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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 14, 2010


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Kirsten Peryer

hi. I'm new to all this so its great to see your lovely colourful stitchings! Haven't gotten beyond the foundation chain and slip stitch stage but practise practise practise. Tomorrow is day 2 of my crochet 101 class:-) Found this useful site that might interest you and others? www.ravelry.com

Looking forward to catching up with you soon!

Susanne Tyree

~~~~~BeLaTEd HaPpY BiRThdaY dear girl~~~~. Let me be the caboose on this train of well wishes for your special day. You sure don't look to be 42 years old. Hope you are doing better. I read ahead to the postings of your holiday and it sounds like you are having great fun! Good for you!!


Hi,Lucy happy belated birthday love your blog it's a great inspiration making granny stripe & crochet bag.


Happy birthday to US happy birthday to US!!! Was my 56th birthday on Tues. It's been a great year for me so far, hope the same is true for you.


Great haircut! Very low maintenance!


Happy belated birthday, snap it was mine too... a few years ahead of you though. Loving your blogs and I am enjoying making my first granny stripe blanket thanks to your lovely photos and blogs to inspire me. I think I might have to get myself a belated gift, an IXUS just might be thing!


Happy belated birthday!
You are 10 years younger than me...See? It can be worse than 42 ;). My birthday was in the last week of September.
I will wait patiently your posts.
I wish you many, many wonderful sunrises!


Happy Belated Birthday to you Lucy ~ am glad you had such a fabby day. Love the new hair cut too :O) xx

Filomena Catalina

Happy Birthday!!!!
Lucy, when i visit your blog I always think that your door isn't really a door...I think it's a open window ;o)
Thanks for share your "true colors"!!!

Gisele Montenegro

Happy Birthday Lucy.
Beautiful photos.


Happy birthaday Lucy!!!!!!I¨d love so much this blog. I´m from Argentina.I like all views and works you do. Love for you and family!!!!!SUSANA


Hello Lucy!

VERY HAPPY belated birthday wishes to you! Glad you had a lovely day! Isn't it the most glorious of feelings getting a haircut?! I don't go as much as I should, so when I do, I completely make the most of it!

Lovely views from the Attic! This is a lovely time of year for light. The enchanting beauty of it.

Much love

Vanessa xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


HB 2u

Nice to see the door open - close it or open it again whenever you wish - take it easy!!


Happy belated birthday, Lucy.

Love to new hair-do. You look absolutely wonderful despite how tired and over-whelmed you might be feeling.

Your blog is such an inspiration to me. What you do with crochet for the home is just amazing to me. I know so many others feel the same way about you.

Please don't feel you need to update your blog to please others. Granted, I am always happy to see a new post about something you have made (or are working on), but I'd rather you take care of YOU instead of writing a new post.

Bless you and yours, and think of happy things. <3



Happy belated birthday Lucy ... I turned 43 last Tuesday and celebrated with a haircut too ... there the coincidences end. I can't crochet!


Belated Birthday Wishes, i hope the year ahead is full of love, happiness and wonderful things for you and your family.


Happy birthday and thanks for bringing colour, life and optimism to all of us! I am 42 too and so far it has been a very good age to be, I can highly recommend it!


Happy belated birthday to you, dear Lucy!
You look so lovely with your new haircut.
Big hug from Brussels

Becky Cochran

Well Lucy, I can tell you this, at age 64, if someone talks with me about age, I have told them that I just loved 42, no kidding. You're still young, but mature and settled, you have gained some wisdom by this point. I thought it was delightful...thus I do hope you enjoy this year.
I had to chuckle, for many years I was just like you, rarely if ever went to a hairdresser...I used to cut my own.
I'm glad to see you're back to blogging again, hope you're truly feeling better.


Ah, the small Canon; I love mine, too. So light and easy to use and great photos. Happy birthday; you are an inspiration to many. xx

OfficeTYPE (Angie)

Happy birthday! Love your new 'do' - it looks like the perfect length. You've got such a great view out your attic, so pretty.


Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie!
I think I've said it before but I'll say it again - I looooove your blog! I look forward to visits to the Attic, and I want to thank you for sharing so much of yourself and your creativity. You are an inspiration, and a beautiful English rose!


Happy Belated Birthday, Lucy. It's lovely to see you back again and looking lovely with your new hair cut. I noticed your fab new little camera - it's similar to one I've just got and is sooo much better for carrying around in your bag or pocket and yet still takes just as good pix as the bigger versions.Have a great weekend!
Helen x


lovely Lucy... you're so special...

The new haircut looks great! Happy Birthday!!


I was so happy to see you this morning as I sat down to check my fave blogs (yours being one)! Your cut looks so cute and comfy! Happy Happy Birtday to you!

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