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September 07, 2010


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RV Bedding

This is a amazing I know this is a good project.
RV Bedding

Livvy McGlinchey

I do messy church & are next theme is people of the world, what inspiration you have given to those of us doing the craft!!

Kirstin Walden Crockford

I've just found you today, on FB... and then on to here... love love love this blog LOL... reminded of me & the nippers last Christmas making toilet roll Santas... what a great afternoon we had & what brilliant Santas we ended up with :)


Как здорово! Оригинально придумано!


They are adorable! I always knew there had to be something we could make from all those TP rolls. Lol glad you figured it out.


Looking at all these wonderful pictures and reading about ur days at the Attic ...all of this brings such warmth to my heart...there is such innocent, warm, feminine, maternal old-world charm to ur blog which takes me away to my childhood days when there were no computers, no smartphones, no cable tv n life was just like it is in Attic24. Thank u Lucy!!

Karen Williams

I know I am a year late in reading this post!! as I have said before I love reading about your daily events and regular Tah-Das. and I totally understand how you can get so excited over toilet roll people I have been sat here grinning like a "cheshire cat" and getting so excited with the joy it brings you FAB!! I think I need to get a life lol........x


I love it!!! I collected also some toilet rolls to do something nice with them ( but never did something until now) and I must thank you for this wonderful idea. Your TRP family is so cute and unique. I love your work. Hugs from Robella (from Romanian Country)

Bunk Bed

Amazing what you can do with an empty toilet paper roll and to think you can get the whole family involved in the project too. It looks like something you might buy in a gift shop. Lovely.

Pink Velvet Bird

LOVE these paper/fiber folks! Well done!
Pink Velvet Bird


Those are too cute! I love all the little details. :-)

Jess Stephens

We made two very beautiful toilet roll ladies on one very wet New Zealand day recently, my girls LOVED it and we used all sorts of bits and bobs. Thank you for saving me on a wet day :)


This is so very lovely, I love all the details you´ve but on each of you!!!


Thanks for the inspiration, now i know how i can help my kids in playing with our toilet rolls. They only use it for telescope=)


These are the sweetest toilet rolls ever. Our children keep collecting them for upcoming projects but now we really have something to do. Maybe we even turn this into a class project! Thank you so much for sharing this!

nic {luzia pimpinella}

hi lucy... i fell in LOVE with your gorgeous paper roll family and blogged about it today!


i hope this is OK for you...? if not, please don't hesitate to let me know.

happy weekend to you and you family!

do you mind if i knit

Ahhhh! I did wonder how these turned out, and they're wonderful Lucy! The little crochet shrug your loo-roll equivalent is wearing looks fab, and I love the family portrait that is going on, it's very humorous and endearing. Your crochet blanket, in your subsequent posts looks gorgeous, love the little flowers, a good excuse to cram in even more yummy colour! Love Vanessa xxx

home inspection nightmare

You are amazing! They are beautiful!


Wonderfull family. It is so bright. I like so much. My family is not so big. We are just a pair of two. But I want to make our family too.

Thanks for idea! It is great.

Karin Muir

Hi, lovely project, as usual. Love reading your blog and I am currently halfway (well, a quarter way if truth be told) through the stripe blanket. Its looking good, so thank you for the super simple instructions.

I was wondering, however, if you can remember where you bought those lovely wall candle sconce's from? I am looking for some to go either side of our mirror above our fireplace, and there is far too much to trawl through on the interweb. Thanking you in advance, Karin.


Hello Lucy!

Im just back from sunny, windswept and wild Northumberland (thought of you when we went to Craster, the sea was immense and quite marvellous!). I was so happy to hear from you when I finally got round to opening my emails today (after sorting the post holiday mountain of laundry)!
How lovely of you to mention my little print here, and Im over the moon to read how much you are enjoying it! I have enjoyed catching up with your recent posts and find your TR people delightful!! What a lovely keepsake they will become for you, and so much detail involved too!! I love them - and I love your sunflowers too! Beautiful!!

Sending You lots of love,
Julia x x x


So cool!!
Love this post :)


I LOVE your T-roll family-and what good timing! I have my 8 year-old adopted grand daughter and 15 month-old grandson coming tomorrow to stay for 24 hours for the first time and I desperately need some ideas to entertain them as I am rather out of practise with littlies! Tiffany and I can make people and Charlie can tear up loo rolls! :)Not sure there will be much time for crochet! Thank you for the idea x


I really enjoy your pictures you're a very talented artist. Makes me want to visit England all the more.


I think those are the cutest things ever!!!

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