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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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September 01, 2010


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When I read all the comments about your blog, I don't know what to add!!!
So far, your blog is my favorite one. When I feel a little down, I visit Attic 24 and I feel better already. What an inspiring person you are, Lucy! What's your secret?
Thank You for sharing with the rest of us!


Love reading your adventures - it always reminds me to be happy every day! The beautiful red un-English flowers seem to hibiscus. Theyare lovely, and should grow in your home or yard! Thanks for your joyful Outlook! Xoxoxoxoy


Wonderful sunny pictures! And the Button Jug is sooo cute! :)

Best wishes,

Scolie Simpson

Hello Lucy ,just to say how I have only last week found your sit and just love it .I love to crochet and I haven't been doing it for long ,but I love what you have been doing ,and I wish that I could get some of the lovely colours you have .Iwent out the other day and looked for the bright colurs and will now start to do something really creative ,once I have finished my Grandsons's rug .Then I have one more grandson to make a rug for .Thank you for a wonderful look into your world .Scolie ..(Australia)


Tutto quello che fai è molto bello .Complimenti ciao mariella


Oh Lucy, how lovely these pictures are! Each and all of them! Great place to live at and great places around to visit. I could have watched that dry wall, too, for hours. So beautiful. Any lizards spotted? I want to build a herb spiral in our little garden one day with a dry wall, with old weathered stones that have had a life before, not clean “sterile” new ones.


Hi from Ohio in the US
Love looking at your pictures. Reminds me of
James Herriot and his great books where he described the English countryside.
You are a very blessed woman, Lucy! Beth


Hi Lucy,just have to tell you I LOVE YOUR BLOG !! I found you the other day by chance from a link with country homes & interiors ,my favourite magazine!! For the past two days I ve been reading through your archives and you ve definatley inspired me to try crochet and I have just come back from shopping and am going to try my hand at flapjacks!! I'll let you know how they turn out.best wishes,julie.xxxx

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Hi Lucy - I saw this on you tube and thought that I would share this with you. It's a bit of a long story but my daughter saw huge crochet hooks and wondered what they are for. I said probably big wool and didn't give it a thought as I am a returning inexperienced crochet hooker. The reason I found this was because I have recently finished decorating my daughter's bedroom and can't afford new carpet. So I thought of my grandmother and she used to make plaited rag rugs and thought that I could have a go but discovered crocheting rag rugs which is even better because you don't have to sew it together. I am going to go at the weekend to buy some fabric and hook to give it a go and will let you know how I get on. Love your blog and I am in the middle of crocheting a hexie blanket. I remember you saying to share ideas and that is why I am writing to you. Let me know what you think of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DYw5ZvRdhPQ&feature=channel Lots of love Nikki xxx


As always, love reading about your life and adventures :)

Come on over and collect your award!

Angel :)


What beautiful pictures!! I also wanted to let you know that I linked to your blog and blogged about you a bit yesterday - http://ktmade.blogspot.com/2010/09/lucy-bag.html. Thank you for all your gorgeous posts!

melissa klein

I've been wondering whether i would get to see the TRP. Can't wait!

Duo London Escorts

Wow these are really beautiful photographs of nature and I like nature very much.I also like that button jug and colorful spoons very much.It seems that you had a great picnic.


I love visiting your blog - my friend sent me here as she though you were a kindred spirit, in her words " you have to see this blog she is just like you !" "you will love it " Well I almost dropped to the floor today because my house is full of Avoca stuff as my Mum works there down in Avoca Village so I am spoilt with stuff :)


Dear Lucy,

Your blog is beautiful and always a source of inspiration. I just learned to crochet a couple of months back your blog really helped a lot! And the photography is awesome. Currently also trying to start my own blog. Wish me luck, and all the best to you too.



Hello Lucy,

All the stuff you make is FAB! Do you sell any of it? If you do I would love to purchase some bits and bobs from you? That heart flowery bunting hanging across your fireplace is just gorgy! I soo need to learn to crochet... Love your blogs! Jenny xx

Slummy Single Mummy

What gorgeous pictures! I am particularly jealous of your fantastic beach-side abbey and the beautiful, colourful mantlepiece :-)


Hi Lucy! I have discovered your blog about 2 days ago searching for Hama beads patterns for my 8 year old daughter, and I can't get enough of it!! It is so inspiring, colourful, peaceful... a joy to read and a delight for the eyes.

I am in a colourful phase as well. Your choices of colours are so up my street! Even down to the clock in your kitchen that I spotted only a few days ago in a shop and that I so wanted for my living room! I was so stunned that you have it! It just shows how similar our tastes are.

Thanks for the ideas of shops to visit in London. I will definitely go to Cath Kidson's shop on my next trip! My personal tip is Octopus in Covent Garden. It is so full of colours and creative ideas I wanted to buy the whole shop! That is where I saw the clock by the way.

Thanks again for this fantastic blog and breath of fresh air. I hope I can write one like this one day...


Wow, the landscape is just awesome! I wish I was there too..
Thank you for sharing these ^_^


How lovely you finally got the Button Jug!!!! Beautiful pictures as always and I must say from your post about Lyme Regis we have stayed in one of those little cottages right on the front called Benwick and you could sit outside you door directly onto the prominade- it was idyllic


Hi Luce, Ooh, I love Avoca. We went to Ireland for our honeymoon and the Avoca shop in Dublin is Lucy heaven!! it has an amazing cafe and beautiful clothes, gifts, deli....the list is endless. The actual place where they produce the hand weaving is pretty impressive too. Thanks for that walk down memory lane!xxx

Clare Powell

What a stunning place. There's nothing quite like a pretty soap to lift the spirits and I love love love the spoons too.


Lovely post Lucy. Love the jug, I've got me a new jug too which I think is right up your street. I'll post pics as soon as I find the right flowers for it.

Must go and check out Avoca now, sounds yum.

Sue x

Salad Daze

Yipes! I've had my first comment! Thank you lovely Lucy, you taught me everything I know when it comes to blogging - and crochet for that matter, oh and all about Yorkshire too, in fact quite a lot when you add it all up! Hope you're having a good weekend (apart from the usual post-holiday laundry!) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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