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  • Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married Mum with three children. We live in a cosy terraced house on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales in England which we are slowly renovating and making home. I have a passion for crochet and colour and love to share my creative journey. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world x




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September 10, 2010


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I have known great bloggers and the one thing that distinguish them from other bloggers are their abilities to catch reader's attention. This, you're able to do effectively. Nice post!

green baby products

All pictures are looks so colorful and amazing. I really enjoy your real good bit of color therapy. Sunflower looks so nice in the corner of the room. They are so beautiful. Its a tasty sweet sugary thing.Thanks for sharing such a wonderful pictures.

Inner Pickle

That is an absolutely beautiful banner!


I made your caramel shortbread last weekend. It was delicious!!!!! Great recipe!
I will try not to make it too often, because I really don't think this is very healthy (but mmmm so delicious!!!!!)


Nice colour-therapy post, thank you :) and your house banner is great!

Best wishes,


I love your new banner.....but I can't help but think that all it needs is a little connievan going over them there hills! I know you can't find the original but wouldn't that look just perfect?

Mrs C

Just catching up with blog reading after a new baby here creating my own distractions. Love the new blog banner - so so cute! And don't beat your self up about putting ads on your blog - in this day and age it is a necessary thing and I've had to do the same myself - unfortunately though mine aren't (yet!) making enough to pay the mortgage.

Teje Karjalainen

Lucy, I forgot to say that I like very much the new look of your blog! Teje

Teje Karjalainen

Dear Lucy, your new banner is wonderful even your view from Attic was also beautiful!
Sunflower is so full of energy that it gives inspiration for many things!
I think it's very good that you have allowed this advertising. Because you have made so good work, why not get some incomes, too! Then you can by more yarn with good conscience! Best wishes from Crete! Teje


Sufnlowers make me smile, too. We have a lovely sunflower just next to our front door, it is so welcoming and cheering up, I love it!
I like how the stripes of your mug match the squares of the tablecloth. Isn't it great to sit outside with a cup of hot beverage just after it has stopped raining, to smell the clean air and refresh yourself? For me fruits are the best sweets on earth, chopped up or not, I just need them.(Ok, until I recently got sent over some delicious cake from a dear knitting and blogging friend in Britanny, loads of butter and sugar – but that is gone again and I am back to my dear fruit). An apple a day? Definitely not enough!
That new banner is just awesome! Great job, it immediately catched my eye! Hope you`ll find the original again one day.
Tina in Germany


Lovely little houses! Very impressed. Don't fret about the ads, I didn't even notice them there till you mentioned it! People will always pop in to read your blog and if some other nutter wants to pay you to have a tiny message at the side of the page... then why stop them. It's all about the colourful crochet! xx


everything looks wonderful lucy! as always!

tell J we are not giving you up~ haha


Hi Lucy,
I meant to comment about the Roll Peeps. I love them. So cute. J is adorable! I love the banner and I don't mind the ads. Funny that it's all about weight loss. How did you know?


Hi Lucy, you knit or crochet so well I thought your TP people on your mantle could have knitted hats ? I like them so ..


Lucy, I don't mind the ads at all- they are only small really in the scheme of things and well we won't tell them this but I hardly notice they are there. Please don't feel that what you do isn't important. It certainly isn't crazy - either blogging or the many talents you have.Things are not only of value unless or until you get money for them. We need to value stay at home Mums a great deal more - isn't it funny that if you swapped children with your neighbours that you would both be 'working' but somehow if you look after your own you are 'sitting around drinking coffee all day'! I firmly believe that a family works as a unit (some bigger or smaller than others). You put in a huge amount and are indebted to no one. You do a job. Unlike paid work you don't have a clocking off time. The fact that you can grab a couple of moments here and there is necessary to a persons sanity! You can't come in, say 'what's for dinner' and proceed to put your feet up the rest of the evening. People love what you do, there is a huge market (for you) which you have found all by yourself using your talents. In a couple of years time you can take advantage of that and in the meanwhile you can conjure up in your mind all the things you will then have time to do; saving time later on - this is great preparation time. All you are doing now is part of this. I for one value your gift even more, because you give so freely and money blatantly is not your motivation. You love what you do and imparting that joy is your gift. I very much hope that you get the financial rewards due to you but in the mean time please remember your greatest value is as a lovely person - and there is no price to be put on that. All your family are very lucky indeed to have you!
P.S the sunflowers are amazing - my neighbours grew them last year and they suddenly shot up out of nowhere!

Lisa L.

Thanks so much for all of the wonderful colors!

Valerie Slater

Thank you for the lovely colour - we are inundated with rain daily at the moment over here in Australia and missing the sun and colour! Hopefully we will get some of both soon :)))


Loving the blog Lucy - do all posts end up on the blog, mine seem to disappear!


Lucy you have out done yourself again!!!!! Sorry I was unable to read your posts and comment due to visiting my 83 year old mom. Which I love to do. Love the TRPD(?)you know what I mean....they are so colorful, clever and treasures for you and your kids. Your little house banner is the Best!!!! It makes a wonderful heading for Attic24. The chitter chatter post was so fun and what is the pattern for the lovely flower square? Did I miss it along the way? Hope not. Happy day and evening to you, Love, Robin

Plain and Joyful Living

Just love your banner and the sunflowers. The bits of bright colors in your home from your handmade goodness are beautiful too.
And I know what you mean about desiring to help out with the family income and to create but keeping the children's needs first.
Warm wishes, Tonya


Travelling to my granddaughter's soccer tournament 100 miles from home (Lansing, Michigan) I stopped by the Threadbear Yarn Shop and guess what was sprawled on a table. Your hexagon pattern copied from your blog and a sample project!! Woo Hoo. Yes, yarn shops are paying attention to crochet work too. At the soccer game my granddaughter rushed up to me with 2 toilet paper rolls she found in the Country Inn. Have a great week....Your Michigan fans!

Sara K

I love the new banner! I've been reading your blog for ages without commenting, but I just wanted to stop in and say that the adds are no bother at all, and in all honesty I'm really glad to see you getting something from the investment you're putting in here! All of your updates, photos, patterns, stories and everything are worth so much and are so appreciated. <3

Mrs Twins

Congratulations Lucy!
On getting into Let's Knit.
Page 61
Issue 35.
[email protected]
Well done!

Salad Daze

Hello Lucy, oh what beautiful pics, it's a bit grey here too, but your post has cheered me up as usual. The fruit looks yummy, but you are beautiful just as you are. I know the whole subject of weightloss is tedious, but I decided to major on this for my blog as seeing pics of myself does help, and I really do need to get down to a healthy weight. Totally understand about the advertising. I also think you could publish a book from your blog and earn squillions because it is wonderful! xxxxxxxxx


love love love your new banner, and those sunflowers wow! Im hoping to go camping somewhere near skipton this coming week do you have any suggestions? im coming from Leeds. P.S I work with heather (littletinbid) not sure if you knew :)

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