (scarlettdemon)

Gosh Lucy, I'd honestly say you look 32 not 42! Love the haircut! I have the exact same camera, not at all bad for a little one are they? Have a lovely weekend!


Happy birthday Lucy.The feeling of lightness that follows a successful hairdo can never be equalled. Slainte.


Happy belated birthday :)
I'm glad that your blog and it's visitors brings you joy, I hope it and we always do.


Cute haircut!

judy gill

Happy belated birthday Lucy. love the new haircut. Its amazing how much better you feel after you have had your hair cut.we are back to a freezing acold day here in australia and blowing a gale.thanks for your great blog


Happy Birthday Lucy! My birthday was the 1st of this month. I'm glad you had you had a good day. Your haircut is lovely. Looking forward as always to your next post.
Your Texas friend,


Happy Birthday Lucy - your hair looks lovely x

Karoline Nygård

Happy belated birthday!
I stumbled upon your blog a while ago and I absolutely love it, its so bright and sunny, full of colour and joy. Thank you for all the inspiration, I am now 27 stripes into my very own ripple blanket :)

Lynda USA

Happy Birthday! Love the new doo! so chipper! I love looking at your photos of all of your adventures! Takecare...........Lynda


happy belated birthday and NICE hair!!


Dear Lucy, this is my first post here and with great joy and panache I wish you a VERY happy birthday!!! I hope this year brings you much happiness although you seem VERY capable of creating your own.

I too will be turning 42 in a month's time and I too have a third child born shortly after your little man; her name is Angélique and she was born end of January.

You are certainly not alone in the fab mature mother club!

Miss Allen

Happy Belated Birthday to another Lovely Libra!
Goodness me, how young you are!! (I know that with 3 little ones there may be days you don't feel that way, but you are!)

How lovely you look with your new hairstyle! I know it will be a bit easier to handle with Mr. Little Grabby Hands, Baby B!

My own birthday was on Monday (although my years are few more than yours), and I also had a hair chop this very day! Must be something in the air...Peace Love and lots of best wishes! Cheers, Cynthia


just wanted to let you know that something lovely happened to me today…I found your blog…delightful

country mouse

Hi Lucy. happy birthday. I was 41 on Wednesday and can't quite believe it. I barely feel 14. Just finished my granny stripe blanket and am looking forward to embarking on your sweet flower squares. Great hair, by the way! country mouse xx


Hi Lucy, Happy Birthday! I found this little place on the net earlier and immediately thought of you. You possibly know of it, but if not have a look at http://theroyalsisters.blogspot.com/ It's a positively happy, skippety kind-a place ;-)
Petah x

India Garnet Black

I love your hair! It's absolutely beautiful! And it's very hard to believe that you're forty-two. You look very young and vibrant. Birthday's are wonderful and bring them on... I will take all that I can get! I hope you're finding some time to do more crochet projects because I get inspired when I see you wonderful creations. Very colorful a energetic looking and I keep revisiting your previous creations. Take care,
India (Nova Scotia, Canada)


Happy Birthday Lucy! Un abrazo desde Argentina.


Welcome to the land of 42. I hope your year in it is as grand as mine has been (so far-still got a few months yet!)
Glad to hear you're perking up. I think we all have those days/weeks etc and I think it's especially hard when you're normally an upbeat kind. Over the years I have often been referred to as 'that blooming Pollyanna' cos I always tend to see the brighter side of things and I like being like that. But I've had my moments when I've not felt as sparkly and it's amazing the effect it has on everybody around you. They seem to think you shouldn't have those days and they react as if their world has suddenly become very unsteady cos they rely on you to keep them upright.
In those times I try to look after and be gentle on myself as much as poss. I read a book yonks ago that mentioned having a drawer or box with bits and pieces in for yourself that no-one else would know about for the days when your umph had taken leave. It suggested scented candles, bath products, choccies, snuggly socks, a miniature of brandy (or whatever) but basically anything that you saw as an indulgence and different from the usual. You could wrap up all the bits in colourful bits of tissue and keep them until you felt the need. A kind of first aid kit for the soul. And for all I didn't dip into it for months at a time it did help to know you were putting yourself first for once and just needed a little respite.
I know you'll be back and bouncing in no time at all. Just take the time you need.

Love and stuff xx

PS Love the hairdo

Barbara Stillman

Happy, Happy Birthday Lucy!
Even though I'm 20 years your senior, you have inspired me to learn to crochet, and thus far, I've almost completed 2 Granny afghans since I started reading your blog back in August. Please keep up your blog--it's so refreshing and a lovely place to visit. Again, Happy Birthday!!

Your friend in Georgia, USA
Barbara S.


Happy Birthday Lucy! I, too, got a new chop this week, and it makes me feel lighter and younger, LOL Amazing how that happens. By the way, I am 41... and you look fantastic! Hope you have a great yeart to come.


Hi, Lucy!
First time poster, here. Love the blog. : )
I'd be very interested in getting an email address for you to send you a little something lovely and crochet-related.

If that'd be ok, please let me know!


Lucy, Happy Birthday!

I just have to tell you that anytime I need a good attitude boost, I drop by your site. You have an amazing sense of color, and it ALWAYS makes me smile!


I can't believe that little camera is what's behind your amazing photographs! Here I was thinking that it was some extra large NIKON type camera, and you are doing wonders with a little pocket sized one. I discovered that camera is called PowerShot SD1200 in America and I think I just might have to purchase one~

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