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September 20, 2010


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I have just opened my Lets Knit magazine (rather belatedly it has to be said) and what do I find when I turn to p.61 and blogs they love but Attic 24 and a lovely little pic of some very colourful crochet!! Just thought you would like to know. I'm not at all surprised of course because you have such a great blog and such colourful posts!! Hope this encourages you.Do hope you and the family are ok.



Hi! I'm Andrea from Argentina...your colorful world is beatifull!! Love it...


Dreary weather or not, your colorful blog makes me smile every time I read it. Lovely grannies too. I've just learned to crochet and you inspire me with all your colorwork!
Lovin' you from America...


Lucy soy adicta a tu blog, besos y toda mi admiración hacia tu paleta de colores que son tus tejidos. Una admiradora argentina.

Cath W

Hello Lucy - hope all is well there in the attic. In case you're in need of a giggle, check out page 86 of the November issue of Living Etc. A lovely little granny square cushion on the bed, very simple, yours for only £110.....yes, just £110, from Smith and Coates. I laughed so much I fell off my chair! Seriously.


I'm a long time reader of your blog and so thankful for it. I've gotten untold amounts of enjoyment from creating from your patterns.

I made these little acorns from leftover yarn from my hexagon blanket. Thought you'd enjoy! They are super easy to make and the kids love collecting the caps! Depending on the size of the cap, chain 3 then 2 sc in each chain around. Continue with one sc in each stitch until it's the right height for the acorn. Cut a longish piece of yarn for the tail and stuff it inside for a little filling. Glue to the acorn cap. It's wonderful!


Clare Wilson

Lucy! You've inspired me yet again - have been deliberating (sp? - its late!) over two very cheap and very plain white bookshelves for my dining room - of course! Shelf trim!!!! Lightbulb has come on over my head. Thanks XX

The Garden Bell

Well, thank goodness, we are not the only one's with soggy, wet, rainie and misty morning kind of days. I for one, vote to be home like you in my P.J.s instead of out trying to enjoy a little vaca to the Mountains of Vermont.

Amen, to the carton of soups. Aren't they great to warm up the tummie on a fall day. Who needs all that chopping any ways. It's just time away from visiting and talking to our friends in blogland, as far as I'm concerned.

But, boy, did I miss all your yarn while on the road. You are one of my first stops upon walking in the door. I hadn't even opened the luggage before running to the computer to see what you were up to this past week.

Off to see what else I have missed.

So pleased, to be back in your company,
Toodle-oo for now,


Dear Lucy,
I really, really love your blog :D
Thank you so much to share your colorfull world.


I just knew there would be a new post today! I woke up (in Memphis, Tennessee) to 55 degree weather, the coolest we've had since spring, and it put me in what I call my "England mood," where I want to be stranded in some 17th century cottage with a wood stove and a stack of books and an endless supply of yarn. Fall has recently become my favorite season, and as the air gets cooler and crispier, it really makes me want to curl up on the couch under a big blanket and get my crochet on!! And the gorgeous sunny afternoons are perfect for hooking on a blanket in my apartment courtyard or in the nearby park. So, all this to say, very much looking forward to your next post sharing yarny or Englandy goodness!!

translation services

Your new sweet flower grannies look gorgeous - I love the colour combinations you make - that's what makes them so special. Wish I could crochet!It's one craft I never got into but I'd love a granny blanket myself! Your cosy weekend at home sounds perfect.


Dear Lucy, it's 21:10 and I've been 4 hours or more reading your blog and tutorials. At the moment I love patchwork and quiltins but after this afternoon I decided to buy some yarns and start a different week tomorrow. Thanks for share with us all your creativity !!!!


Lucy I can't wait to see the shelf progress and the hooky that you create for it! Oh my your home is so wonderful and full of so many crafty goodies. LUCKY!~

Dawn Marie

Hi Lucy, my friend Roz told me about your wonderful blog, we are both crocheters, knitters and cardmakers. Your blog has given me so much pleasure over the past few days. I've been reading your archives too, you are a very talented lady and your blog gives so much joy and made me smile so much this past few days. I love all the colour in your beautiful home and your attic view is stunning, I can understand why you love it so. I am stuck in the house a lot due to a disability and have been collecting and making wee things to brighten up my home. I am going to steal a few of your ideas and make some bunting for my kitchen etc. I love to bake too and am in agreement with you about making good wholesome food that you know what the ingriedients are. Anyhoo I just wanted to pop by and say 'thank you' for your words, they really have brightened up my week. Best wishes Dawn Marie.xx

Ali at Very Berry

Laughing at your children resenting walks.. I asked my boys what they didn't like about our recent camping trip and I got 'you made me go on long walks'. Am intrigued by your new crochet book and feel my fingers twitching towards my wallet.

Susanne Tyree

Another day and I find myself drawn back to your lovely blog and admiring your photos. I too noticed the afghan/blanket in the photo by your hearth. Do you share the pattern for it? I sat the other night and made one of your little flowers and then searched your pages for attaching the next rounds that would make it a true granny square. I then sat another 3 hours checking out some of your favorite blogs and realized this was an endless journey into all sorts of amazing things. Needless to say I went to bed at 4 o'clock in the morning here in the states while I am sure were up and about and busy in England.


Hi Lucy, have just been reading all your lovely blogs. Takes me back to warm memories of crafty things and children being little....both grown and flown now, where did the years go! My camera now comes out with me a lot more regularly, and big yellow sunflowers and little gold chrysanthemums follow me home from the shops!


What an adorable colorful world that you live in :). I saw the picture of the fireplace with the most adorable crochet blanket with flowers on it. You don't happen to sell them do you? That would be terrific if you did :).


I love all your tutorials Lucy, they are great. But for the life of me I can't work out how to change colours and bring the yarn through to the front when crocheting. The join is always obvious and messy.

Jayne Walton

Now we have so many things too look forward to. I wonder what's in the box, and I want to see your shelf, a bright cheery red, with it's crochet edgeing. A few weeks ago, we tidied up the attic, with a view to painting it white, and I took a chest of drawers and some bookshelves down to the carport, to await also being painted white. Alas, they are still sitting there, unpainted. You have inspired me now! I think at the weekend, I may just wander out there with some gloss paint and have a go, and while I am painting I will dream about the crochet opportunities that abound in the attic! I've almost finished the blanket, so the next project is a throw and cushion covers for a little blue sofa in my library. I'll take pics and blog as I go along.
Been talking to daughter on the phone tonight, thinking of going to lovely Skipton again next year, and daughter and son-in-law could rent the Haven cottage opposite Ewe Cottage. She likes the thought of meeting you and coming to Knit and Natter very much! xxx

Susanne Tyree

I am so thrilled to have run across your blog! I keep coming back to it these past few days. How unselfish and sweet that you share with us your fresh ideas. You may have many wet, gloomy days in England, but you have brought beautiful bright color to your home with your lovely crochet projects and your sunny personality. I am no longer a young woman, my 2 daughters are grown, but I still love to crochet. I learned from my mother when I was 12 years old, it is one of my passions. Thank you for loving crochet too!!

Sandy Wilson

Lucy, I just wanted to say THANK YOU. I know you get tons of comments and are hugely BUSY BUSY BUSY, but, I CAN CROCHET. I sat down last week and taught myself to crochet after being so inspired by your blog. Gosh, I feel like I have known you for years as we share so much in common. Thank you again. HUGE HUGS xxx


Lucy nothing to do with fires, but saw this today and thought what with your TRP, you would LOVE these little people! http://www.onecoolthingaday.com/today/2010/9/22/tiny-cardboard-people-adorable.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter



Love your coffee mug Lucy


Mr P went on the hunt for coal. He couldn't find it for love nor money. We were so desperate for a fire that we lit one with barbeque briquettes. I cosied up next to it and made tiny silver acorns for a nature table necklace. Bliss.

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