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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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October 07, 2010


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You taught me to hex in sweet little clusters (no other tutorial ever got through to me) and for this I love you! (in a *big sister I wish I had* kind of way)

Thank you anyhow, because I didnt say it at the time. I know blogging takes a lot of time. So thank you for what you take the time to share.


awwwww dont you worry! you sounded just like me! there are days when i am all jumpy and happy and smiling and then suddenly i have these unbearable mood swings... I retreat into my shell too... and I like people to leave me there till i feel better to venture out again. Just relax. Sending you a big hug to get you back on your feet and out into the Open! love always!


I have a baby too and she is almost 9 months old.
I can totally relate to the nights of little sleep!

Jennifer W

I love your new posts Lucy...but I can get lost in your tutorials for days. ;) Don't ever let them go away! I tried your flowers this weekend & my fellow Tues. Night Hookers were WAY impressed with my crochet prowess. I'm afraid to share your tutorial which made it so easy. At this point - they make me look like I've moved on from "beginner" to "semi-skilled". ;) Your use of color is inspiring me to jazz things up a bit too. THANKS!! Post when you can & when you WANT to. You don't want this thing to feel like a JOB do you? ICK. Yuck!
-Kansas Farmer Girl

Cheryl Martin

Hi Lucy, I stumbled upon your doorstep not long ago. I read your postings & quickly fell in love with you & your energy. Your love of family & life radiates through your posts & colorful creations. Thank you for inviting us in & sharing your life, love & talent. After a lovely visit with you, I always feel uplifted & inspired. God bless you! Take care! Hugs, Cheryl


Dear Lucy

i stumbled upon Attic24 several days ago whilst poking around ye olde 'net. I have to say, I'm utterly and truely addicted to visiting you in blog land.

Not only are you an eloquent writer, but you are bursting with creativity and emotion and are excellent at sharing your thoughts. As I read your musings I can totally relate to your experiences: whether they are joyfully jigging around a finished crafty project, basking in the colorful world around you, delighting in pottering around your cozy home, working thru the anxious feelings of early-stages of pregnancies, realizing one needs down time to step back and nurture oneself thru the not-so-colorful times in life......

By the miracle of the blog-o-verse I'm feeling like I've known you for years!! Why did it take me so long to knock on the door of Attic24?!?!

Anywho, I could spout on and on, but I'll sign off now with a big bright colorful hug.....



Have enjoyed reading your blog for the first time tonight. Great to find you. I love the way you write and love your crochet. Thanks so much for ur blog. x

Emily O

Hi, it's lovely to find your blog! I write for the parenting site MyChild.co.uk and we'd love to feature you on our site. If you're interested then it would be great to hear from you when you feel up to it. In the meantime take care of yourself, I have three little ones too and I know what some days can be like.


Life happens, it just does. If you don't have the heart to blog right now, why do it.

I hope life gets back to normal for you soon.

Emma Pearce

Happy belated Birthday hope it was a great one x


I have three children too and I really do feel sometimes I need a 'day off'. We all do.
Thank you for this post because I feel human again. My 2 years old son hasn't slept an hour last night because I'm still breastfeeding. Yes I do enjoy breastfeeding most of the time but our last few nights...
Take your time Lucy. I'll just pop in from time to time to smell the flowers. Yes I really sometimes feel I can smell them.


I check every few days for a new post. So glad to see you even though LIFE got in the way.

Take care of yourself. We will be here to read your joyfully, humorous posts whenever they happen.


Hi Lucy,
I'm a new visitor to your attic. I've been popping in to see you the past couple of months, dipping in to read your posts - old and new, attempting some of your brilliant crochet tutorials (I too am a happy hooker!), and generally bathing in the warmth of your colourful little world. I've been something of a silent visitor so far, but today I felt compelled to say hello. I suppose I just wanted to say that you clearly bring such joy to so many people, including me, and I hope that you are back onto your cloud nine and feeling hoppity skippity again soon.

With love


Dearest Lucy,
I love the way you've owned The Door; your candid reminders that life sometimes takes a little more strength and energy. As a Mom of a grown ups I'm able to recall those sleepless nights and actually wish I could protect you from them, however, they also create wonderful memories of snuggles and comforting. The window you let us look through is colourful and rich and filled with blessings, so take all the time you need to recharge your batteries. Wendz xx

Ada and Lilly

Happy Birthday!
Hope it was special.


Happy Birthday Lucy!
Hope you have a fantastic day and get to do all the things you love. Hope you are feeling better and enjoy your day.


As always I am amazed that you find the time to do all that you do - when my children were babies they consumed all of my time and I never seemed to find any me time, but sometimes that is what being a mother is all about and our love for them sees us through. Hopefully those little teeth will grow quickly and you can get some much needed sleep. Congratulations on being voted "2nd Best Blog" in Let's Knit magazine. Best wishes, Pj x

Linda M

Hope you can open your door again soon, you take care and I hope you are soon back to your happy skippety self. Your blog is such a happy place to be, hopefully you have somebody as great as you are to cheer you up. Enjoy your beautiful family.

Gloria J W

Well said Lucy.... Everyone understands!! Those that don't... well they just don't matter. Hope you get your springy self back soon. Rainbow smiles, Gloria


sending hugs and wishing you the joy of a bright flower on your windowsill or mantel and the light shining through the window at just the right angle.


Hi Lucy, this is why I keep visiting your blog. Every time I start to think "Why can't I be a superwoman like Lucy at Attic 24 and do all of those fantastic things" you write something like this blog entry, or show us a picture of a room as messy as my own can get. I read them, smile to myself and then is well with my world again. Bless you for that.

You keep that attic door closed for as long as you need to. (Especially when I can see you get 200+ emails after each entry! Eeeek!) We don't mind waiting - gives us a chance to catch up with stuff too :-)


I started reading your blog because I was searching for crochet instructions. But a regular drop by has become regular, if you know what I mean. It is because you have that rare quality of inspiring people. You send out so much energy - just looking at a pic will have most people wanting to pick up something colorful and go do something with it. All the best, and cheers for life :D and the universe (the hitchhikers way) :)


Dear Lucy, I too am fairly new to reading your blog but you have inspired me to begin a granny stripe blanket (half way there and I have now found the perfect turquoise for the edging - yay) Just want to say take care xxxx


I'm fairly new to your blog and after reading this entry I just wanted to say "Hang Tough." This reminds me so much of when mine were little. I did OK after the first one was born, but then I had the second when the first was only two years old. Here comes life with both barrels along with a little postpartum depression. "This too shall pass." And believe it or not, you'll actually look back and miss this time. Take care!


I just wanted to tell you that even in your absence and subsequent post you encourage me. I have not been able to ck in much lately but now and then I do and see there is nothing new. But then I was feeling very tattered and worn out with my daily duties and new baby duties and feeling quite depressed that my house seems always messy even after I spend ALL my FREE time cleaning it. Not to mention - I miss my yarn and my fun quiet crafty time... and lo, there is a new post from you speaking right to me. So I put on my big girl panties and changed my attitude. My house is still kinda messy and I don't have anymore free time today than usual, but I feel better, thanks to you. It's good to know we are normal. Have a smile today!

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