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September 07, 2010


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I just love that lovely little TRF !!!!!!!!!!!!
What a great job. You have a very talented Family.
I Last Of The Summer Wine. Maybe you could do Compo and his boots and Nora? Only kidding.
Hmmmmm would be a hoot.
Love you and thanks for the lovely share.


Dear Lucy,
First you got me crocheting grannies, ripples, hexagons ...
Now this adorable TP family - can't wait to get my kids to help make one to represent our family :)

Thanks for inspiring us once more,
Sue from Canada


Ha ha. Those tRP are a fantastic idea. Must keep that one in the memory banks. Yours look fabulous. Well done to all three of you artists.

Your blog looks fabulous too. Did you make a felt display to use as your logo or was that actually a computer banner you just put your name on? It's great too. I'm jealous. :)


AWWWW I love the TP family!! Makes me want to make one of my own! :) Everything looks great...the new layout of the site (your banner is adorable)! I'm a huge Julia Crossland fan too, so glad to see your new addition. xoxo k2create

Belinda Toniolo

Lucy, these are great! Thanks for yet another ray of sunshine in my day. Sunny hugs from Melbourne.

Krista - Poppyprint

Best toilet roll family EVER.


oh I adore this - the faces and your hair just about do me in!! such fun!


I am completely and totally CHARMED.


get ready for the FCP..fir cone people,,a winter relative of the TRP..go to House of Boyes to obtain the polysterene bobbles for heads..bits of fabric headscarves..ickle crochetings clothing save lollipop stix for ski's abit of glitter and cotton wool for snow and ice......way hay.....relive it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sorry i'm thinking of Christmas far too early!!! sorry luce!


very clever -they look great I love the wonky glasses and your crocheted cardigan of course

Alexandra Mason

I love your TRP family, i want to do mine :) xx


I see a autumnal craft project.


Absolutely LOVE the TPR family! I may have to have little go myself!


Just want to say what a lovely inspiration your blog is. I am a west country girl living in the north (which I love by the way) and I am so delighted to see your photos and enjoy your enthusiasm.
I have been inspired by your crochet projects and have done a few, but along with many have yet to thank you.
So thank you.


WOW I love your TR family, brilliant detail. Best wishes, Pj x


Little B is adorable!
I half expected you to have a mini crochet hook and teeny ripple in progress!


Cutie, cutie, cutie!!!
Little B is my favourite!!


great post! Love the TR people...how creative. I might just have to try this one with my kiddos!

I just wanted to let you know that I finished crocheting a bag using your pattern and linked it to your blog. Stop by and see if you would like!

Virtual Lintu

TBH, I really, really couldn't see the point of this when you first mentioned it. But OMG - it's awesome! And I stand corrected. :-)


What a fun project! Your kids are so lucky to be part of such a creative and talented family!


Waving this side of the screen to you and the TR folks, how cute they are and so beautifully crafted.


I now so look forward to reading your blog since I found it!! Love your TP family....too darn cute!!

The Garden Bell

Chuckle-Chucke...side splitting chuckle. Now, you know what we think, when you are away for a few days. I'm back.

And what a better first posting to read this morning after posting than yours. You are my first stop, of course....and a reveal, too boot.

These are just too cute. Each is so personalized, just like I would imagine each of you look. But, I do have to admit other than your adorable scarf. One of my favorites is J's glasses. Big Boy is a true artist. I wonder just where he got his talent. What a charming princess you have, too. You know how I feel about Little B.

Oh, how I need to do something so Right-Brained like this fun project.

My mind is already rolling...get it...roll of t.p....

Off to see if we have some spares around.

Kate- The Garden Bell


This is so stinkin' cute. The TPR Family. The writing. The photos. The whole schibang! I'd be Ta-Dah-ing too if I were you.

Jenni at Baame Kniits

Brilliant! I love your little family....your cardi is so cute!!

Brought a big smile to my day :-)

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