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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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September 01, 2010


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Great photos of Bolton Abbey.

I lov your button jug and all th eother bright and cheeery things you have in your house.

Nathalie abi aad

Hello lucy, love all your work, because of you im into crochet now, your colors dazzle me, can you give us a tutorial for the heart garland with the small flowers inside. Your tutorial for crochet are the best, everything looks like a piece of cake. :) Nathalie XO


hello, i'm a lurker come out. i love the pics and can relate to this time of year, it is the same in my neck of the pacific nw. in the us. chill in the eve, warm in the afternoon. your pictures remind me of one of my favorite book seires by diana gabaldon, who did the outlander series. i bet you know it. anyways, your pictures come right out of her book to me. love button jug too:) you have inspired me to get my hook out again. i have some squares waiting for a nice rainy day to get going again.


Hi Lucy, Thank you so much for brightening my days with your lovely, cheery views on life... you have helped me to appreciate the little things and become a happier mum.
Kindest regards from Tasmania, Australia
(where Spring is struggling to start...)


Oh how I've missed your posts. I've recently moved house and was up to my eyeballs in boxes and bags and no broadband connection either. You've no idea how your colourful posts have revived my flagging spirits. I'm so glad you had a cracking holiday and I love your purchases especially the Avoca stuff - I love love Avoca. Maybe I could persuade my other half that I am in need of some retail therapy - for the house of course.

Love and stuff xx

Salad Daze

Oh, what a wonderful post, so many lovely pics, and at last you have got the button jug! It looks great on your table, like it's come home! And once again I feel the urge to return to Skipton, especially Bolton Abbey! As you can see, I have finally started my blog! xxx


Beautiful pictures. I love the button jug. It's so colorful. I love your pretty spoons and soaps too. Reading your blog is always such a joy. PUre eye candy!


I found a link to your blog again somewhere admist looking for crochet patterns (probably on Ravelry) after having found it once long ago... and I'm very happy I found it again! You have a beautiful blog, and if my home was half as cheerful and bright as yours I would be an incredibly happy woman...

Pom Pom

Oh, red knobs! Everything is so happy looking! We all need more color.


Hi - I found your blog by chance and I have to say it is my most favourite of all blogs.

I live in Australia and I have purchased through ebay some stylecraft special dk to make a granny stripe blanket. Your UK (especially Sirdar) yarn is just divine.

You have a wonderful talent for writing and am currently reading your archives. Thank U Lucy for such a lovely blog!


I know exactly how you felt when you saw and purchased that button jug, I feel the same many times and right now i am feeling it when I see all the Cath kid son things , they are so so lovely , I would love to be able to own at least one piece of this beautiful stuff but how will I when we do not have this shop here in India and getting them to deliver it from there would be too too expensive.
I cant even find something similar to that in the market
can you suggest how I can get at least one piece of her products.

Valerie Slater

Hi Lucy, Just love the pics that you take and share with us!! We were in the Dales 2 years ago on a National Holiday but couldn't get in to the Abbey - very disappointed - so it is nice to see it on a beautiful pic tho. Loved the Dales area - was a Summer Wine trip. Looking forward to coming back and having another look - and your pics certainly keep me interested! Love your crocheting too :))


I love dahlias - and gerberas, and zinnias, and peonies, and anything big and bold and loud! Thank you for the pictures and commentary - we are just heading into spring down here, and looking forward to warmer weather.

Meredithe Clark

Hi Lucy, have just recently come across your blog (being new to this part of computers) and have to say, every time I visit I leave feeling happy, contented, creatively inspired and in awe of your gorgeous photos. Thank you so much for your blog - it cheers me up no end, even when I don't need cheering! Cheers, Meredithe

Teje Karjalainen

Dear Lucy, again so much wonderful photos and great post! I love autumn and here in Crete we had 1.9 first sense of autumn. I'm waiting all the nice things you are going to do now when the autumn is giving us new inspiration!Best Wishes Teje


Life is good, isn't it! You've got beautiful photos and tales - and lovely purchases! Hope the children get on well at school and that you grab ten minutes peace!


Every time I visit your blog & super cute craftiness.... It makes me smile! :)


Oh, just look at your beautiful photo's! How gorgeous! Your holiday looks like it was so fun!

I do so adore reading your blog ...it always puts a smile on my face.

Laurie Freeman

Hi Lucy I enjoyed hearing about your summer holidays. Love the heart bunting will there be a turorial???? It makes me happy to see the countryside as an ex-pat in Australia I do miss the NE sometimes. I made the stripy bag from your pattern had so much fun doing it and it is admired often, thanks for the easy instructions, happy days Laurie

Jussara Bretas

You're just adorable!
I'm from Brazil, promote your blog, it's wonderful, I come to thrill me with his talent and sensitivity. Congratulations!
Here in Brazil, we love everything colorful, you enchants the Brazilians.


Wonderful photos, sounds like you had a wonderful time.


Beauuutiful pictures and wow, what a choice of wonderful picnic spots! Wishing you a good start into the new school year!

Queen of Whatever

Isn't it strange how the little things can add such happiness...like the spoons..love em.


Lovely pics today. Love the scrummy dahlias. They're one of my favourite flowers. Must be because they're around in the Autumn. I'm trying to remember but I have a feeling my Sis staying at a gorgeous cottage in Hubberholme. It was up a steep track high above the river. I think it was a National Trust one and was decorated with Laura Ashley furnishings. Gorgeous. I seem to remember the pub there was very nice. Looking forward to seeing the toilet roll people. x

The Garden Bell

Where to begin... you know how I feel about your little "patch"...yeah, a patch right. it's more than just a patch. it's close to heaven with those clouds, blue sky, green grass... then you go and talk about a punnet of berries, no clue {word}...but sound yummie. then off to fish, then pick some flowers, then a button vase, then a trip to see what's up in the bath, then C.K., then to new soaps, then some hookie flowers, then red knobs on the cabinet, then a peek around the hobbit house, then some more fun new goodies.... I'm exhausted. Way too much too early...can I borrow one of you blankets, I seriously need to take a nap to remember all this in my sweet dreams.

FYI-Thanks to Little B, I googled, doodle...what a can of worms this opened....


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